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Pegaso's Ashigaru

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by MSzwarc, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. MSzwarc New Member

    Samurai are my favorite figure subject, so when Pegaso released it's ashigaru arquebusier earlier this year, I saved my pennies to get one. The figure is packed in a sturdy box between pieces of soft foam. The box has a rather small photograph of the painted figure showing a front and back view. No assembly instructions are included for this complex figure, but a brief painting guide and history is included in four languages.


    This is my first Pegaso figure, and I was pleased with the quality of the castings. The kit consists of 29 well-detailed parts, with the body being made up of five pieces, and the rest being armor, weapons, and details. The parts have only faint mold lines, but many of the parts are on sprues, and will require some cleanup. The fit is generally good, but some filler will be needed at some of the joints.


    The figure is well posed, and the pose necessitates that the lamellar armor be "bunched up" in places. This is done to good effect in the sculpting, giving a good demonstration of how this armor works. The arquebus is nicely done, with a detailed matchlock. Other details include shot and powder flasks, spare sandals, and a sashimono.

    After examining the parts, I realized that the figure, which is billed as a 90mm figure, seemed quite large. I compared it to other 90mm figures in my collection, and then actually measured the figure, and found it to be much closer to 120mm than to 90mm.

    Although hampered by the lack of assembly instructions, the quality of the casting, details, and large size of the kit make it a good value (y) .

  2. Guy A Fixture

    Ahhhhh Mike....I want one tooo.!! This is high up on my "Want List" and I am glad you posted this review about it. I just base coated the flesh on Poste Militaire's Ashigaru 90mm figure and is my first attempt at doing a SAmurai. I have the other Poste Militaire Samurai kits but have hesitated to start (I 'm chicken). This one will prepare me for the 54mm Samurai mounted I just got and then I'll tackle the Poste Militaires. Thanks again for your posting and let us see some photos as you progress through it.

    Guy (y)
  3. JCOX Active Member

    :eek: That is a beautiful figure! One of these days...

    Thanks for the review, Mike - very helpful.

    -jim cox
  4. MSzwarc New Member


    I have a couple of the Poste Militaire Samurai myself. They are quite daunting, but you did a beautiful job on their Ugrian warrior (high on my wish list ;) ) The Poste Militaire ashigaru looks like a good place to start: enough lamellar armor to get a taste of painting it, but not so much that it overwhelms. I'd love to see what you do with it. Wasn't it sculpted by Julian Hull?

  5. Guy A Fixture

    Hello Mike,
    Yes, my favorite sculpter....Jullian Hullis did the piece.....and it is good

  6. Guy A Fixture

    Mike, He also sculpted the Ugrian Warrior and the Crow and Blackfoot warriors. He has done alot for Poste Militaire. His newest piece as far as I know id the figure of Michael Roberts Mtd Dragoon that he teamed up with Alan Ball.
  7. johnegert New Member

    While you guys are on the subject, I should get in a couple of questions.... Has anybody popped the big $ for the 90mm Pegaso mounted Samurai? Is the horse as odd as it appears in the artwork? It appears to have strangely stunted, goatlike legs.....is this just a distortion in the photo? Also, has anyone seen the Hofi figures, other than the Angus McBride paintings?What's happening there?
    Pound for pound( and dollar for dollar these days) it's pretty hard to beat the old Poste Militaire stuff, isn't it?
  8. Guy A Fixture

    Hello John,
    I agree with you there, as far as metal castings......Poste Militaire has set some standards that alot of mfg's, I hope strive for. As far as resin, our friend and fellow member, Quang, of PiliPili has some of the best resin castings I have worked with. Never had a bad one yet, and don't expect to.

  9. MSzwarc New Member

    Guy, I wasn't aware that Hullis had done the Ugrian Warrior, but it is a beautifully sculpted figure, and as I mentioned earlier, high on my want list. He is quite a sculptor (y).

    John, I agree with Guy about the quality of Poste Militaire castings. I'm a newbie with less than 2 years in the hobby, but I have acquired a reasonable "gray army". Poste Militaire definitely has produced the best white metal castings of the figures I have, and PiliPili's resin castings are hard to beat (I recently acquired the Kyoto Belle, and have a conversion in the works here -- more later perhaps).

    As far as the horse for the Pegaso mounted samurai goes, keep in mind that Japanese and Mongol "horses" were actually, for the most part, ponies, which have different proportions than horses, including shorter legs compared to body length. A good reference for horse proportions and coloring is DK Publishing's Ultimate Horse.


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