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Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    4 new releases come from Pegaso plus a new 2005 catalog.

    Pegaso web site

    Mareschal Jean Baptiste Besieres, 1768-1813
    54mm white metal
    Sculpted by Victor Konnov
    Painted by Emiliano Iacobacci


    Roman Auxillary 1st Century AD
    54mm white metal
    Sculpted by Gianni LaRocca
    Painted by Davide Decina


    Renaissance Knight in Roman Armor 15th Century
    75mm white metal
    sculpted by Andrea Jula
    painted by Pietro Balloni


    Samurai Warrior with Naginiata 1600-1867
    90mm white metal
    sculpted by Victor Konnov
    painted by Diego Ruina

  2. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Guy,

    X-mass is coming closer. So i shell wright my letter to Santa wich i really want. (y)
    Great figures.

  3. Blind Pew A Fixture

    I know I keep saying "no more mounted Napoleonics..." but when they put out stuff of THAT quality, what am I supposed to do?

    I really like Andrea Jula's piece as well, such a beautiful pose, I admire it's elegance.

    And that samurai blew me away when I first saw it, and it still does. I love figures that convey a sense of drama and that one certainly does.
  4. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    OK, so first thing on the saturday morning at Euro I am at the Pegaso stand purchasing that Samurai, what a figure, so much power and agression....

    I want, I want, I want

  5. Roy New Member

    Dave.....I think for that figure...Saturday morning will be the safest bet....
    I've got a feeling they may well be out of stock come Sunday...it's a beauty...that's for sure.

    All the best.

  6. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hey Roy

    That Renaissance Knight is quite something as well, after looking on their website at these figures, I think the Renaissance Knight and the Samurai are on my list

  7. Robin Active Member

    Hi Guys

    Samurai for me too, race you to em Dave?

    I don't wanna tke anything away from Pegaso theseare lovely figures, and I shall be purchasing the samurai myself. But after seeing piccies of stuarts new release(not the 120mm) but another a 70mm hes gorgeous and I do mean it. have a look on the stormtroopers stand. when at Euro I will try and persuade him to give you guys a preview.

  8. Manfred Active Member

    Nice releases.

    And its about time someone does a Marechal Bessieres on horseback ;)
  9. nagashino New Member

    Hi All

    Just got these via Pegaso's monthly email. They have so many talented sculptors on their books nowadays, and every month there is a whole bag of goodies to tempt us.

    I do like the Samurai very much, but the likelihood of my painting one is marginally less than my chances of winning BOS at Euro :lol:

    Cheers all

  10. garyjd Well-Known Member

    The knight is really a stunning piece of work.~Gary
  11. ghamilt1 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Clearly, Pegaso has raised the bar in 75mm, going back to their Teutonic Grandmaster and Romans of last year. That Renaissance knight is an absolute "must have" IMHO, and I just received their Marcomanni warrior this week! Man...my wife is going to kill me :lol:
  12. Robin Active Member

    Well I just looked at the price for the Samurai

    83.50 Euros which is a massive £56.66 /$101

    maybe I will think again

  13. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Robin

    Is that seriously the price in pounds, I will be thinking very hard about paying that price for a 90mm metal figure.

    I personally think in general this kind of pricing is pushing any new blood away from the hobby, yes you may be paying for quality in some cases, a lot of us can’t justify paying that for one figure, so how can a younger person on pocket money afford such things.

    But to be fair, the price has been dancing around the £48 mark for a while now and was not gonna be very long before it went to the £50 mark, but to go to nearly £57, thats a price that would be realy hard to hide from the wife..... :lol:

    But thats just my opinion and I hope she doesn’t read this... :lol:

    Having said that I will probably still buy it, as its just beautifull, of course, along with a bunch of flowers.....

  14. custer760 Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,
    in Kulmbach they had all of these plus some more !!!!
    There is also a 75mm Gladiator,a 54mm Apache,a 54mm Western figure and
    54mm Civil War figure, oh also 4 new WWII peices. Also for Euro they will have another 75mm Figure and a couple of 54mm but they wouldnt tell us what.
    Start saving !!!!!
  15. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Dave I find myself in total agreement with you again. The pricing of these is starting to get a bit prohibitive. That mounted figure is 50 quid, as near as dammit. The samurai is pushing 60!

    Also I see that their 90mm mounted figures are about £130. Ouch!

    I would suggest that only quite experienced painters could get the most out of these as well, which would put off the novice painter.

    There are still manufacturers out there that don't charge the earth, so it's a case of voting with our feet suppose..........or learning how to sculpt!
  16. Calvin Member

    I totally agree about current prices, too much expensive, and I hate such comparisions, but take a look at the Pegaso's Templar (left) and the one from Andrea (right).
    The Pegaso (white metal), discounting the current promotion, is 186,93 €, the Andrea (white metal) is 125,00 €, with a difference of 61,93 €. More mounted figures, like (just as example) the mounted Teutonics from M-Model (resin) is about 105,00 €.
    The most cheap Ferrari is about 150.000 €, the corresponding Porsche about 50.000 €. An Alfa Romeo 156 is about 30.000 € while, with the current offer, a Fiat 600 is about 6.000 €. What is the car you would like to drive ?
    Yes, current prices could be expensive, but the difference between each manufacturer's production is cleary visible (at least in my opinion).
    If one will pay or not such difference, sometime called quality, is another story.

    Attached Files:

  17. megroot A Fixture


    I am not so long in figure painting. But when i saw tree years ago the prices for a 54 mm, i go out of the shop because i wouldn't pay the prices for it in that time.
    Now the prices are going up and finding myself buying figures that are two maybe tree times so expensive then tree years ago.
    The manufactures also now this. If you want the piece, you will buy the price for that piece no matter how high the price is. It is all about buying with emotion.
    And that's what alot of us do, buying on emotion.
    When the prices in the Netherlands for 1 Liter autogas where € 1,- we all went mad. Now the prices are € 1,44 we all are mad, but nobody drives one km less. No, we all wanted to drive our holey cow.
    So that's the same with figure's, you want it, you pay it, you paint it and when your finished you are happy and buy another one.
    Nevertheless, i find also the prices to high, but man i love painting the little man.

  18. thegoodsgt Active Member

    Luca, comparing figures to cars is a good analogy.

    While the prices on Pegaso's models is getting quite high, there are still plenty of figures available in the $15-25 range for newcomers.

    Someone who wanted to buy a high-performance sports car might not want to spend 150.000 € for a Ferrari (even if he could afford it), but he might find a Porsche acceptable. When he eventually finds the performance of the Porsche lacking, he may decide to invest in the Ferrari.
  19. Guy A Fixture

    I know what you mean Marc. I bought a S&T 200mm Mountain Man that when released sold for $70 US dollars and now it sells for $100 US dollars. I guess that is one reason I buy when I see it because I know it will go up in price. I have a couple of Andrea 54mm figures with the original retail sticker on it of $12.............boy.....they sure have gone up over the years. The 1st figure I bought was a Squadron Rubin figure that sold retail for $3.95. Now they are $28 to 35 for the same figure.
  20. nagashino New Member

    Hi All

    Interesting thread.

    Sure, this hobby costs more than it did 10 years ago, but what doesn't? I agree that a £80 price tag on a figure is a possible put-off, but then the modelling hobby in general is getting expensive - take the bigger aircraft kits. Prices in the £50+ region are commonplace now for the up-coming 1/32 scale stuff and that's just a bare kit in a box, not including all the resin, decals and etched brass that folk feel they have to indulge in to correct or improve the base model. At least we don't have to worry about that.

    I guess it comes back to what Marc says - you buy with your heart, not your wallet. Take the new Samurai figure. That will be a best seller, price tag and all, because it is dynamic and beutifully sculpted, and painters will have to have it, no matter what the cost.



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