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Pegaso Roman finished

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by frank h, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. frank h Well-Known Member

    Just finished my Roman
    Well maybe but for a few tidy ups here and there
    over all the project went well
    its a nice kit

    Take a look all comments and critiques welcome


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  2. frank h Well-Known Member

    Another view

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  3. frank h Well-Known Member

    And one more

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  4. DaveCox Member

    Nice paintjob. The flesh and metal areas are great, the red looks a little short of highlights but that may be the lighting?
  5. megroot A Fixture


    I must say that you have done a wonderfull paintjob on this figure. Everything is spot on.
    The metalls are great. The red looks good. Afterall. Splendid.

  6. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    Beautiful, very realistic coloring!!

    Question: How do you get your shield design to look so real!?!

    Kevin D.
  7. Cicero New Member

    Hi Frank,

    You have a neat painting style but I would like to make some recommandations, though:

    1) Next time try to paint the shield gradualy from dark on the bottom to light on the upper side. Now everything has the same color which doesn't look that realistic. You can do this by mixing three shades of the red color and lie them in all at once next to eachother. Proceeding this way you'll get three disctinct color areas: a dark on the bottom, a medium shade in the middle and a light shade on the upper side. Then, after wiping all excess paint away, start blending the colors but only there were they meet eachother. Do this with care and the result will be a very subtle degradation of color. You can go even further with extra shading and highlighting which will enhance this effect even more. The same rules apply to the shield design as well, of course.

    2) Basicly you should do the same with the rest of the figure. I.e. the tunic: darker color under the lorica segmentata, lighter on the sleeves with the lightest parts on the topside of it.

    Now, I like your fleshtones and here it seems you've already made a start with the principle I explained above.

    Keep those brushes wet!
    Best regards

    Johan ;)
  8. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Frank

    Finally finished, looking good mate, so Southern Expo is calling, are you going....?

  9. slaj Well-Known Member

    Hey Frank, my friend how are you? Great job mate. Keep it up. Hope to see you soon

    Stephen Mallia
  10. MAB Well-Known Member

    Good Paint
    bond the color meat on all the figure.

    MAB :)
  11. KeithP Active Member

    Good work Frank. I like it.

    I have just completed the shield on my verison of this figure. It is quite tricky to paint. Painting with overhead lighting there are high highlights in the center to shadows at the outer edges. Take a look at the Roman shield work from Pepe Gallardo.

    Anyway... this is a wonderful figure. And, you have certainly done it up well! (y)

  12. frank h Well-Known Member

    Thanks to everyone for their comments
    Always good to get feed back

    The shield is an area that still needs work
    Why I avoided a pic of the whole thing :lol:

    Free handing the design was a nightmare
    tidying it up may be less so, along with highlighting and shading

    Will post again when its done

    Dave I can't make Southern Expo
    But will be at Welling on the 29th

  13. Roy New Member

    Hey Frank..a very nice job considering it's your first painted figure for a while..you'll soon get back into it...hope there are many more to come.

    Good to hear you can make Welling..hope you are having a club stand..let me know and I'll make sure your space is allocated.

    All the best...Roy.

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