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Pegaso Review - Byzantine Standard Bearer XIV c.

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Kisifer, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Kisifer Well-Known Member


    We all saw it around a month ago... some lucky ones got their hands on it at Euromilitaire, this month we all can get this masterpiece (another one) from Pegaso Models, the sculptor Andrea Jula and the painter Pietro Balloni. So now also here is the review of this fantastic piece.

    Historical Notes

    Empire dominating Anatolia and southeastern parts of Europe from 395 until 1453, although the process of making it an independent empire started in 330. The Byzantine Empire was a continuation of the Roman Empire, representing its eastern part. It would through the 5th century largely become the only empire in the Mediterranean Sea.
    The name Byzantine Empire is an academic term, used to differentiate this empire from the former Roman one. It was derived from the original name of Constantinople: Byzants. The rulers in Constantinope themselves continued the use of the term "Roman," and their subjects were referred to as Rhomaioi, "Romans".
    The major language of the empire was Greek, but the original languages of every region were commonly used.
    The late Bysantine army was made up of four principal elements: a small central army based in Constantinople, various provincial armies, foreign mercenaries and auxiliaries provided by allies and client states. The following list covers some of the Byzantine armies Greece. It begins when they regain a foothold in the Morea from the Romanian Franks, and ends when they are conquered by the Ottomans. It was fairly powerful on a local scale into the 15th century, reaching its greatest extent in 1432.
    2x 3Cv (Stratiotai)
    1x 3Kn (Franks) or 2Ps
    1x 4Sp (Garrison Spearmen) or 2Ps
    2x 3Bw (Garrison Archers)
    2x 2Ps (Peasant Archers)
    2x 3Ax (Hillmen)
    2x 2Lh (Albanian Light Horse) or 2Ps

    Stratiotai were poor cavalry, considered inept and unenthusiastic.
    After 1315 some Frankish nobles reconciled themselves to their new overlords and served in the army as feudal vassals; the 3Kn option should not be used before 1315.
    Most of the full-time troops garrisoned fortresses; peasant infantry formed the bulk of the remainder. Hillmen are Melingoi or Tzakones prone to banditry.
    In 1347 an influx of Albanian immigrants began, and large Albanian contingents (mostly cavalry) could be fielded from then on. Albanian light horse fought with shield and spear.
    (references: http://www.umiacs.umd.edu/~kuijt/dba153/ByzantineVariant.html#153e , http://lexicorient.com/e.o/byz_empire.htm , Osprey Men at arms 287.)

    The kit

    Article 75-041

    Sculptor: Andrea Jula
    Painter: Pietro Balloni

    Material: white metal
    Pieces: 17
    Weight: 250 gr.
    Size: 75 mm.

    The usual dark blue hard carton box of Pegaso for figures of this size contains the usual 2 dark grey foams that hold all 17 pieces. Also in the box the buyer can find 2 leaflets with historical notes from Costas Rodopoulos in 4 different languages, along with painting guide.

    Below you can see all the pieces and admire the quality of them.

    For more pictures of the finished bust please visit Pegasos website:

    Quality and Detail

    We all know the high quality that Pegaso Models provides in every kit they release. This one couldn't be an exception. Almost none seam lines, make cleaning an easy task, along with the almost perfect fitting. A quick dry fit can assure that. And we come to the details we can find on this piece. Ohh My God. The sculptor Andrea Jula has really skyrocketed this piece with a lot of details highly defined.The photos below can prove that. Excellent scales, drapery chainmail and of course decorations. Get your hands on this figure and you won't be disappointed.


    The painting was done by the Master Pietro Balloni and he really did an amazing work. The figure offers to the painter a variety of materials to work with. Metals, leather, clothing, flesh, wood etc. I wouldn't recommend this piece to a beginner and it can even challenge master painters. Surely a superb piece and a really challenge for the brushes :)


    That's another figure from Pegaso Models, that shows us why this company is on the top, remains there and also tries to go even higher. Lets see what the future awaits for us :)

    Finally I would like to Thank again Pegaso Models, Luca Marchetti and Pietro Balloni for providing this kit. :)


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  2. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    More photos...

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  3. Akritis Active Member

    personal opinion

    The figure is an exellant sculpture like all pegaso models, but some elements are not historicaly correct or they are not based on true historical sources for example the lions on the shoulders is something that i have never seen in a fresco of the XIV century. I think that some modifications must be done by a modeller if someone want to have something closer to reality.
    The shape of the standard is questionable??? but very well sculptured and painted by the artist.
    And by the way red (imperial ) boots was only for the emperor.
    Happy to see a new Byzantine subject,
    Iam open to any opinion anyway.
    Thank you pegaso
  4. megroot A Fixture

    I like the whole figure, even if it is historically correct or not. The colors, well we can change that.
    But it is very sad for me, that i spent all my hobbyeuro's at Euro.
    So this one have to wait.

  5. JOHNGE New Member

    I Agree with Akriti's comments.
    The eagle also is more like the Austrian Empire's eagle than the byzantine.
    I think the sculptor and the painter are influenced by Hristos Yiannopoulos illustration on the cover of " Byzantine Army" monography , PERISKOPIO Editions , 2006.
    However the figure is an exellant sculpture and well painted
  6. Christos Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the review my friend Xenofon!
  7. vergilius New Member

    thanks for the review !
    I find it an excellent figure
  8. gorgosaurus Active Member

    Looks like a very impressive figure... just begging to be converted to a Varangian guardsman officer.

  9. milten2004 Active Member

    Exelent figure. As soon I saw one on sale on the model show I said : MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE...
    And here it is...

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