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Pegaso Models - King Richard "The Lionheart" Euro Militaire limited edition

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Piotrec, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Piotrec Active Member

    Before I start the actual review of the figure, I would like to say few words.

    Today I spotted the thread regarding reviews done by Guy. I was wondering if that is the good moment to post a new review, and I decided to go for it.
    I spent half of the day for taking pictures and post production. Believe me, it is a hard work and time consuming.

    After all I would like to dedicate this review to Guy and thank you for contributions to the planetFigure and figure modeling. Your reviews are very appreciated and I expect more to come from you.

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  2. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks for the kind words and dedication Piotrec. Any time is a good time for a fresh review. I look forward to seeing it.
  3. Piotrec Active Member

    Subject of this review is a Pegaso Models 75mm figure of King Richard "The Lionheart". This figure has been sculpted by Andrea Jula and produced in only 125 copies. All copies have received production number. This one is number 14, as you can see later on the box picture.

    Picuture of the painted figure displayed at Euro Militaire
    Painter: Danilo Cartacci

    Figure has been packed in unsual size of the box for 75mm mounted figures from Pegaso Models. The box is twice as large as a standard one.


    Next five pictures represent what is included in the box. Despite tha parts, we will find Andrea Jula's drawning of the King Richard with a production number in the left down corner, certificate of authenticity, small poster representing pictures of the finished model and a short history debrief about the King Richard "The Lionheart".

    review-02.jpg review-04.jpg review-03.jpg
    review-05.jpg review-07.jpg

    Details of the model.

    Horse body assembly:

    Let's start from the parts needed to assemble the horse. Here are two pictures of the left and right side of the horse body.

    review-08-horse.jpg review-09-horse.jpg

    Head of the horse from three angles:

    review-10-horse.jpg review-11-horse.jpg review-12-horse.jpg

    Rest of the parts needed for the horse assembly:
    review-13-horse.jpg review-14-horse.jpg

    Excellent detail and casting. Minimal work reguaired for cleaning.
  4. Piotrec Active Member

    Dryfitting of the horse:
    All parts attached using a blutack.

    review-15-horse.jpg review-16-horse.jpg review-17-horse.jpg

    review-18-horse.jpg review-19-horse.jpg review-20-horse.jpg review-21-horse.jpg

    Pictures speak for themself. Everything fits perfectly. All parts has been attached without the sanding.

    Let's focus on the figure of the King.
    Three views of the Richard's head:

    review-23-king.jpg review-24-king.jpg review-25-king.jpg

    Torso and legs:

    review-27-king.jpg review-28-king.jpg review-22-king.jpg

    Rest of the parts for the assembly:

    review-32-king.jpg review-29-king.jpg
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  5. Piotrec Active Member

    Dryfitting of the Lionheart:
    All parts attached using blutack without sanding.

    review-33-king.jpg review-34-king.jpg review-35-king.jpg review-36-king.jpg

    Again, everything fits perfectly. Crisp casting and minimal work will be requaired to put this together. Detail of the figure is really impressive.

    Here I have tried to dryfitted figure and the horse. It was not easy using only blutack. That is a lot of white metal.
    review-37-final.jpg review-38-final.jpg review-39-final.jpg

    Last to picutres of the base and a medal:
    review-31-king.jpg review-30-king.jpg

    Overall conclusion.
    This is an excellent kit. It is highly detailed. Minimal cleaning required for the assembly. The only con of the kit is that there is only 125 of them.
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  6. Guy A Fixture

    Stunning review Piotrec. Very well laid out covering all aspects of the kit. Heck, its better than my own reviews. Hats off to you and thanks for spending the time to put the review together and post it. Now I wish I had picked one up when I had the chance.
  7. Meehan34 A Fixture

    excellent review sir. I happen to have one and am scared to death to start it. It is an amazing kit.
  8. DanSly New Member

    This kit was probably the best christmas present I have ever received, mine was number 39.

    The quality is second to none, only has some minor filling to do and it was ready to go.

    Mike I know how you feel, but as well as scared I also cannot wait, and as I now have 2 weeks off uni, I will be starting with the horse today. Wish me luck! haha
  9. megroot A Fixture

    very good revieuw.
    At the time i was at Euro (only sunday) they all are gone. I thought it wasn't going that fast with the price of the piece. How wrong could i be??
    If i see this, i feel very sad that i don't let my clubmembers buy me one.
  10. rheath Active Member

    Shoei ! Mike I take my hat off, this is gonna be a challenge and a half and of course 1 wants to do the best job to completion, probably also not a cheap production either. Keep, us posted if you get started.
  11. Michael Tse Active Member

    Thanks for a sterling review and the effort of putting it all together. This really confirms the lucky owners we are.

    Mine is twenty-something or thirty-something. Spent a good two months at sea and made it to my new home not long ago. I doubt I will lay my hands on this god-sent beauty any time soon.
  12. raty Member

    hi pegaso king richard (lion heart ) is a exe, limited edition figuer !!!....sculpted by andrea jula a nice man !!... i hope too see one or two more limited edition form pegaso it be nice !!!. and im happen to have one too!!. ok take care raty.

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