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Pegaso Models Gladiator 75mm

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Mac1966, Jan 29, 2021.

  1. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Well I am old by age but not by mind and body , but I do like a good moan now and then .
    Don't know what age you are "Grenadier " but if you reach the age of seventy plus and still be able to paint to a decent standard feel privileged
    Oh another thing first names are always appreciated and friendly (y)
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  2. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Well I did see a very similar one in the Naples museum but it had the face guard attached ,it was extremely large and I wondered how anyone could hold there head up while wearing it.
  3. Nap A Fixture


    I have moderated various comments in the thread ...use PM not a figure release thread

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  4. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Seen this coming a mile away :rolleyes:
  5. DEL A Fixture

  6. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Now I want to say something about it.

    I consider this character to be either a fantasy - or, if it is really intended as an ancient gladiator, one of the worst characters in this genre I've come across.

    I don't want to discuss the question of equipment or the helmet (which you could!), but the figure itself:

    It is sculpted like characters from the "Spartacus" series, they seem to have been role models...:


    It's a pity, because there is a real wealth of ancient (i.e. contemporary) images of various gladiators ...:





    What do we see?

    No "sixpack", no defined muscles, no model athletes!

    Why not:

    It was simply not possible with the nutritional possibilities of antiquity to produce such a bodybuilder figure as the figure has.

    And by the way: A gladiator who trained himself in such a body must have been pretty stupid.

    Since the gladiator - absolutely understandably - placed more emphasis on staying alive as long as possible, he deliberately fed himself a layer of fat that protected his important organs!

    Not every injury was immediately life-threatening - instead, there were mostly "flesh wounds", the fat layer was injured, not the organ underneath!

    The gladiator - despite this rather massive body - was then trained for stamina and mobility.

    As a result, we have to think of ancient gladiators something like this ...:



    And the figure is miles away from these role models - unfortunately!

    Fantasy or just: completely wrong!

    That you can do it far better - and above all correctly! - can do, show these figures ...:




    They should know that also at "Pegaso", because this gladiator figure of them is how an ancient gladiator should be ...:


  7. DEL A Fixture

    That sums it up neatly Martin.(y)
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  8. Babelfish A Fixture

    Game, set and match to Martin I think.

    - Steve
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  9. Ferris A Fixture

    Well, although this seems like a deserved blow against the ‘old farts remark’, we should be careful making such absolute statements about gladiator appearance. Yes, much is known these days about their diets and the benefits of a protective layer of fat, but this does not mean there were no ripped muscle men at all over the centuries the practice lasted.
    One of the mosaics shows such a pretty boy actually (the one at right).

    Let’s acknowledge none of us ever saw a real gladiator. We may be old farts, but not THAT old...


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  10. Ferris A Fixture

    (And re-enactors don’t count) ;-)

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