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Pegaso Models Gladiator 75mm

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Mac1966, Jan 29, 2021.

  1. Mac1966 Well-Known Member

    New Gladiator by Benoit Cauchies!
    75mm resin


    Schermata 2021-01-29 alle 15.34.22.png Schermata 2021-01-29 alle 15.34.32.png Schermata 2021-01-29 alle 15.34.42.png
  2. grasshopper A Fixture

    Benoit remains excellent
  3. DEL A Fixture

    Verging on the ridiculous. Way overdone by such a well regarded sculptor.
    Can only assume the brief was to do something to bridge the historical and fantasy markets.
  4. Babelfish A Fixture

    +1 to what Del said. The word caricature springs to mind. Not Pegaso's (or Monsieur Cauchies') finest hour, an opportunity blown, and it's a No from me.

    - Steve
  5. Mac1966 Well-Known Member

    You can modify this kit... :) download.jpg
  6. housecarl A Fixture

    More 'roid head than barley eater.:cautious:
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  7. grasshopper A Fixture

    What is that?
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  8. Wayneb A Fixture

    It's called "Roid Rage"..............................
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  9. Nap A Fixture

    I've seen better releases from Pegaso .....and I don't do legs !

    Certainly very muscular fellow But as Del says overdone

    Thanks for sharing

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  10. Airkid PlanetFigure Supporter

    How'd he get muscles like that living on porridge?
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  11. grasshopper A Fixture

    I actually find the ‘roid rage idea a good perspective- it’s got a load of emotion wound up..the painting is pooch..but I still think the sculpt works..but then I know Pegaso treads a line with both Kimera fantasy and historical and often pieces sit somewhere in between- as with that knight and lady/minstrel piece..
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  12. clrsgt A Fixture

    Overly muscular. Looks like a flesh colored Hulk. Pegasus has done way better. Sorry.
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  13. Redcap A Fixture

    I normally love Pegaso stuff and have loads of their figures in all scales (I recently bought their 90mm mounted Decurion which is tremendous) but surely this is more fantasy than reality and no-where near as good as the recent 75mm Gladiator releases we have seen from the likes of Medieval Forge and Munera Mins etc. The pose is also very 1980's and 'wooden' IMHO. As for reality or historical accuracy, perhaps it is intended more as fantasy and 'Spartacus' (the TV series) in style and appearance where nearly all the gladiators had Greek statue physiques and 'pretty boy' features and in which case, I am sure it may prove popular.

    I don't like appearing to be negative about Pegaso as they are legendary within the hobby, make great products and their customer aftersales service and support of the hobby at shows etc. is second to none. That said and being entirely constructive in this feedback, if everyone says "nice figure", "must buy" or "another winner" etc. as platitudes on PF threads......and then no one actually buys it, then how does that help Pegaso or serve the hobby?

    I hope Pegaso take these comments and feedback from the site members who make them in the spirit with which they are doubtless given .

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  14. oierlings Member

    Hmmm, I prefer the Myrmillo of Alexandros. Looks more chubby but much more like the real one I guess.

    I'm not sure, if it's the face expression or the "dynamic" pose, anyway not my piece of cake

  15. grasshopper A Fixture

    I don’t think you need make any apology- I am with you that only by considered honesty can complacency be avoided and improvements made..it’s why I hate the run of “best ever” comments that often attach to mediocrity..I can’t really offer much by way of disagreement- my first reaction was positive, and still think it’s part the paint job that sucks..but Pegaso needs stay on their toes, and while some of the animation that appears in fantasy can help inform sculpts if historical, blurring the line isn’t always successful..Conan excluded of course!..Dialogue leads to improvement..if only we had more dialogue in life generally...
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  16. Ferris A Fixture

    Apart from the critique on the pose and muscles, Pegaso must be commended for the choice of a less common republican era gladiator. This helmet is unique in model form, but as far as I am aware based on a classical example, see picture below.

    Altogether it’s outside of the ordinary and therefore a rather brave release, but it’s not yet on my must-buy list. Perhaps it needs some getting used to....

    Us customers can be an annoying bunch. We complain about ‘yet another german’, someone brings out a belgian...and we don’t buy it. :)


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  17. gommolo Active Member

    The helmet is correct. It is from the Republican era. Nothing fantasy, but real. The figure may not like it but it is historically correct. Nothing fantasy. Instead of the usual gladiator, of which dozens have been seen, finally a different subject. If they make one the same, UFFAH another one ... if it's different ... it is a fantasy. Just get along with your brain

    The helmet Immagine 2.jpg
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  18. grasshopper A Fixture

    Ferris: am so with you- spare us more German ww2...
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  19. Wayneb A Fixture

    Ripped to the gills.......I think I read in National Enquirer magazine that they did have steroids back in those days.:unsure: All said and done I think it's a very well sculpted and detailed offering from Pegaso.

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  20. grasshopper A Fixture

    For utter nonsense we always have The 300..
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