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Pegaso 90mm Knight Hospitaller, XIII century

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Tommi, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Tommi A Fixture

    Pegaso 90mm Knight Hospitaller, XIII century
    SCULPTOR: Andrea Jula

    PAINTER: Danilo Cartacci

    MATERIAL: White Metal

    PIECES: 16

    Scale: 90mm
    Web Link: http://www.pegasomodels.com/productdetails_en.asp?id=747#

    Well I have been waiting for this one to be released and now it is here. The June release from Pegaso Models, Knight Hospitaller 13th Cent, sculpted by the very talented Andrea Jula.
    The kit comes in 16 white metal parts in the usual sturdy box and foam protective packing that you get with all Pegaso kits. Inspection of all the parts show first rate casting with virtually no mould lines on most parts which leaves only a minimum of cleanup.
    hospitaller 001.jpg
    The main part of the figure is split into two section with the upper part of the torso separate from the legs, I test fitted the two parts together and they showed a perfect fit. The cloak is cast in one piece and shows good detail, the front part of the lower tunic also fits perfect.

    hospitaller 002.jpg
    hospitaller 003.jpg
    I test fitted the upper torso into the cloak and it was a beautiful fit almost snapping into place, no gaps visible between the torso and cloak.
    hospitaller 004.jpg
    Test fitting all the parts together shows the main figure nearly assembled minus the small parts, this was tested before any clenup is done and every part fits perfectly.
    hospitaller 005.jpg
    Test fitting the optional face guard to the helmet shows a very snug fit as well as the high level of detail, The only decision here is do you have the guard on or off as it looks great on but also the face is just so nice?
    hospitaller 006.jpg
    The hand of the right arm that holds the axe is hollowed out to accept the axe which as had the handle cast separate from the head, again a very nice fit of the parts.
    hospitaller 007.jpg
    The left arm that holds the shield is hollowed out on the side against the shield to lock precisely into the locater cast on the shield, the shield itself is a loverly casting and has a wood grain effect sculpted into the inside.
    hospitaller 008.jpg
    Fantastic kit, well detailed and good fit of all parts with minimal cleanup, highly recommended to anyone interested in this era of history. Although it is named Knight Hospitaller I am pretty sure there will be many painted crusader variations of this fine figure on the competition tables
  2. Guy A Fixture

    Great review Tommi. I just got this figure in the mail yesterday. It is a real beauty.
  3. vergilius New Member

    thanks for the review !!
  4. Tommi A Fixture

    Thanks Guy & Vergilius, just working on the final crusader paint scheme today that I will use, looking foward to get started on this one,:)
  5. Wyrdstone New Member

    that's a very cool figure
    might have to get it
  6. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Tommi,
    Great revieuw off a great figure.

  7. brian A Fixture

    Hi Tommi
    Where did you buy the figure as it seems you got it very quick?
  8. renarts Active Member

    I really have to get this figure. I love his stance and the detail looks nice. I think I'll reshape the axe though as it looks more like a 17thc. saxon/german miners ceremonial axe than one appropriate for mid 13th.c.
    I think I will also stick to my plan of 2 of them and do one as a knight of St. John and one as a secular knight.
    Thanks for the review.
  9. Tommi A Fixture

    Renarts, Loads of money, :D 2of, and why not, saying that I had the same idea and purchased two as one is already sold so I would like to paint one for myself one day.

    Brian, the kits were sent to me direct from Pegaso last week.

  10. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Hi Tommi thanks for the review, will be getting this one at Euro if I can wait that long.Do you get all your figures direct from Pegaso.

  11. Tommi A Fixture

    Hi David

    Yes I do, I just set up an account with them and pay by credit card, the items are shipped very quickly

  12. Guy A Fixture

    I have the same type of account. 5 days from Pegaso to Oklahoma..........fast.
  13. Tommi A Fixture

    I tracked the last shipment online using the DHL service, it was picked up in Italy at 9-30am and deliverd to my house in the UK at 10-30am the next day, outstanding service. I cant get this sending a letter 40 miles away in the UK LOL


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