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Pegaso 75 mm Decurio Equitum

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by rossbach, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Red Five Well-Known Member


    Apart from the the story it tells Trajan's column does not accurately portray the Roman soldier on campaign. Please refer to the Adam Klissi monument about the same campaign actually made by soldiers in the field and not city artists!This is the problem, a lot of people base their research on this monument. They need to look at the archaeology and see what that tells them.

    I repeat. Every Roman shield ever found had been curved. That includes shield bosses. Controversial yes but backed up by latest research.

    This is a book that covers the Syrian shields


    A quick scan on the web shows some reensctirs are, at last starting to use curved oval shields. Well done chaps. Took twenty years but got there in the end!
  2. Red Five Well-Known Member

    Ferris. The clasp is on the front of the baldric or sword sling. This was a misidentification of a cavalry clasp made some decades ago.

    The Spartha on that figure looks to be on the wrong side. A long sword us difficult to draw on the right side oaricukarly if your riding!

    Paul (again)

    I discussed the Roman saddle at depth with Peter Connolly as I was interested at getting one made. He was very critical of Juncklemans reconstruction.

    Look my avatar. I did reconstructive archaeology too!

    Basically anything goes for Roman cavalry with reference to horses. We know Romans had some big horses and they also used native breeds.

    As for Juncklenan and his hairy ponies? Is this accurate? I would have clipped them! Horses sweat a lot.

    Yes cheek pieces were padded. We know this we also know that the helmet would have had a lining, something like wool or felt.

    Back on curved shields or like the ones at Duras Europos which are definately 100% curved. I've ridden with a flat board and a curved shield. The curved one fits around the body better and is easier to handle.

  3. Red Five Well-Known Member

    Yes Ferris. I do mean one of those but it's not a baldric clasp. There is absolutely no evidence for this and they have never been found with swords. I

    A lot of museums label things up incorrectly based on old books.


    It's discussed for want of a better reference.
  4. jai A Fixture

    I have clearly stated that I do not know about Roman history
    If I ever started painting a piece of ancient roma I would definitely do a thorough research.
    and I would not stop on a single photo

    Strange that city artists are accurate on many details and not on a large cavalry shield

    Do you have a photo of the monument you mentioned?
  5. Red Five Well-Known Member

    Jai. The point about Trajan's column is that very little of it is accurate!

    IMG_1029.JPG IMG_1028.JPG IMG_1026.JPG

    Adamklissi is supported by archaeology. Please Google it.

    I hope this helps

    Maybe I should do something for the reference section on Planet Figure!


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  6. jai A Fixture

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  7. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Well at the end of the day it is a very nice figure which has won a lot of medals on the competition trail without anyone moaning about accuracy , is this guy not dressed for a special parade where his uniform might be a bit theatrical .
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  8. Red Five Well-Known Member

    Yes I agree Ron. A nice figure. If not entirely accurate!

  9. Babelfish A Fixture

    Whoops ... a post that was there this morning now suddenly isn't there! :eek:;)

    Interesting ongoing discussion re. accuracy. My thinking is that generally speaking, the further back in history you go the more "gaps" there are, so the more scope there is for artistic license. So I tend to lose less sleep over the perceived accuracy (or otherwise) of stuff like Roman wristbands than I would about, say, 20th Century camo fatigues.

    - Steve
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  10. DEL A Fixture

    Given that a lot of this related to the shield it should be noted that the 'boss' on the kit looks purely decorative its not designed to do the job of that on a scutum.
    The figure was intended to represent a cavalryman at a triumphal parade as Ron alludes to. There is a silver parade mask included.
    As for wrisrbands why not.....is there a squaddie anywhere who doesn't 'personalise' his kit?
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  11. Martin64 A Fixture

    some inspiration and curved and plain shields in action by guys that do the "real" stuff - obviously both solutions work

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  12. Red Five Well-Known Member

    The other issue reconstructed cavalry have is the horse training and we are quite rightly not allowed to use the correct bits and spurs as they are a bit harsh!

    You can't do better than a polo poney

    I did discuss getting a group together with a friend some 15 years ago but like all things we never got round to it.

    Still, when I buy that Lusitano!

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