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Part V Roundhead Cavalry 54mm

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by kansas kid, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Here are latest photos of work on the Airfix and Historex conversion of the
    ECW Parliamentarian Cavalryman I'm doing in 54mm. I've worked on the
    figure since part IV and also am starting to paint the horse. The head is not
    attached to the body, and the figure is not attached to the horse. I will not
    attach the right hand that is holding the flag attached to a guidon pole, until
    near the end. . . to keep it from getting damaged or knocked apart while
    working on the figure.

    And I haven't done anything to the base, outcropping except put on the first
    base coat of paint in acrylics. I intend to do an artistic name plate in Adobe
    Illustrator right before the pieces is completed. The base will not be glued
    to the bass wood box, so I can travel with the presentation easier, as the
    ensembly won't stand up so tall.

    I still have a long way to go with painting the figure and the horse, and both
    pistol holsters that sit on both sides of the horse in front of the saddle. I
    want to publically thank Gordon Chippy Wells as he is sending me spurs from
    a 54mm kit. I will attach those and finish painting the boots when they
    arrive from the UK. Thanks again, Chippy. Comments are welcome,

    The Miami Jayhawk

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  2. megroot A Fixture

    Looking good Rick, but you have a way to go.

  3. 1969 A Fixture

    Part V already !!! time flies when you are having fun mate.

    Its good to see some colours coming into the figure and horse now, the helmet looks very good now with its metallic finish. The pistol sticking out of his right boot looks nicely placed and painted with the brass pummel.
    Hope the painting flows along as nicely as the construction mate, good idea to leave the guidon off until near completion, you can guarantee it will get broken.
    Looking forward to seeing more of this mounted fellow as you progress.

    take care mate

  4. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Roger that, Marc. . .

    Roger that, Marc. I started on it in November, and have worked on and off
    since then. I still see at least another month. Haven't even put the reins on
    yet. Also one of the last things to do.

    Thanks for your comments,

  5. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hawkeye Readdie. . .

    Hey, move over James Fenimore Cooper. . . there is a new Hawkeye in town.

    Wow, Steve you even noticed the brass pummel on the flint lock pistol I
    stuck down into the right boot. How can you do that?

    Perhaps having younger eyes has sumpin' to do with it, Mr. Cooper?

    I do appreciate your remarks Steve, and thanks for taking time to post

    Kind regards,

    The Miami Jayhawk
  6. housecarl A Fixture

    Coming on now Rick, just hope the snow keeps you in painting. Only joking, but you know what I mean.
    Thanks for posting,
  7. gordy Well-Known Member

    Nice wood grains on the carbine Rick (y)
  8. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Oh yeh, Carl, I know what you mean. I've been stuck in this house since
    Monday afternoon, and it is now Thursday night. But my friend came over
    near dark with a snow blower and cut me a path for my little Celica Cherry
    Bomb. . . So I can get to the store and the bank tomorrow. Yeah!!

    Thanks for have a look, my friend,

    rickster sufferin' from Cabin Fever
  9. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Holy Cow, Gordy. . .

    You another I should mention James Fenimore Cooper too, Hawkeye. How
    can you young guys see that kind of detail in those photos. Maybe I need
    new glasses.

    Thanks for taking time to post your comments Gordy, I do appreciate it,

  10. mil-mart A Fixture

    Rick, great progress, Ilike the way this is turning out. Following (y)

    Cheers Ken
  11. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Ken:

    I do so appreciate your kind words and your support. And I was gratified
    that your Maiden Native American bust got such a good response. Sorry, I
    apologize as I am so bad with names. I do not remember the correct
    spelling of her name.

    Kansas Kid
  12. Ferris A Fixture

    Nice progress on this ambituous project Rick!
    The whole scene looks nicely balanced, so the thought you put into this sure paid off!

    Looking forward to your final steps.

  13. SRP Active Member

    Coming on Rick...keep us posted mate....
  14. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hi Adrian

    Yo Adrian:
    Thank you for the kind words, Ferris. I do appreciate you taking
    time to have a look see, especially now when there are so
    many really fine projects (like Stephen’s work on the Big Bad
    Wolf, Death with Blonde Hair, et cetera) being posted on
    VBench the past day of so.

    Have a great day, Adrian
  15. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    A prescription from the Good Doctor

    Hola, Good Doctor, Pepper. Roger that, mate. Hope to make steady progress,
    and hope I get the angle of the flag pole and the guideon flag correctly
    done, when it is time near the end to attach the right hand to the stump
    of his wrist. I see that visual element as important to the tension of the
    piece. BTW, the Cavalryman is shouting. His mouth is wide open . . .
    showing a set of pearly whites that a Hollywooooooood starlet
    would be thrilled and happy to flash for the cameras,
    uh huh. . . Mr. DeMill, I'm ready for my close up!!!

    Thanks again, mate,


    PS. I don't believe what I've written above is how
    the famous film director spelled his name.
  16. sarouman A Fixture

    Rick my friend
    beautiful job and groundwork is amazing!!

  17. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Thanks you Alexandros. . .

    Thanks Alex for the kind words. It is so good of you to take time to post
    your comments. With projects like this where I want to draw the viewers
    attention to the piece, I usually try to put some height in the base, so that
    it "stands somewhat taller" on the contest table.

    I haven't started to work much on the base yet, other than doing the shape
    and putting on the first layer of acrylics. I hope to add roots, grasses and
    weeds that will be in a colour scheme that will compliment the colours in the
    horse and with the figure.

    Thanks again, Alexandros,

    Ricardo Jayhawker
  18. rheath Active Member

    Going very well Rick well done.
  19. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Rob; thank you. . .

    Hello Rob:

    I appreciate your kind remarks. Thanks for taking time to post your

    Have a great day,


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