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Paratrooper 1982 Falklands.

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Henk, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Henk Member

    I got this figure a few weeks ago on eBay. I'm repositioning the right arm, and going to try and add some rounds to the GPMG. Just finished the jacket, working on the pouches and the ammo belt now. Finished rebuilding the right arm where the butt stock sits in the elbow, trimmed the shoulder so that the angle of the arm is better.

    20180614_172522.jpg 20180614_172509.jpg 20180614_172500.jpg 20180614_170954.jpg
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  2. 1969 A Fixture

    Nice work so far, if you are struggling with the GPMG link then I can send you some resin 1/9 scale MG42 link, not exactly the same but very close, just send me a PM if you need them.

    All the best
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  3. Henk Member

    Thanks Steve, that's very generous of you. I'm new to sculpting, having previously only used filler to fix gaps etc, and 'sculpted' the odd sandbag. I'm enjoying the process, but if I can't get the links right I'll be in touch. I'll probably be in touch at some point anyway, because I like the look of some of those heads you have on your site.
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  4. 1969 A Fixture

    It's good to see you are having a go at the sculpting, you get a lot of satisfaction knowing you made it yourself.

    All the best
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  5. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Henk

    BIG WELCOME to PF ..good to have you here

    As Steve says good to see you sculpting ...satisfying ...even ith my little efforts ( medals etc!)

    Great offer by Steve ...all his products are top notch quality

    Look forward to seeing this progress

    Happy modelling

  6. Henk Member

    Thanks for the welcome Nap. Im going through a 'figure phase' atm, I've painted figures on and of over the years, but recently getting more into larger scale, and sculpting. Im planning on getting some supplies to do a bigger conversion/sculpt, probably something mideval.
    I'll post some of my previous work later.
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  7. moz A Fixture

    well done on the sculpting looks a lot like this one i sculpted years ago 3para1.jpg
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  8. Henk Member

    Sorry, I probably should have credited the figure in my original post, It is your figure moz (can i call you moz?), it had the Bergen and ammo belt added by someone else, not sure who, and I bought it mostly assembled a few weeks ago via evilbay. Who ever did the conversion, did a nice job on the Bergen, but the right arm and the right hand did not sit at the right angles and the right shoulder didn't look right. I'l have to post a picture later, As that one is on a different device. I only reposiioned the right hand/GPMG, and the position of the right arm.

    BTW, I like your figures, I recently finished the Arnhem para with the 2cm mortar, and I'm considering another figure or two of your for a future project. I'l
    Upload a picture in a minute.

    Henk 20180505_150827.jpg 20180505_150901.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  9. Matt McGrath Member

    Great job on the cammo jacket!
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  10. Henk Member

    Thanks Matt.

    Progress has been very slow, to much work, and the weather is to hot. But I've got a few days of before starting a new job on Monday, so onwards we plod. I've attached the right arm now, and started filling the gap. I've also redone the face, and I'm happier with it now.
    I hope someone here can help me, I'm not sure what colour the chin strap should be? Brown leather? Black? Blacked Brown? I can't find a good clear reference picture. Any help, and other comments greatly appreciated. 20180628_151245.jpg 20180628_145420.jpg 20180628_151518.jpg
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  11. JonH Active Member

    Hello Henk.
    Looks like dark green webbing strap with black plastic chin cup.
    Figure looks very good.
  12. Henk Member

    Thank you Jon. Dark green it is. For some reason I was convinced that it was a leather strap.
  13. JonH Active Member

  14. Henk Member

  15. JonH Active Member

  16. JonH Active Member

  17. JonH Active Member

    Sorry Henk.
    try this link.Your strap IS leather.
  18. Major27 Member

    Very rar theme i mean Eng vs Arg. I think its thirst figure for this conflict.
  19. Mookie Active Member

    We also produce a couple of Falklands figure items.A 1.10th bust of a Special boat service marine sculpted by Moz Corry.Plus a 1.12th mini bust of a 3 para chap at Mount longdon.
    Richard.(Mookies miniatures)
  20. Henk Member

    Almost finished the bergen and the pouches. I will pick out the various attachment straps on the bergen in a darker olive green yet. I appreciate the opinion of you all, your help and pointers are invaluable to me to do this figure justice.
    In the right side shot you can make out the filling in that I've done so far between the shoulder and arm. It needs a bit more tinkering and smoothing out.

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