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Parasaurolophus wip´s

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gorgosaurus, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. gorgosaurus Active Member

    My 1/18th scale Parasaurolophus awaits basing as part of a large vignette with another Shane Foulkes kit I haven´t quite managed to get right several times!

    Meanwhile, here´s some images showing how it got to the stage it´s in now.

    Basic work.

    Face work.

    Trying different looks.

    Getting there.


    At an exhibition.

    In the wild.

    Hope some of you like it.

  2. Steve Well-Known Member

    How is the skin pattern and color determined on each animal? Is it simply scientific guesses or is there a body of research on the subject? These are fascinating. Thanks--Steve Scott
  3. gorgosaurus Active Member

    A bit of both!

    It´s a good and much debated question, Steve.

    Fossil remains of Dinosaur skin texture, or even feathered body coverings of various sorts, have been found.
    So we know that some Dinosaurs had feathers, some may have had feathers and some pretty certainly were plain scaley. There are even different shapes and sizes of scales preserved.

    But, with our current knowledge, patterns and colours are something we can only guess at. Chinese fossils of Caudipteryx do reveal banded patterns on the feathers which could perhaps indicate a banded pattern was there in life.

    Observation of certain natural tendencies helps, I spend hours researching reptile, bird and mammal colour schemes and how they relate to their habitats.

    I don´t think very large Dinosaurs were brightly coloured, though they may have had patches of colour for individual and species recognition, or even warning patterns and disruptive camouflage. But large animals, (reptiles, birds and mammals) tend to be dull in colour. They can even take on the colour of their habitat because it literally rubs off on them! Smaller Dinosaurs may very well have been more brilliantly and dramatically coloured, just like birds and smaller reptiles.

    I have special plans for a startlingly coloured model of one of the feathered Dinosaurs which was aboutr the size of a goose. It´s built and primed, but I can´t start painting it until next summer due to other commitments. You´ll have to wait for that one...

  4. chris1 Active Member

    I Like
    My 5 year old is hitting me u p for some dinos
    you have the lead

  5. periklis_sale Member

    nice work my friend!!!!!!!!!!
  6. paulyrichard New Member

    Beautiful work, Spike. I really do enjoy seein' your work.
  7. gorgosaurus Active Member

    More coming soon....

  8. Steve Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I have been crazy about dinosaurs since I was small. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Wonderful work!--Steve Scott

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