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Papua New Guinean Tribes

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by blaster, May 12, 2008.

  1. blaster A Fixture

    Hi all,

    Here are some figures made to represent the various PNG tribes. I have a fondness especially for tribes from the Mt Hagen area. Attached are a Kaluli man, a Huli man chasing his pet pig for running away with his loincloth and a Melpa woman cooling herself in the stream.

    Rgds Victor

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  2. WPS Member

    now that's something different!!!
    very nice subject you've chosen, it's one with a lot of variation for all the different tribes and it's something else from all the militairy figures(allthough with all the tribalwars and headhunting that was going on there you could call them militairy)
    well done.

    greetings Willem
  3. Mark S Guest

    Nice figures,Victor.
    I've often wondered why PNG tribesmen aren't more commonly sculpted commercially or otherwise.
    Well done.

    BTW How did you develop your fondness for the Mt.Hagen people,Victor.
  4. Bruno New Member

    Hi Victor,

    as some who is very much interested in the herritage and culture of Native Americans I always delighted to see another sculptor and painter, doing other Native figurines.

    I'm very much gelighted by your researche, sculpting, representation and painting. Your figurine shows, that our hobby can be much more than the 1250th Soldier of the Napoleonic Old Guard!

    It would be nice if you could provide some more information, on your research, your work and on the PNG tribes you represent!

    Many greetings from Germany

  5. John Bowery A Fixture

    Very different and very nice.
  6. blaster A Fixture

    Nativity scene


    (sorry I couldn't resist the title).
    Thanks for your kind comments. I have a wide interest in depicting all civilisations and cultures of mankind up to WWII (then I lose interest in disruptive Pattern Markings...). Besides purely military figures, I love doing non-military stuff.
    A bit of bkgd on the 3 figures:
    1. Kaluli figure was made about 35 years ago (this kind of dates me....) when I was a cherubic kid (this kind of saves me). Whole figure was made of plastic (feathers and leaves too), converted from Airfix multipose, plastic sheets and melted sprue. I won't recommend this approach nowadays as the fumes are toxic!
    2. Huli figure was made about 15 years ago. Converted from Airfix parts. Boar was converted toy figure.
    3. Melpa figure was made about 5 years ago. Converted from Preiser, I used real feathers. I attach another pic to show you more details.

    For references, I scour the library, Nat Geog and old books, travellogues for pics and do what is term "salvage photography". Old pics are usually in B/W. I compare old pics against newer pics for colour ref and make educated guesses. So far, I can identify about 40 tribes out of 700! My main interest in Mt Hagen is that these tribes focus on body paint and unique headdress for identification. I attach some typical pages from my ref notebooks on PNG. Given that I dont' want to compress the files any further, I will add the other references in follow up postings.

    Rgds Victor

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  7. blaster A Fixture

    more pictures


    I add the other references for yr viewing.

    Rgds Victor

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  8. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    Well Done, my friend !

    Hi Victor :) !
    I see you managed to get your photos to "expand" when clicked on :D. Well Done !!! Guys, for your info, the drawings were all done by Victor himself and the figures, well, I thought they were awesome when I first saw them a few years ago and have been persuading Victor to post them on the "planet" since then. I'm really glad that he finally did. Cheers !
    Kenneth ;).
  9. Bruno New Member

    Simply great!!!

    Hello Victor,

    I did a lot of research on Native Americans and I know how much research, effort and worke is needed to get such a fascination documentation!

    Simply Superb!!!

    Again my highest compliments on your worke!

    Many greetings from Germany

  10. WPS Member


    Seeing your research drawings and notes it's clear to me that you're truly devoted to these tribes.
    It's also clear that you're trying to represent them as perfect as possible.
    To me that's just that little extra tic that gets me interested in the subject and the person.
    Please keep making these models and posting them for us to see. (preferably with some background info)

    To kenneth,

    thanks for your persuading Victor to post.

    Hope to see more,

    groeten uit Nederland, Willem
  11. blaster A Fixture

    Reply to all

    Dear All,

    thanks for your very kind comments.

    I would also like to take some credit for introducing Kenneth to figure modelling, away from making his prize winning tank models. He now makes prize winning figure models. Occasionally, he strays back to the dark side of the hobby with his WWII themes but I always try to entice him back to other periods. If you run out of ideas, there's always amazons to do...:).

    May the farce be with you!

    Best rgds, Victor

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