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Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Roy, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Roy New Member

    Here's a flat (around 110mm) of Pantaloon...he's a character from the Italian Comedy...
    The piece is from an old engraving by Gillot..
    It was a whole lot of fun to sculpt...by the way...he is wearing a mask!!.

    if I'm really brave I'll put the painted one here too...but I need a good picture..(to make it look better) :)

    Thanks for taking a look..and as always any comments are welcome.

    All the best......Roy.

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  2. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    WOW! Roy, keep amazing us here! VERY nice work here as well. (y) (y)

    Jay H.
  3. conny Active Member

    Hello Roy,
    more, please give us more. I like it ;)
  4. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Great sculpt!!

    Now, how did you go about sculpting it? Did you draw a template and get to work or how is it done? I would love to have a go at it sometime but no clue as to how!
  5. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Maybe I'll log in next time.......... ;)
  6. megroot A Fixture

    Hey Roy,

    You let me see this at Euro isn't. I admire it then, so what must i say now ???

    Great work.

  7. Roy New Member

    Thanks guys..you're all too kind but I'm glad you like this fella...he was a real fun project..and I get to learn a little about the Italian comedy into the bargain...there were some very attractive characters...maybe worth a closer look in the future.

    Anders..I bet you'd enjoy it...briefly...the way I work for a flat is on a sheet of glass..a little thicker than normal window glass, 6mm would be cool. Put some protection on the edges, some tape. You can sketch on the glass or you can place a picture under it the size you want your sculpt to be. When you're done sculpting, make a fence around with some clay and pour a little silicone rubber to make a mold. Make sure you do it on a really flat surface and the resin copies come out very well...if you don't want a copy, you can do it on some perspex with cling-film stretched across and peel carefully when done..same with plasticard, but no good for fast curing under a lamp and you don't get to see your picture through it.. :lol: I'd love to know if you decide to have a shot..

    All the best guys..thanks again....Roy.
  8. Calvin Member

    Hello Roy,
    very nice sculpt, you have captured so well the essence of that character. Aside the well known Arlecchino e Pulcinella, if you like La Commedia dell'Arte, also take a look at Meo Patacca and Rugantino, other two interesting guys (from Trastevere, Roma).
  9. Roy New Member

    Hi Luca....thanks for the kind comments...I knew the title would catch your eye.. :)

    I have a great book by Pierre Louis Duchartre I picked up here in London and it showcases these fascinating characters very well, with many beautiful engravings and even some excerpts from their plays...very rich in content and a very inspiring subject...

    Here is the marvellous engraving on which my piece is based.

    All the best....Roy.

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  10. Guy A Fixture

    Absolutely amazing Roy.....those folds in his clothing cry out to be blended. Excellent work. I need a napkin now to catch the drool.
  11. jjgurk Member

    And yet another flat! You're killing me here Roy. All I can say is superb.

  12. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Another masterpiece! Roy I too liked your 3D figures but I honestly like your 2D "figures" MUCH better. What other gems have you stashed away kind sir? ;) :lol:

    Jim Patrick
  13. mahross New Member


    Superb. I remember when you did these. They are just stunning. Here is what can be achieved with Roy's flat. This is his Smurai painted by a mate of mine, Simon Briggs.


    I still have this one undercoated somewhere. I think I should get it out one day.

    All the best.

    Ross ;)
  14. Roy New Member

    Guy...you're creasing me up here... :lol:

    John..many thanks, glad you're enjoying the flats.

    Jim..Thanks...I'll try to get some more flats in my vbench, just need some good photo's...

    Ross..thanks mate, you really must find some time in your busy new schedule for a bit of painting..thanks for posting the samurai...ol' briggsy's a very inventive painter, I saw him at Euro..he looked well but I don't think he has too much painting time lately...

    Thanks for your comments guys....Roy.
  15. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Roy, The Pantaloon is fantastic. I love the drapery and fold effects. Is he still available?~Gary
  16. MSzwarc New Member


    The unpainted Pantaloon looks great. I've only seen a poor photo of it painted on The Red Lancers site. It doesn't do justice to the piece.

    The Red Lancers still lists a few of Roy's flats, including Pantaloon and the samurai.

  17. Roy New Member

    Hi Gary...thanks for those kind comments..it makes a fun change from military subjects..I think I have a few...2 or 3...left.

    Mike...thank you....I can't believe chuck still has some

    Kindest regards.....Roy.
  18. GARD9 Member

    Great work Roy.
    I really like all of the flats you have done.
    I especially like the Chief Joseph group you did.
    I wish I had snapped one up when I had the chance.
    In one of your posts, you seemed to regret doing these in resin.
    Is there a reason not to do these in resin, other than tradition?
    I'd like to see you do some more flats.
    I think your RAF pilot from the Battle of Britain would be a great subject.
    What do you say?
    Thanks for the look at these great flats.
  19. Roy New Member

    John, many thanks...very kind comments.
    I just posted the chief joseph master in my vbench too.
    I have no chance of engraving flats in the traditional way (in slate)..it's a skill I just don't posess..and my flats were just a way to get some more variety out there to paint...we all like more choices..lol..but my flats weren't traditional enough for most flats painters, shame, that's my only regret really.
    And I'd love to do some more in the future, I've had one in mind for a long time...but it's a big one and represents a lot of time and commitment...maybe one day.

    All the best...Roy.
  20. btavis Active Member

    Roy, I had no idea you were so skilled at making original flats. Absolutely stunning work and I am impressed.

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