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Panic buying.....not me !

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by fogie, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    :LOL: You could always suggest they might like to turn on 'Teletext' on their TV and switch to World News. Your reminder might have been generated automatically, to be fair.
    I would certainly sympathise with you, Mike, if you suggested that they stick it all where the sun don't shine, but it is a laughable situation. I should think you're amongst thousands in the same boat.
    I'll bet some of the wags on here will have some interesting suggestions :LOL:

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  2. HansDig A Fixture

    I'd mail or call them telling them that you plan to send their reminder to one of the better British newspapers, put it on Twitter, Facebook etc.etc. within one hour unless they withdraw this stupid request. This mostly helps.
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  3. MrBMB A Fixture

    Say..............................That sounds great, how much were you thinking of paying me to go there, its going to have to be a lot of money and you will need to provide me a private jet to the door of my own private Hotel with all food delivered to bottom floor in lift. I hope to look outside each morning and see you standing on the street below so I can wave at you each day. Also you will not get a refund if I decide not to go, requiring your payment in full in the next 14 days to confirm my response
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  4. fogie A Fixture

    I imagine, Alan, the message was sent by some zero-hours 'snowflake' sitting at a screen obeying
    the last order while some sort of Rome burns down....not their fault really. I expect whoever it was
    has more things to worry them than I have. Like you I belong to a group that's been 'banged-up' for
    a fortnight already - not that it's any hardship, and there's many younger people a lot worse off.
    God....I hate myself when I'm so reasonable........:)

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  5. HansDig A Fixture

    My youngest son is in the IT-business ( still working ) and a true gamer but in the weekends he and his friends gather to have a laugh, talk, watch a movie, drink a beer etc.etc....... Not now but are they, as younger people, a lot worse off...no way because they ( and my son and his friends are like that ) have technical knowledgde and creativity. Now...what do I mean by that.....
    These guys have all the stuff for so called virtual reality so last week they gathered ( virtual ) and played an 'escape room' game. They see each other, talk to on another and play together. Yesterday the "went to the cinima...." They start a movie, drag it to some 3D-program, choose "cinema" as a lay out. put on their 3D goggles and.....the truly sit beside on another in the cinema watching the movie....... He showed it to me today and it is UNBELIEVABLE.... so....for youngsters it's as worse a you make it... These guys don't mind it too much, they still do things together only virtual but believe me, that's about 80% of "real live"...
    And we......some paint,some putty....... I orderd my 3d-gear today.....;)
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  6. fogie A Fixture

    I really meant younger people with families and poorly paid uncertain jobs who are trying somehow to keep it
    together in the face of all this.............

  7. HansDig A Fixture

    27, still on the waitinglist for his own appartement, €2000 a month, no steady contract....yep...like my son...

    By the way..my best friend's grandparents, who were Jewish, went underground (litteraly, they lived in small, dug out, room under the floor of a farm), for five years, survived, picked up their lives, started a business, raised a family......I rest my case.
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  8. fogie A Fixture

    The point I was trying to make, Hans, was that as 'baby boomers' my generation had all the benefits
    of the post war years - a free college education where they actually paid us in the form of generous
    support grants, the real expectation of a working life in a prosperous and varied jobs market, and all
    the opportunities of buying and selling our own houses to the point where a lot of us now rattle around
    in fully mortgage free places that are far too big for our needs. The younger generation including your
    son has not had these advantages. Today they must pay for that education which offers little chance of
    a secure job, and equally little chance of buying a decent property. And now their own futures are being
    compromised further by the mind boggling costs of all this financial life support. ( apologies for the rant
    ...God knows what your best friends grand-parenrs would have said about the current state of things)

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  9. HansDig A Fixture

    Hi Mike,
    Yep, I fully understand what you are saying but these are uncertain times that will pass but i.m.h.o. can not be compareed (yet) wth what our (grand) parents had to endure when they were young. Other example.....my dad ( 1929, so 11 when the war started ) also went "underground" to escape the Arbeitseinsatz at the end of the war ( he was 15-16 then ). Survived the 'hungerwinter' and went back to his hometown in 1945, not knowing if his parents were still alive due to heavy bombing. They picked up there lives but he had no prper schooling due to the war. He met my mother but.......was drafted when Indonesia was claiming independence......so of he went to "the east" for another 4 years. He survived, married my mother, went to evening-school, started a family, raised kids etc.etc.
    I don't know what he said during the war and during his Indonisia-years. Never talked about it but it is easy to guess.....
    And here we are, as said, in uncertain times, we have to stay indoors, perhaps a depression will hit us but.......there's food on the table, noone is knocking on the door to drag you away, no one gets shot but, indeed, perhaps times will not be 100% the same when this is over. But still......looking at my friends grandparents and my own dad.....when they would compare what they went through with what we go through I know what they would say......:oops:
    Regards ( and I rest my case now )
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  10. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    My opinion:

    We are currently experiencing the worst pandemic since 1919 and everything we know seems to be faltering!

    One can despair about it - but that doesn't change anything!

    Instead, I decided to do it with black humor!

    That doesn't change anything either - if you look at the fact that I have at least occasional reasons to laugh heartily during these times!

    For example:

    There is nowhere to buy toilet paper? Forget toilet paper! There are alternatives !!!

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  11. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    The Americans don't let us down:
    Gigantic airlift launched for Berlin!


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  12. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    :LOL::ROFLMAO: Hilarious ! Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour?(y) I like the end bit with the lady washing and hanging up her used loo roll :LOL:
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  13. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    She's drying those rolls, which accidentally thrown into the river Spree by the Americans ...

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  14. socko47 Active Member

  15. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

  16. peedee A Fixture

    Can I just say ....

    Up to now 2020 hasn't even 'offered us a drink first', and then forgot the 'Lube'.

    Keep smiling, stay safe.
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  17. Nap A Fixture


    Hope your all ok all are well Paul

    Looking at the news we all are going to have a long session at the bench

    Stay safe

  18. fogie A Fixture

    A fine, warm and sunny Easter weekend and we are being urged to stay home. Advice
    clearly ignored - since yesterday my neck of the woods is heaving with visitors. They're
    absolutely everywhere............:facepalm::facepalm:

  19. Henkm Active Member

    Yep, our 'movement control order' extended for another two weeks. Panic buying (of miniatures, that is) may be in order.
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  20. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Here it's panic painting...

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