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Panem et Circenses - Update

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Cicero, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Cicero New Member

  2. Calvin Member

    Hi Johan,
    I like it, what you see as wrong with the pictures ?
  3. Dan Morton A Fixture

    I agree with Luca! I see absolutely nothing wrong with the figure or the pictures! Beautiful pictures, capturing the action of the pose very well.

    My only suggestion would be to increase the size of the picture within the posting. My Canon digital camera takes by default these immense size photos - which are very nice for detail, but eat up memory! So after downloading thru Photoshop, I reduce the physical size of the image from 20 inches by 27 inches to say 7 x 9 inches. Then after loading into KitPic, I put an x in the "re-size" box. The result is pretty decent size and normally clear images usable for pF posting.

    All the best,

  4. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Beautiful stuff Johan!

    I think that you are doing a superb job on this fella, the pictures are awesome! They may be a tad small in the posting but the ones you get after you click on the smaller images are great! The eyes are superbly done!

    Looking forward to see more!
  5. Cicero New Member

    Luca, Dan, Anders,

    Thank you all for the encouraging words on my figure. Very much appreciated.

    Concerning the photos: maybe it's my monitor but I think they lack some sharpness. Meanwhile my kids informed me that they used the camera and changed some settings, which I didn't notice while photographing. I did a complete reset and this will probably make things better in the future.

    Dan, your explanation about resizing the photos through Photoshop was very interesting, but I don't have this software. I always load the photos from my camera to the harddisk of my PC from there into Photobucket. There I generate a HTML code to present them on the Planet. And that's almost too technical for me :lol:. Photobucket recommends clickable thumbnails for this purpose. Next time I'll try if I can generate a code for bigger photos.

    All the same, is there a simple manner to create more sharpness in depth even while using the macro function? Or is it better to photograph from a bigger distance and zoom in?

  6. Calvin Member

    there is a very simple and intuitive free software you can use to apply some very basic correction to your pictures. It's Picasa, from Google. When you have familiarized yourself with such basic picture handling, you can go for more.
    Generally the sharpness and saturation factors can be set through your camera's settings menu. Maybe, taking a picture so close to the subject, highlights too much some details, loosing the overall effect.
    About the zoom, consider that if you zoom too much, the active zoom is not the optical, but the digital zoom, which degrades the overall quality. Anyway most of cameras allows you to notice when the zoom goes from optical to digital.
  7. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Figure and pictures are fine, although I might reduce the size of the larger ones.~Gary
  8. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    BEAUTIFUL WORK,Johan (y) (y) !!! I can't wait to see the rest !! Cheers.
    Kenneth :) .
  9. marcusmedina New Member

    Congratulations, Very nice flash tones... Could you tell us what kind of acrilics do you use as flash tones base? ( mamyia, valejo or what?)
    Thanks for your attention
  10. ArturM Well-Known Member

    Well done, Johan. Really great painting. Keep up the good work.

  11. Cicero New Member


    Thank you for the tip concerning the free Picasa software. I surely will try it!

    Kenneth, Marcus, Artur,

    Thank you all for your comments. I hope to finish the complete vignette very soon.

    Marcus, I used for this particular figure the following Polycolor-Maimeri acrylic mixture for the undercoat: flesh + titanium white. It was made very pale because I wanted to depict my retiarius as of Germanic origin. The oils were a mixture of flesh + Naples yellow + brown madder (all W&N). Highlighting with gradually more and more titanium white added. Extra shading with pure brown madder.

    Best regards

  12. megroot A Fixture


    Het is weer prachtig. Zoals altijd doe je onwetend iets speciaals met de romeinen.
    Geweldig, Ik zie hem wel in het echt volgend jaar.

  13. Cicero New Member


    'k ben nu aan het voetstukje bezig. Hopelijk is het op het einde van de week af.



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