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Painting Large Scale Bust SBS

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Anders Heintz, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    As some people asked me to do another SBS on faces so I decided to do a little more indepth approach that will help the people who are just starting to use acrylics and hopefully even those who already are using them.

    The first step in this series are the painting of the eyes.

    The eyes are one of the most important parts of any miniature, the eyes can make or break a figure. A good set of eyes will draw the viewer in so spend some time to get good at painting eyes. There are several ways of doing this but this is the way I handle large scale eyes.

    First thing I do after priming the piece I apply a very light wash of a dark red color. This will frame the eyes in and give you some guidelines, it also adds a realistic tint to your eyeball and borders surrounding the eyes.


    The next step is to paint the whites, just to make them pop out a little more. The red wash will kind of tone the eye ball down a little bit and give it a reddish tint. (sorry for bad picture)


    Once the whites are painted it is time to paint the eyeball it self. I tend to paint all my eyes in blue, the reason for this is that it is such a great color to paint and it stands out from the flesh tones so it really pops out at the viewer. The first thing I do is place dots roughly where I want the eye to look, and then I paint couple of thin lines around this to kind of give you a rough guide. This was then filled in and adjusted as necessary. The first layer is a mix of Andrea (AN) Prussian Blue + AN Napoleonic Blue + a tad of Black.



    Once the dark areas of the eyes are finished we can move on to the fun parts! This is the stage where the eyes start to come to life. I mix up a still rather dark blue of AN Prussian Blue + AN Napoleonic Blue , but still lighter then the base and paint the iris again, making sure to leave a small edge of the dark blue.


    Once the first coat of the lighter blue is dry, another mix of the same colors is made, but this time more Napoleonic Blue is added. paint this inside the previous layer.


    The next thing to do is to add some more interest to the eyes, we do this by adding white to the previous mix, paint this inside the previous color, where the pupil will go, this will make the pupil really pop out at you, and also paint a small curved line on the lower part of the eyes.

    (sorry, forgot to take pic of this part)

    Now we add the pupils in pure Black, do this with a brush with a good point that will hold enough paint to get the job done. On these larger busts it is sometimes necessary to actually draw the pupil in, which can get really frustrating so keep some of the light blue mix handy to paint over if you are not satisfied with the pupil and try it again.


    When you are satisfied with the pupils paint some catch lights. A catch light is a pure white spot in either corner of the eye that represents the light source, and can really bring a dull eye out and make it look more life like.


    Now we are almost done with the eyes, just one thing left to do! Once we are at this stage I usually add some Johnson’s Future Clear Floor Wax (Called Klear in Europe I believe) , which is an acrylic medium to give it some shine. A couple coats of this is applied and voila! You have a set of eyes! Once the flesh is painted I usually add a dark line above the eyeball and a dark but still lighter then the one above under the eyeball.


    A close up of the left eye


    That's it for now folks, more to come soon, the second part will be the painting of the flesh.
  2. LCoote New Member

    Anders, great SBS mate, you didn't waste any time getting started with this one, look forward to seeing the whole process in pictures.
  3. y_wong New Member

    Dear Anders, thanks for the SBS. Very informative and good. Will be following this thread.

    regards :)
  4. megroot A Fixture

    Thank YOU Anders. Very good SBS, i needed one, now i'm waiting for the rest of the fleshcolors.

  5. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot Anders nice work on that sbs
  6. JP PRAJOUX Member

    Thank you for this very interesting SBS.
    The way you put your points of light is very interesting and effective. Congratulations
  7. Brad S Member


    Nice sbs, I like the clear explanation and the large photos. Looking forward to the flesh, as I also use acrylics.

    Brad Spelts
  8. Rob Brown Member

    Well done and thanks for the SBS. It will be a great help.
  9. Guy A Fixture

    Amazing sbs Anders.........Your eyes are super and look so real

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