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Painting horses

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by robbyk9, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. robbyk9 Active Member

  2. Bluesking Active Member

    Looks good to me Dick, very realisitc. One tip - watch TV horse racing for ideas on colours etc. Your horse makes the grade for me - well done.
  3. Wesley Pauwels Member

    For all you guys,

    It sounds maybe silly to you guys, but a horse that's dark brown from color (likt this one) has some light brown between his legs behind (If you look from behind) The inside of the legs are also lighter...
    A grey horse with white dots (I don't know how 'Schimmel' is called in english) is more darker grey in these erea's... If you want to paint a lot of these collored horses, you can make a difference between them by age. A younger one's darker... A middle aged one's in light grey and an older one becomes almost white... Then you have those with a brownish, blue and black shade...

    Also look real good at the nose and eyes... Those is mostly also darker or lighter then the fur on the body...

    If you have more questions bout this, I'm willing to give you the answers... I can even fotograph my two horses for example.

    I think this horse's really nice painted... I like it a lot when someone paint these animals...And certainly when it's well done...

    I see you didn't the eyes yet... Don't use to much white... You only see the white of the eye when a horse's scared... Use darkish brown/black...

    Keep us posted!!!

    My best regards,
  4. Buddha New Member

    The pictures are too blurred, I can't appreciate them. Must be my software. But one question - why paint the head and body seperately? You risk spoiling the paint job when you glue and fill and there seems to be nothing to be gained by seperate treatment in this case.
  5. megroot A Fixture

    Hello Dick,

    Well, Wesley say it. It is good. And as Brian asked, why you paint separately. I wish you good luck with the glueing without spoiling the paintjob :angry:
    When i had painting this i should use more shading and highlighting.
    Maybe it is the lightning, so bring him with you next thuesday.

  6. robbyk9 Active Member

    Hello Guys

    First of all I want to thank you guys for your reply and tips in this matter. Thanks Stephen for you tip about the racing horses. I have a nice calender wit horses for example but still its very difficult to paint a horse in the right colour. So I have a lot of experience to do with mixing.
    Also Thanks Wesley for your tips and reply. I think that I going to use a lilltle bit white in the eyes just as the painter did of Andrea because the horse-team is in a hurry to rush out of the battlefield when they attackt by Troops of Wellington. Maybe there scared of the noice and explosions.
    Brain en Marc thank you for your critic and reply. I try to explain why I did this. First my idea was to airbrush the horses but it didn't work very well. When I sometimes used the brush all the paint flowed out and the horse was a totaly mess.
    So the next idea was painting it with the brush. The head was already seperate, I find out that it didn.t matter because this horse (harnesses) have a Collar around his neck.
    When I place it on the neck you don't see anything about the glue, and filling is not necceray. Also my tought was that the Collar is more easy to paint. So that is why I have done this. But if you think its still not very smart to use this method please let me now.
    Greetings Dick :)
  7. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Dear Dick, glad to see you're still working on this project, I'm sure the result with be worth all the effort.
    Two things, at least if I'm any judge.

    I'd do all the horse together at once. Even if only not to ruin the paint job with glue afterwards. Also if it's all together you can see if the horse simply "looks right"

    As far as references go, I reckon that references of live horses only really go so far. I use pictures of existing figures. This is because there are some things which work in miniature and some that don't... but what do I know?

    enjoy it mate! ;)
  8. robbyk9 Active Member

    Hello Anthony

    Nice to hear from you. Thank you for the comment. I think you have at right. I hope I don't mess it already. I have a lot to learn. I will glue it tomorrow. It is going to be very scarry :( after this warnings of the members.
    I think you have a good point about seeing the total image of the horse when painted all the parts together.
    The next horse, if this one is finished, will be painted like as you guys say.
    I already tryed to paint the horse like wesley said (horse painted like a real horse)
    and I was not satisfy with the result. For example no white in the eyes it realy looks terrible. For the different shading it don't look very nice.
    I believe as you say YOU MUST PAINT A HORSE AS A MINIATURE thats the only way. Exactness is good but its a miniature world and it is fun to play with accurate
    and fantasy so the problem is to balance this diffucult matter. Are you agree with this.

    Greetings Dick ;)
  9. robbyk9 Active Member

  10. Stefano Borin New Member

    Actally I don't like this sculpting so much but your work of paiting is to good!!!
    I think that a good paynting needs absolutly a good figure too ;) .

    ciao Stefano :)
  11. robbyk9 Active Member

    Hi stefano

    Thanks for your compliment. About the sculpting it is not the best kit
    there is but this kit is giving me alot of pleasure to work on.
    Because of my first visit of Waterloo I decided to do figure painting. This kit
    was for me the first profesional kit I saw about the Napoleonic periode.
    Before I had only 1 kit of Airfix.
    So I want to finished it and do later something different. But again the sculpting
    is not the best there is. I hope to camouflage the sculpting to paint it with all I now about painting and a nice diorama.

    Greetings Dick :)

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