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Open Book Painting Buddha season 1 unboxing

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by saruxaxa, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    We see more of the contents and the opportunity of just figures and DVD's ...better IMO ...but hey there's chocolate as well .Yummy for my Tummy [IMG](y)

    Can we see a range of pics of the actual figures please and I wonder if they will be avaialable on their own ?

    Thanks for sharing

  2. The Maxican Member

    Cheers mates,

    The miniatures will not be sold separately. But if someone is interested he may have mine... ;)

    If you take a look at the official website you will get a quite good impression of what you get for your money. Also there is a very good unboxing (since you all enjoy unboxing so much :D) video online at Youtube: please click here.

    And here is also a version of both miniatures painted by the talented Julien Casses.

    To sum it up: First of all it is about DVDs, second it is about miniatures, and third (but only if you like to) it is about a little more than just DVDs and miniatures. It is not only straight hard facts but also this fancy modern community thing which all are talking about nowadays :ROFLMAO::hilarious: Btw, a certain percentage of all earnings is donated to charity.

    I do highly recommend this painting videos by Painting Buddha. It is a high quality, in its format quite innovative and highly comprehensive product. More DVDs will follow (Season 1.2 and 1.3 already for pre-order, focussing on basing) soon.

    The guys behind Painting Buddha also have a blog (click here). But it is quite confusing sometimes :joyful::confused: In particular if you don't wear a beard...

  3. badger Well-Known Member

    I am sure it will look good in a tiger 1?/badger
  4. sippog Active Member

    I bought the budget version of this - having no use for the extras. I don't particularly like the miniatures either but there is some point in including them because they're the same ones used in the tutorials. If you wanted to 'follow along' you have the option.

    What makes this set of tutorials different from many others out there (and the free ones on YouTube) is their comprehensivesness; you actually get to see the whole process instead of just edited highlights. The painters have slightly different approaches - one uses an airbrush, for instance - so you get an idea of different ways to tackle the same task. The camerawork is good for once, lots of fine close-up shots which you need at this scale, and a split screen view of the palette showing the mixing of colours.

    I would have preferred less packaging and maybe a download option (dvds have had their day as a distribution medium IMO ) but I have to admire the way it's presented. I also found Michael Bartels, the guy in charge, very helpful and friendly when I sent him a question on technique
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  5. badger Well-Known Member

    only kidding about the tiger 1, the whole idea of modelling is to see and do what takes your fancy, when I look at the packaging and presentation of Buddha, and the chocolate which made me laugh, a nice touch, it will be interesting to see the finished article. happy new year/badger

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