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"Paintathon" with WW2 German from Stormtroopers V12 range

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Nap, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to all on PF ,

    The invitation went out to get a group paint going using the 12th SS bust from Stormtroopers V12 range

    I did a Review of this recently:


    Title: 12th SS Officer WW2 6.jpg

    Reference: V12/05

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Resin

    No of pieces; 1

    Sculptor: Maurice Corry

    Box Art; Mark Bennett (............think I will give in now:) !!!!)

    Casting: Stuart Hale

    The following put their head above the safety of the trench and now are all getting prepared fro a start on or about the 3rd Feb

    The rogues gallery includes :
    pmfs 1.jpg
    Goetz 2.jpg
    Mark (Dollery) 3.jpg
    Sturm Grenadier 4.jpg

    Oh and of course yours truely : 5.jpg napoleonpeart (Nap)
    The rules of this little soiree ...there are none !!!!

    All are asked to post with relevant pictures and text plus anything else that may be of interest (references , any conversion work done etc)

    This is it in its untouched state: b.jpg

    and just to wet your appetite going here are some pictures for possible idea's (thanks Pedro) :
    h.jpg j.jpg k.jpg

    Lets get this going guys (personally I am dreading the face (the peak is in the way !!!) ....and I have already managed to knock the piping off the cap!!!:cry:

    Looking forward to seeing all updates .............. and any other members comments

    Most of all enjoy the modelling

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  2. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi folks!

    Lets get started.:)
    1st sorry for the quality of some photos.:(
    Bust already primed with a shoulder boards modification to creat a NCO instead a officer.
    At this moment the bust rests for the oil paint dry as quickly as possible to subsequently end up the eyes.
    Now will post some photos from what I do to him and saying that the technique (wet and wet) and pallete used is the same that I used for painting Joachim Peiper's that can see in my blog. HERE!!!
    This bust is a challenge, the face is very difficult to paint. Anyway worth the money and I think in the final will be a nice work.:oops:


    Attached Files:

  3. Nap Moderator

    Blimey Pedro ,

    I am still checking my references !!!!!!

    Great start for sure ... and a great blog

    Hope SG's has turned up from Red Lancer !!!!

    Let the kolinsky swirl

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  4. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Nice start Pedro,
    At the moment you a odds on to win in the unofficial betting.
    Kevin you are odds on to pull you finger out and get cracking very soon now.
    Good luck to everyone taking part and the French contingent will be looking on with interest live via the Satellite Link.
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  5. Nap Moderator

    Hi Keith ,

    You are not wrong about Pedro "winning" ..........still referencing and admiring Mark B's box art!!!!!

    French contingent looking on eh ...best get something going !!!!

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  6. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Tout suite as we say. With your Napoleon based handle they are all rooting for you.....pin badges, tee shirts, banners and so on....
    You had better do well Kevin, you are my banker:cautious:.
    Best of luck Mate,
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  7. pmfs A Fixture

    Guys, I am like a turtle, very slow painter.:D We all gonna win at the end and this will be great and I am very happy to take part of this initiative created by Nap.
    Nap and Keith, thank you for your comments. As I wrote previously this is a very dificult (for me) face to paint hope you guys dont have the problems I have with it.
    Hope to see your works soon.(y)

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  8. Mark Dollery Well-Known Member

    whoa, quick out of the blocks lads, o_O I better pull my finger out...Nice start by the way, Pedro...
    Mark D ;)
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  9. Sturm Grenadier Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone, As Nap has said, I've been waiting for this bust to arrive from Red Lancers. It is now at the Post office, and I will pick it up tomorrow morning. During the wait, I have been gathering my references, paint, and tools for the project. Since I haven't had the figure in my hands of yet, I'm still trying to decide how I will display it, but I have a few ideas. I am leaning towards making him a NCO instead of an Officer, and if I do, I'll use this cap as my reference for making the strap that was seen on the NCO's version of this headgear. 579532d1381176994t-interesting-waffen-ss-headgear-hg-41bss.jpg To Pedro: Great start to the face, I like it so far. Best of luck to everyone participating, and I hope others will join in, its still not to late. Regards, SG:);)(y)
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  10. faust18 Active Member

    Defo an nco , the buckle wouldnt work for me
  11. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys,

    This is (I think!!) the way I am going to go for a Luftwaffe NCO [IMG]or maybe this (middle) [IMG]...still looking !!!!

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  12. Mark Dollery Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys, didn't want to get left behind so burned some midnight oil to get to this stage. Working this bust along side my Tommy's War gun crew dio.
    I started by re-scribing the eyes & I still have all my fingers...no wait, one's missing...Oh, there it is, o_O
    BTW, Gunther will be wearing a rich 3 tone contrast cammo pattern in Italian style, overlaid with a green rubberized weatherproof coat with contrasting buttons & epaulettes.
    His headgear will comprise of a soft velvet Officers cap with matching adornments along with hair from Vidal Sassoon....
    here's the pics,
    001.JPG 004.JPG

    well, the trains rolling now,
  13. pmfs A Fixture

    SG, try making the strap with lead foil.
    Nap, Luftwaffe NCO, good idea!
    Mark, nice to know you dont cut your fingers. Nice start.

  14. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Some really great stuff,im enjoying this post already (y)
  15. Tommys War A Fixture

    Nice idea for a thread lads, I'm looking forward to watching this.
  16. Eludia A Fixture

    Watching this thread and the sculptathon thread with baited breath. PF has suddenly got very sporty over the last few days.

    Billy :D
  17. Sturm Grenadier Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone, I finally have received this bust from Chuck at Red Lancers, and it is fantastic:woot: The sculpting by Moz is first class, very crisp, and the detail is excellent and well defined. I like the flat light gray color of the resin, it already looks primed. The clean-up will be minimal, I'm highly impressed with this one Moz, and yes, would make an outstanding full figure, I like the open motorcycle coat, and it would look great as a complete figure in this scale. From the photos that Nap posted in his review, I thought that this bust was wearing a tunic under the coat, but it is a panzer overall, judging by the size of the pocket on the right side. I was wondering why Mark painted it in a plain tree pattern, instead of the pea dot version, now I know why. The painting instructions, also included with the kit, also refer to this as a overall. I was having some problems posting photos this morning, the upload a file tab was not on my posting section. I'ts back now, so I will post this reference photo that I plan to use for the camo overalls. After I prep the bust, and decide how I will display him, I will post my WIP photos with more references very soon. Regards, SG GUCSSPK-2.jpg
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  18. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Loving this thread Everyone!
    I would have enjoyed taking part and painting this again but I have way too much on at the moment :)

    As SG pointed out this fellow is wearing overalls. When I did the boxart Stu let me pick the
    pattern and I used Schiffers " Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen SS " ISBN0-88740-803-6

    I used the image on page 165 Which shows a pair of panzer combinations in plane tree
    no. 1/2 pattern, they also appear to be non reversable hence the pattern is repeated on the
    turned out front flaps. Our man also has a set of collar tabs added and replacement buttons :)

    Of note with the eyes on this piece.... I prefer to leave boxart stuff un modified and just went
    with what was there :)

    I shall follow along with interest!

  19. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys ,

    I am in shock after being dragged away from my modelling room ...to go shopping , finally got back about 2 hours ago after a bit of a sit down and work thought I would post some pictures of the way I am going ............
    (none of the WIP just the references...will post after detailing everything up ...prior to priming)

    It will be a Airborne NCO (hopefully) using this Osprey th.jpg and this plate as a main reference 9780850454802PE_th.jpg ...... in addition to many hours reading !!!...

    He will have the cloth cap badges on a Meyer cap ( still got to do the peak ...looking forward to that ..NOT!!!) ...and add a strap and air vents/neck cloth etc cap.jpg

    He currently has a ribbon in his buttonhole , together with a para qualification badge k1069.jpg .... these are outlines now drying on the bust ready for the details..

    Also cleaned off the epaulettes sculpting(sorry Stu!!!) ready for this rank : rank.jpg ...or something similar!!!!
    More tommorow

    Thanks for looking in everyone and all the comments

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  20. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi partners!:D

    My bust suffered an accident fall down from my work bench:mad: :( rework the flesh this afternoon and the result is not as i expect (n) but I have to follow the path.:(
    All the base colours applied and as you see this NCO is from an recce company of 12th SS in Ardennes Dec.44.
    The jacket will be painted with peadot camo.(y)
    Next week I will begin the work on the lights and shadows:love: and hope finish the camo pattern also.:playful: :p
    Next week I will inform the colours used.
    Hope you guys like more than I do.

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    • macro.jpg
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