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Only A Matter Of Time

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by yeo_64, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. yeo_64 Active Member

    Hi guys Well,I finally finished the 2 Mohawks that I started a few days ago.Your comments please Thanks in advance. Kenneth.


    Used 2-part epoxy putty to add things like ear-rings,nose rings,blanket,pouches,leggings,mocassins.Modified the rifle from an existing kit that I had lying around.




  2. megroot A Fixture

    for me it is incredible that you can make such beautiful figures. I just buy them, for know it is good for me. If i reach this level of you, i schall buy no more figures.
    This is a marvelous job.
  3. quang Active Member


    The poses are so natural and effortless that I'd be tempted to say that you got the 'knack'. (y)

    I cannot see it too well on the pics but are there fringes on the leggings and shirt sleeves?

    Be careful because fringes were rather scarce in that region and period.


  4. yeo_64 Active Member

    Hi Marc and Quang :lol: Thank you very much for the encouraging comments;I really appreciate it To answer your question,Quang,no,the shirt sleeves do not have any fringes on them.The leggings,however,has a sort of fringe-like design to them,as seen in the painting and from my references(Osprey-Man-At-Arms:American Woodland Indians,and photos and pictures sent to me by Gary to help me in this project.)So sorry for the poor pictures ,I'll try to get better ones for my next update.Thank you once again,guys.Cheers !
  5. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Kenneth!

    They are really looking good buddy! How are you planning on proceeding with the groundwork?
  6. Jason W. Active Member

    Looking GREAT Ken!!! Can't wait to see some paint on them. Are you using acrylics on these as well? If so, please share with us your color choices for the skin tones.

  7. JCOX Active Member

    Fantastic job Kenneth! (y) It's coming along great. Keep us posted as you go.

    -jim cox
  8. Alan Guest

  9. gordy Well-Known Member

    looking great Ken (y)

    Alan is right on the money, most putties have an "al dente" (soft but firm) working window..

    with milliput, it is the moment that a fingerprint wont show but you can still bend and conform it..
  10. Alan Guest

  11. yeo_64 Active Member

    Thank you very much everyone for your kind comments,I really appreciate them Alan and Gordy,your feedback is always welcome.Thanks! One question for Alan:should I thicken the figures blankets then,since they seem a little thin,or just take it that they couldn't afford thicker stuff ?
    Jason,yes,it'll be acrylics again(I'm trying to get used to the stuff !)for my colours.I hoping to try out some of the great combinations which I just read about in Historical Miniatures magazine(I'm a newbie to the mag-I didn't realise it was that GREAT ) Wish me luck !
    Anders,I'm hoping to do a sort of forced perspective type of groundwork,ala Quang's suggestion to Joe Hudson for his Sherlock Holmes vignette. That's because I intend to make the clock the focus of the whole scene.What do you think ?
    Once again,thanks for all the encouragement,guys.Will post more soon.Cheers !
  12. Alan Guest

  13. yeo_64 Active Member

    Hi Alan :lol: Thank you so very much for replying to my question ! To be honest,I thought the thread was already "dead",considering the lack of new postings here. In fact,you got to me just in time,I was just about to start on the flesh areas of the 2 figures Thanks for the tip,Alan;I've already "bulked up" the areas that you'd mentioned and,yes,they do look alot better now.Will start painting the figures later on in the night(doing the clock now) and will post some progress shots soon.Thanks,once again,and cheers !
    Best Regards,

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