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"One way ticket"

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Marijn Van Gils, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. jjgurk Member

    You've done it again Marijn! What a superb little masterpiece in the making. Your work is truly inspirational.

  2. Ray Active Member

    You must be one of the most prolific users of Hornet heads anywhere on the Planet. It isn't just the excellence, and imagination of your work that impresses me, but also that you are able to create new pieces so regularly. I'm inspired to do more one-offs myself, and only want for the time and confidence for the effort (not counting imagination and skill). :(

    Another wonderful piece, thanks for sharing.

  3. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Simple yet effective. Another inspired piece Mr. Van Gils!

    Jay H.
  4. Roc Active Member

    Beautiful work, I like it a lot, my compliments.

    Keep up the good work.

    Roc. :)
  5. Ernest A Fixture

    Amazing work, hope to see more of this one soon :)
  6. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Pretty nice workMarijn. I think that your inspiration is the booster to your modellers skills for these nice results . Bravo
  7. MAB Well-Known Member

  8. ArturM Well-Known Member

    Great work! :eek:

  9. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Wow, what a response! No John, I'm not used it yet. :lol: But it certainly is appreciated! Thanks a lot everybody!

    Yep, Per Olav, sticking to my plan(ning) is something I picked up when doing those big dios, as I could have never have finished any of those without a lot of discipline and planning. It helps keeping focussed with figures also though! :)

    Pascal and Johan: thanks a lot for your commen about the hairline. It is not too conspicious in reality (because the head is small), but it was also bugging me on the enlarged photo. Your comment might give me the push to try and improve it still a bit, and if not: at least on the next one. Thanks!

    Thanks Gary! Yes, these railcars (also the civilian types) were often covered in grafitti with slogans, showing the overconfident atmosphere of the moment ("zum presschiesen nach paris", auf wiedersehen auf dem boulevard", ...). This should give good emhasise to the story, and it is of course the reason why I kept the wagon quite long under the figures.
    The grafitti should also give nice contrastsin colour: the railcar will ba a dark redbrown, the shirts of the soldiers are white, as will the graffitti be.

    Thanks Mike! I strongly believe that "keeping it simple" is very important in vignette composition. This one is maybe a quite extreme example...
    Please don't expect too much from the next projects, as this will make be bound to disappoint you sooner or later! :lol:

    Thanks Ivan! Looking forward to that chat! I'm not very knowledgable about WW1 germany though, as I usually do the detailed research only project by project in function of my modelling.

    Thanks Ray! Yes, those Hornet heads are great, aren't they? Sometimes I need to modify a part to get the expression I want, but rarely too drastic.
    Don't worry about imagination and skill, as both will come in time. But time and self-confidence is something you will have to work on yourself... Just start with a simple project that can be completed in a short amount of time, and I'm sure your selfconfidence will grow as you find it is not that hard to do!

    Thanks a lot again, everybody!
    Best wishes,

  10. Yarok New Member

    Hey Marijn,

    Another sweet project!

    About the "Eddie Murphy hair", maybe a longer haircut could suggest a moving car? Or do you plan to have it static?


  11. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Marijn, There's nothing wrong with doing a stock figure or scratchbuilt figure that does not have some creative concept behind it. You do quality work and that alone makes each piece worth seeing. Concepts like the railcar are just a little something "extra".~Gary
  12. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Thanks for the idea Patrick!
    I plan to have it static though, and longer hairs would involve some resculpting, which I would rather avoid. I will just try to make it a little more irregular with paint, and keep it better in mind for the next one. Thanks!

    Gary, you are absolutely right! Myself, I always enjoy projects with that "little extra something" the most, but it doesn't always need to be so obvious. As for other people: everybody models the way he/she wants!
    I think that is the only really important thingin our hobby anyway: model what and the way you want, not what you think others expect you to. It sounds so obvious (and cheesy, I know...), but I rarely see people around me really doing this...

    Best wishes!

  13. yeo_64 Active Member

    REALLY COOL concept, Marijn (y) (y) !!!! I'll be looking forward to the next step in the project. Cheers !
    Kenneth :) .
  14. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Marijn, you are quickly joining the greats in our hobby (or in your case, art form). Your work always amazes me. This is, as with many of your other pieces, a simple, but dramatic piece that is also a masterpiece of composition. Your last two pieces have really inspired me to work on the composition of a piece that I have had on the drawing board for a couple of years. Thank you for the inspiration
  15. Edward A Fixture

    This is looking great Marijn - I love the concept. I'm always excited to see your next project on here - your models are so original and imaginative. And your painting is awesome too! Can't wait to see it finished.

  16. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Thanks guys!

    Since we are in fact making small three-dimensional IMAGES, I feel that composition is everything. One cannot create a strong image without a solid composition. So I'm really glad my work cold inspire you! :)
    Don't forget to post that project when you get started on it! :lol:

    Best wishes!

  17. Djoubri M Well-Known Member

    Bravo Marijn .
    Un travail toujours impécable et magnifique.
    ( ce fut un plasir de te rencontrer à montrouge)

    Encore bravo.
  18. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Marvelous stuff, Marijn! A great little vignette with a lot to say!

    Some of those early WWI photos can lodge in the imagination and you can carry them around in your head for days. At least that's what happens with me. I can think of two in particular and I bet you know them both -

    (1) The marching group of French soldiers in Paris and a lovely mademoiselle is marching along with them. The man on the end of the marching file holds hands with her and is smiling broadly in her direction. The next man in on the same file is looking her direction, maybe with longing, maybe with envy for the soldier on the end of the file?

    (2) The group of eight or nine happy Austro-Hungarian soldiers in a box car (similar to your piece) headed to Serbia - all trying to get into the picture, waving and smiling and laughing and gesturing to the cameraman.

    We forget that they believed the war would be over quickly and how eager they were to have a "break" in lives they thought monotonous. 1914 - they were very different people than us 21st century types.

    All the best,
  19. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Merci Djoubrim! C'était un plaisir pour moi aussi!

    Thanks Dan!
    That is exactly what I wanted to show with this vignette! of course know the pics you mentioned. They would make great scenes also, but I picked the least labour-intensive now. I'm just lazy... :lol:
    In fact, the basic composition came from a photograph in which also 7 or so soldiers are posing in the open door of a boxcar. These guys were just a small element in the corner of that pic, but somehow they grabbed my attention.
    Congrats on the cavalry-sculpt by the way!

    best wishes!

  20. tefaet Active Member

    Hi Marijn all your works are surprise and innovation,excelent work.

    Best wishes.Jose Luis

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