"One-way ticket" finished!

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Marijn Van Gils, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. ARMAGEDON New Member

    An original idea and a magnificent work.

    I have liked much Marijn.

    Warm greetings from Spain...
  2. Ernest A Fixture

    :eek: :eek: no comments
  3. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Marijn, the weathering on the train car is really nice. The rust and chipped paint on the metal braces going down the sides is fantastic! Nice piece of work!

    Jay H.

    Hey Marijn, I had one thought about this piece. I hope I don't upset the ballance in any way here. When I see the over-all piece on the base, and I notice the way it is monted toward the back of the base, it feels like there should be something else there to the front. For me at least. The way it drops down and has that empty space, it feels to me like I'm waiting for something to fill that space. Lookers-on, the tracks or gravel (that stuff would be much lower I know, but you get my meaning I hope). You know, it feels a bit empty without something else there to fill the space. My gut tells me the piece should be moved to the front of the base to both help emphasize the figures and their gestures obviously directed past the viewer and off the front of the scene. And I also think it would help to exagerate the fact that they are hanging out the window and give them a better sense of being "higher" up in the car than the people on the train station deck looking up at them. I hope that makes sense! I don't mean to take away from this great run of comments, just a thought I had. Thanks for putting up with my nonsense!
  4. yeo_64 Active Member

    AWESOME WORK, Marijn (y) (y) (y) !!!! Another Gold (and possibly BOS ?) at Euromilitarie later this year !!! WELL DONE , my friend ! Cheers !
  5. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    So much art in so little space !! Pretty well done my friend !!!It has a feeling definately
  6. Christos Well-Known Member

    Looks perfect,sculping,painting,
    Beautiful and unique!
  7. mertenspeter Member


    You told me abouth the idea behind this vignette at the AMSS contest earlier this year, now that it is finshed i must say that it turnd out as a masterpiece.

    (y) Peter
  8. Milorg Member


    Nuff said :)

    Per Olav
  9. Stefano Borin New Member

    There are not words for this kind of work.
    simply beautiful, beautiful, ..., beautiful...!!!

    ciao Stefano
  10. Angaliel A Fixture

    Hi Marjin,

    another beautifull piece :)

    But as says Hay J, I also feel that something is missing.
    First of all It looks for me more like if the two guys are more in a room box than a train.
    Maybe the wheels and tracks could have done a better understanding of the vignette. Or maybe one of the guy standing through the train's door and still waiving.

    I know that comments are easier than doing a real master piece like you did.

    Keep on doing your good work and continue to surprise us ;)

  11. btavis Active Member

    Marjin, you continue to amaze me with your little stories and the manner in which you render them. You manage to pack so much feelings into your pieces and the figures themselves have so much real character. I absolutely am a big, big fan of your work and I look forward to more of the wonderful things you will undoubtedly come up with in the future.
  12. Arminous Member


    This is beautiful!Please work for a company(it could be your own company,not of importance,I'd just love to find these artworks of yours copied!)

  13. GARD9 Member

    Wow, Marijn this is a marvel.
    Like Kostas said (sort of), You have got to make your stuff available commercially.
    You Rock!
  14. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Marijn

    You are just too damn good at this, that is a beautifull piece of work

    Just Amazing

  15. YongA01 Active Member

    You creative idea always go beyond imagination...really like your work. Hope to see it in flesh one day

    Allan Yong
  16. vergilius New Member

    Even more beautiful words ; It's a worthy Rodin.
  17. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Thanks a million for all the nice words guys!

    Yes George, I use Humbroll Enamels. The base of the face is a quite dark mix of flesh 61, wine 73, natural wood 110 and a dab of black 33. Highlighting is done by adding flesh 61 untill it is pure flesh 61, then adding white 34. Shading is done with natura wood, wine and black, going darker untill pure black.
    The base of the shirts is a warm grey, mixed from white 34, natural wood 110 and black 34, highlighting with more white, shading with more black.

    Thanks Jay and Jean-Paul! You are right that presentation and making it recognisable as being a railcar is a little problematic. First of all, railcars are not that obvious a subject as a fence or a wall, so cutting it of can confuse the viewer. The obvious solution would be to include a wheel, but this is indeed much lower, in fact so much it would almost double the height, which would be a silly sigth dimension-wise and detract from the figures. So I had to keep the volume small (to focus on the figurines), and cut it anyway...
    So I decided to give the sides, back and undercut at the front the same texture and colour as the plinth of the base, and leave the top of the base plain wood, to suggest it is "floating". I placed it to the back for visual balance. It might not be noticable on the pics, but the figures are hanging out of te window to the front quite a bit, and placing everything more forward looked really akward to me. The empty wooden space in front serves to show that it is in fact cut-of and is merely on a fancy base for dislay.
    Anyway, just my way to try and solve the problem, but indeed far from perfect... Thanks for the ideas!

    About the coppying: I don't like sculpting for masters so much, as it would double the time I need for sculpting a figure, and at the same time limit the possibilities. So I prefer to keep modelling purely a leisure-time hobby, so Ican be completely free! :lol:

    Thanks again everybody and best wishes!

  18. slaj Well-Known Member

    Hi Marijn, can't really add anything else to what's been said. Can't wait to see it in person

    Stephen Mallia
  19. quang Active Member

    The mark of a true artist: to make it so simple and yet so poignant.

    (y) (y) (y)

  20. seo Active Member

    Very very beautiful !!!!!!!!!
    I love your work!!

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