History One of the Cruellest Days in History!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Martin Rohmann, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    On July 29, 1014, one of the cruellest incidents that history has to offer!

    On this day there is a Bulgarian army of 14,000 warriors, led by Tsar Samuil of Bulgaria (first picture on an icon, second picture: forensic court reconstruction) ...




    ... in the valley of Kleidion...


    ... near today's city of Petritsch (Bulgaria) to a far superior Byzantine armed force (20,000 men) which Emperor Basileios II personally leads (first picture: painting, second picture: historical coin) ...




    ... stands opposite.

    The Byzantines are on a looting campaign!

    In 1005 they extended their rule to today's Greece - Thessaly and Macedonia - and since then they have invaded Bulgaria annually and rob everything that is of value to them, women, gold, money, other valuables, cattle and food .

    Everything that is of no value to them (old people for example) kill or set them on fire!

    Also a way for Basileios II to pay his army ...

    The Bulgarians know that they are inferior, but they face the Byzantines with the courage to despair to protect their wives, daughters, parents and possessions ...:


    Behind the valley of Kleidion, where the Bulgarians await their enemies, there is the Kleidion pass, the only passable path for larger troops in this area into the Bulgarian interior of the country...:


    The warriors clash in the late morning - and the Byzantines win the battle with ease...:


    A detachment under the command of the "Strategos" and close friend of the Byzantine emperor, Nikephoros Xiphias ...


    ... made it elsewhere unnoticed over the mountains - and attacks the Bulgarians from behind at the height of the battle ...:


    Nikephoros Xiphias dies in fight!

    Emperor Basileus II fell around 11,000 Bulgarians - including Tsar Samuil - into his hands!


    Be it to avenge the death of his "strategos" and friend, or to punish the Bulgarians for "insubordination", to have stood in the way of his army, the Byzantine orders the following:

    The 11,000 Bulgarian prisoners are divided into groups of 100 men each. 99 of them are completely blinded with glowing irons, the hundreds are only pricked out so that they can lead the others home!

    The following picture shows convicted Bulgarians begging the Bytanthin ruler for their eyesight - in vain!


    The Byzantines force the Bulgarian tsar to watch his entire surviving following be cruelly blinded!

    At some point, his own body protects him from continuing to witness the mutilation:

    He has a stroke and falls dead to the ground.

    The following historical illustration shows the battle at the top and the dying Tsar in front of his soldiers, who are currently being blinded ...:


    Next picture nhows the misery train on their way home ...:


    At the place where this indescribable cruelty occurred, there is a memorial today ...:

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Thanks Martin

    As you say a cruel day

    Very interesting to read as always

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  3. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Unbelievable. Thanks again Martin(y)
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