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On to the weapon

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by LCoote, May 18, 2004.

  1. LCoote New Member

    Hey guys,

    I've made a start on the G43 rifle the figure will be carrying, I need this to position the hands and arms. Dragon do one of these in 1/16 scale but it's pretty basic in details. I had the basic dimmensions and found some excellent detail pictures of this weapon here http://feldbluse.ld.infoseek.co.jp/a-000g.html


    and also made a start on the mess tin
  2. JP PRAJOUX Member

    Hello leigh,
    I'm impressed by the precision of the sculpting. I myself really don't like sculpting "geometrics" things like these. I look forward to see the next steps.
    One question : how do you manage to glue (?) the copper wire on the putty ?
  3. Pete_H New Member

    Looking good, Leigh. Looking good. I may have a 1/16 G43 laying around here (Verlinden) in case you're interested - I owe you anyway, remember? ;)
  4. LCoote New Member

    Jean-Philippe, Thanks! actually I only use super glue for gluing the wire, it's a reasonably good bond but can be peel off if you're rough with it.

    Pete, now you tell me :) but seriously, I'll finish this one, I've done the hard bit now anyway, besides I don't agree with commercial sculpters using someone else's accessories without permission, I could have simply used commercialy available equipment throughout. In any case this presents me with another challenge which is what it's all about, right?
  5. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Leigh, Great job on the rifle. Tell me the stock is NOT made from putty. If so, could you provide a little background on how it was made? This figure is going to be quite a piece once it's done.~Gary
  6. LCoote New Member

    Thanks Gary! No the stock isn't made from putty, I carved it from plastic, much the same way you do I guess.
    I hope it will be worth it in the end, I haven't tackled a figure in this scale before and there's quite a bit of work when you take into account the scratchbuilding of equipment, weapons, etc to go along with it, as you know from your own pieces like the recent Marine.
  7. y_wong New Member

    Dear Leigh, looking forward to the completion of the rifle. I should be starting on my ACW musket soon. Hopefully I can pick up some tips regarding rifle sculpting from your post and Gary's.

    regards :lol:
  8. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Leigh, Regardless of material that stock looks spot on. I know too well how time consuming such a project can be when all of the equipment is also scratchbuilt. Look on the bright side, you'll have it all done when you do your next 120mm German.~Gary

  9. Pete_H New Member

    Buddy, perhaps I haven't read all the postings, but I had no idea this was going to be for production. Sorry ;) Now it makes sense why you're being so meticulous in "how" you do your work.

  10. Manfred Active Member

    That rifle shape looks absolutely exact and the messtin too !

    I have the messtin of my grandpa mothers side. Sadly it`s just the lower can. The rest is lost.

    However it's the later olive painted one, if you might need a pic, let me know :)
  11. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    Really nice work. I really admire you guys that do all the extra's. (y) I look forward to seeing more of this figure.


    PS I still really,really want to see some of those 54's! ;)
  12. LCoote New Member

    Joe, Manfred, Thanks, I've now finished carving the stock, I'll get a couple of pictures later.

    Actually Manfred, I was after the dimensions for the messtin a while back and ended up finding them on the same Japanese site with the info on the rifle.

    Joe, Ahhh, those 54's, they just seem so small now :lol:

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