"On the watchout for Von Lettow-Vorbeck"

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Marijn Van Gils, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Amazing work, and the nice is that u make it look so simple !!!! Wish to see u close in AThens my friend
  2. John Long Active Member


    A perfect example of a well executed vignette. I especially appreciated seeing the small sbs of the repairs you had to make.
  3. jjgurk Member

    Marijn, Your vignettes are truly inspirational. What you manage to accomplish in such small, yet unique settings is artistry at its finest. Your SBS has been of great help to me.

  4. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Thanks a lot guys!

    Yes John, no matter how well plans their work or how experienced someone is, there will always be setbacks... As long as we don't let it bring us down and we remember that anthing man-made can be repaired, it is not really a problem, and maybe even part of the fun! ;)

    Thanks Thanos and Costas! I'm very sorry, but I don't think I will make it to Athens next year as I already have three international shows on my program and Athens is a long way (needing more hollidays...). :(
    I hope I can make it next year, as it would be a great opportunity to visit Greece for the first time for me, and judging by the showreports it should be a great show!

    Best wishes!

  5. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Marvelous stuff, Marijn! I'm glad to hear someone else has minor disasters to overcome! :)

    All the best,
  6. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Thanks Dan!
    Are you kidding btw?! I have them all the time! :lol:

    I finished the groundwork and thus this scene yesterdaynight. Well, I still have to add a couple of layers of varnish into the bucket to finish the "water", and get a nameplate, but it feels finished to me. :) That is, if nobody has some ideas or suggustions for additions or corrections. So: all comments and criticisms are welcome!

    Best wishes,






  7. Milorg Member

    Congratulation Marijn on another beautiful vignette.

    The most original subject this year!

    Whats up next? more WW1? (I hope :lol: )

    All the best

    Per Olav
  8. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Thanks Per Olav!

    Yep, more WW1! And even another congolese askari...

    The "Force Publique" also had cyclistes (bicycle troops), which I find a very interesting contrast: the new "western technology" of the bicycle oposed to the rough conditions of the east-african bush.

    Therefor, I want the bicycle to be shown as completely useless, even a burden, in those circumstances. So the askari is carring it on his shoulder, as he is descending a slope.

    I want to give him a more tired and weary look to emphasise the conditions, as opposed to this scene where I wanted to portray the strength, pride and sence of humour of these black soldiers.

    Do you have an idea already for your next one?

  9. yeo_64 Active Member

    BRAVO,Marijn,BRAVO for a job WELL DONE (y) (y) (y) !!! I especially like the "dusty" look of the 2 troopers;it sets the location of the scene PERFECTLY !! Cheers !
  10. ArturM Well-Known Member

    AMAZING! :eek: What can I say more... Realy great work, Marijn.

    Best regards
  11. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    what can I say that hasen't already been said! Another stunning piece of work. I do want to ask, I love the scrub-brush on the deck. How or where did you get that. Very convincing little addition! Always a pleasure seeing your work. I only wish I could see it some day in person. Probably even more awe-inspiring. Keep up the good work,

    Jay H.
  12. Joe Hudson Active Member


    What can I say except, WOW! I am really impressed with the work that you do and I really enjoy the sbs that you have done and eagerly await the next figure. Your whole scene is just spot on. I look forward to the day I can see your work in person. I wish you all the best.

    Joe :)
  13. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Thanks a lot guys!

    The dust is indeed very important for the setting, but it has the added bonus of giving more contrast and thus life to the dark clothes. It takes some care and work to do, but it is really fun.

    Jay, the brush is very easy to make. I just took an old paintbrush (a syntethic flat one of whih the metal part is in one piece), cut of the hairs to the apropriate lenght and cut of the handle and most of the metal piece with a slitting disc in a dremel. This cut was cleaned up a little, and the surface filled ad heigthened a little to a slightly "dome"-shape with superglue and baking powder, which was sanded after drying. That's it: about 20 minutes work!

    Best wishes,

  14. rej Well-Known Member

    Well Marijn, I had to look this one out before posting my 1week project :(


    Take Care,

    Ray ;)
  15. Pepe Gallardo Member

    Another original idea!!!
    ... and very good realisation.

    Oh men, believe me, I like your works, congratulations.

  16. y_wong New Member

    Dear Marijn,

    What can I say that others have not! Great piece of work: subject, sculpting, pose and painting.

    I am glad to have come across this thread. Almost miss it.

    regards :lol:
  17. Ernest A Fixture

    Hello Marjin you are doing a great job, my only criticism is that I see to much dust over the figures, looks like they are over a desert or something, maybe you want to do that effect, but thats my personal opinion ;) keep the good work
  18. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Thanks a lot for the comments guys!!!

    Ernesto, they are indeed almost in a desert: the very very dusty environment of the east-african bush. I wanted to portray this, and also the very primitive combat conditions and lack of supplies, also uniform supplies. Those blue clothes for example are at least 1,5 yeas old, as they were slowly replaced by kakhi from 1914 onwards, and photo's show them to have been worn untill the end of the war.
    Next to that, the dust helps to get some more contrast and thus life into the dark blue clothes.

    Thank again!


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