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on the firing line PART 2

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jason W., May 17, 2004.

  1. Jason W. Active Member

    Hi guy's!

    Breaking out the brushes...Here's figure number one complete.

    I'm experimenting with weathering using acrylics. NOT EASY! It's difficult, but not impossible. I just needed to use very dilluted and controlled paint. with ratio's of 1 part paint to 8 or more parts water, no matter what the color.
    My main color for weathering is Vallejo's sunny skintone with a mix of beige brown and final highlight of sunny skintone. I also included some black/grey's for stains and such.
    The groundwork is hemp rope glued in place then painted with greens and yellows, to give that late summer field grass look.
    Thanks for looking!
  2. Guy A Fixture

    He looks super Jason......You have done an excellent job with him and I have enjoyed following your work. I have one painting observation tho....The right turnback in front is weathered beautifully. But there is no corresponding weathering where the turnback hits the red trousers. Love your work (y)
  3. btavis Active Member

    Jason, I love the look on his face. Kind of an arrogant leering. All in all it is looking superb.
  4. Jason W. Active Member

    Your right Guy. Weathering is a tough thing, so much make it look convincing.

    Another thing I noticed is the button on his jacket below the belt isn't painted...How in the heck did I miss that!!! :lol:

    Thanks Bob!
  5. Guy A Fixture

    The very reason I like to have other people look at a figure after "I" think its finished. Its the little things we don't see because we have been looking at it for so long. Weathering is not easy and I have been practicing weathering for years. I always felt it was un-realistic to see a soldier or warrior in the heat of battle in a spotlessly clean uniform. (y)
  6. RobH Active Member


    Absolutely superb!

    Weathering looks good too - only comment would be that I'd expect some dirt in the creases (left leg.......the weathering stops abruptly at the top of the crease)

    looking forward to the other two

  7. KeithP Active Member


    Looks sharp!

    For weathering with acrylics, I have taken to adding the water first in a rather general area and THEN adding the diluted Val flat brown or flat earth to those already wetted areas. Sorry no pics yet as I am still in process. But, this seem to give me a bit better control of the flow. Saw it in issue #7 of Fig Int'l.

    Also, I have MIG pigments on order :)

  8. Jason W. Active Member

    Thanks for the observations fella's. This really helps!

    Good tip Keith, I'll have to try that (y)
  9. Grizzly Member

    Great work!! interesting subject,wish there was more Franco Prussian figures for us who dont sculpt. ;)
  10. slaj Well-Known Member

    Jason , it looks great.

    Stephen Mallia
  11. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    Jason,my friend,AWESOME WORK as always (y) (y) (y) !!! Weathering can be hell sometimes;but with all the great guys here on the "planet" to help each other out,it is not impossible to achieve ! Looking forward to the next installment in your project.Cheers !
  12. Johan Well-Known Member

    Well ... you always make my day, Jason ;) . And I'd also like to point out that somehow you succeeded in painting a very "French" look on that figure's face - amazing.
    Excellent work! (y)
  13. Pete_H New Member

    Looking good, Jason. Was the figure - before weathering - painted in oils, acrylics, or enamels?
  14. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Jason,friggin awesome man (y) (y) . I like the way the figure is painted and I love the way you did the sculpting. Heck, the composition is just as good. I really can't see anything lacking in your vignette/diorama. One question, how long do I have to wait to see the rest?

    Jim Patrick
  15. olly_usafsoc New Member

    Excellent work Jason!!! :eek: :lol: :) . Keep us posted!
  16. Kreston Active Member

    Jason, nice start on the weathering. Remember, the weathering effects would be stronger on the lower portions of the figure and taper off further up the torso. The white gaiters should be more distressed than other parts of the uniform. Also, the blanket roll on the knapsack (is it a blanket or a shelter half?) would show the effects of being on the ground every night. Great to see you tackling the weathering!

    Kreston Peckham
  17. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Jason, Very very nice. The weathering looks really good. After seeing your stuff in person I'm sure it's as good as the rest if not better. Keep it up my friend.~Gary (y)
  18. LCoote New Member

    Excellent Jason! I agree the weathering needs a little more but the face is superb and definately looks French (y)
  19. Jason W. Active Member

    Thanks Guy's!

    Pete, the figure is all acrylics.

    Jim, figure number two is primed and ready to go. I hope to finish this project by early June.

    Kreston, your right about his shelter half being too clean. When painting whites I seem to think If I paint them various shades of grey it will compensate for the weathering. Not true when looking at it on screen. There is some definite lack of "wear". Weathering a 1/35ish scale figure and make it look convincing, is tougher than I thought. I really appreciate your insite.
  20. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    Your work is jumping by large strides with each new figure! Great work! Can you tell us your mixture for the blue coat?


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