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Old Maori Warrior/ late 1800s

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by John Belcher, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. John Belcher A Fixture

    Hi Guys,I have finished sculpting my Maori Warrior.I have portrayed him as an old Warrior dressed in European clothing of the late 1800s.When painted he will have a full face (Moko) which is tatoo and he is wearing green stone earings and neckless.His walking stick will have maori carving on it.The idea of portraying the maori Warrior this way is to try and achieve the look on his face of looking out across his land and remembering his youthful days as a young Warrior.I hope to have him painted over the next four weeks as I am wanting to enter him in the New Zealand I.P.M.S Nationals in October.Hope you like him so far.Kind regards John :)
  2. Roy New Member

    Hi John, He looks superb, you've managed a very subtle result on his clothes, nice work with getting the MS nice and smooth, they look great...but that lovely old face is just something else, remembering the photo you posted before..you've captured him so well.
    Best of luck at the show, I know you're gonna get a lot out of painting him..he's a real old character. Can't wait to see the painting of the facial tattoo, those green stone earrings will look excellent in contrast..

    Beautiful work John.

  3. Bluesking Active Member

    Full of character - a marvellous job. I look forward to see him when painted.
  4. quang Active Member

    Hello John,

    It's a really good idea to represent the Chief in European clothing as it emphathizes the 'Maori-ness' of the subject even more especially with the full moko on his face.

    Missing are the two huia feathers in his hair and the tiki at his neck but perhaps are you keeping them for the final touch? ;)

    In any case, this is a strong, forceful, character-filled sculpt.

    (y) (y)

    Quang (with his virtual hat off)
  5. Dan Morton A Fixture

    John - Wow! Your other postings have always attracted my attention and interest and I always thought your sculpting skills were excellent, but this old Maori - he's on a different level, man! Just marvelous. The face is superb! :)

    What scale is this? Other than the Duro necklace, did you Magicsculpt by itself or a mix?

    All the best,
  6. Roc Active Member

    John, very nicely sculpted, looking forward to seeing it painted.

    Keep up the good work.

    Roc. :)
  7. callum Member

    Hi John,

    Excellent work, good luck getting it finished for October.

    Regards Callum.
  8. slaj Well-Known Member

    John excellent sculpt. The face is ...well, Maori :lol: .Good luck for the show

    Stephen Mallia
  9. PHIL WALDEN Member

    JOHN,old son,you,ve done your self proud mate, In my opinon he will have more impact than Sir Ed.and I liked him very much....John who,s Moko are you going to use, would you have time to sculpt a Kaitaka cloak over his shoulders, that would as we know would give him big Mana, I realise that you would like to have him ready for the Nationals, but for the sake of a show,its only my thoughts but I feel hes that good you,ve got to take him all the way 100%.. Sorry brother, but you know me, thats how I see him.......still love him as he is......

    good stuff brother Phil......
  10. Guy A Fixture

    Beautiful work John..........full of character.
  11. John Belcher A Fixture

    Thanks Guys for the compliments on my Maori Warrior.
    Dan,glad you like the Maori.The Magic sculpt is just straight Magic Sculpt know other mix and the the figure is 120mm.
    Phil,thanks mate for you compliments,glad you like him mate.I like your suggestion on the flax cloak.I know what you mean. Going to make a rough cloak tonignt to see if I can get it looking right.Will post a picture of what it looks like.
    Quang.glad you like him.I was'nt going to put the feathers in his hair but I am going to have him with a Tiki round his neck.
    Roy,glad you like the Maori mate,thanks again for your tips on how you get a nice smooth wax like finish to magic sculpt.I used them on this sculpt.I also had an idea of using some Jo Sonja's acrylic retarder.I used a 50/50 mix water and retarder.the retarder softens the water and flows really nice.
    Kind regards John ;)
  12. garyjd Well-Known Member

    John, Great job on the Maori. The face is dynamite and I really like the loose hang of the clothing. It'll be interesting to see him painted.~Gary
  13. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    I must have been off daydreaming or something :eek: , sorry to have missed this one. Really nice face on the old guy, I look forward to seeing your paint job now.

  14. rej Well-Known Member

    Hi John, Great sculpt mate.......

    Waiting for the paint brush to commence ;)


    Ray :)
  15. nagashino New Member

    Hi John

    I must've been on walkabout 'cos I've only just tuned into this one. He is absolutely first class - so believable. Like Ray, I'm waiting for the paint job (having seen your other stuff I KNOW it'll be good!)

    Thanks for posting, and best of luck at the Nationals!

    Phil (y)
  16. GARD9 Member

    Hello John,
    This is great. Great subject. Great sculpt. I too can't wait to see him painted.
    Such character! I can see him telling sailing stories right now.
    Two thumbs up.
  17. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    GREAT JOB,John (y) (y) (y) !!! I,too,am looking forward to the painting phase. Cheers !

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