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Oil paint dry time and painting medium recipes

Discussion in 'Oils' started by yellowcat, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. yellowcat A Fixture

    Oil paints are slow drying. It is the nature of the paint and has its advantages.
    The safest way to accelerate the drying time is to mix a touch of quick drying colour to slow drying colour.
    For example, add a touch of Umber to Cadmium Red, this will speed up the drying time considerably without changing much of the tone at all.

    Quick Dryers (24 hr.)

    Burnt Umber
    Burnt Sienna
    Raw Umber
    Raw Umber
    Prussian Blue

    Medium Dryers (2-3 days)

    Yellow Ochre
    Indian Red
    Oxide of Chromium
    Lemon Yellow
    Naples Yellow
    Cobalt Blue

    Slow Dryers (3-7 days)

    Cadmium Yellow
    Cadmium Red
    Alizarin Crimson
    French Ultramarine
    Ivory Black

    Painting Medium Recipes

    You can use either artist turpentine or artist odourless thinner for the recipe.

    1. One part stand oil + 5 parts turp/od thinner

    2. one part raw linseed oil + one and one half parts of turp/od thinner (slight sheen)

    3. one part raw linseed oil + one part dammar varnish + one and one half part of turp/od thinner ( glossier, dry faster)

    4. one part of sun thickened oil + one part dammar varnish + one and one half parts of turp/od thinner (high glossier, slow drying)

    5. one fl. oz stand oil + one fl. oz. dammar varnish + five fl. oz. turp/od thinner + 10 to 15 drops of cobalt drier.

    A word about Cobalt drier

    Cobalt drier is a siccative, a metallic-salt compound. It is used to speed up the drying rate of oil colours but it can't help to dry Titanium White.
    Cobalt driers are extremely strong and powerful. If used in excess they can ruin a painting. Cobalt driers are used to dilute sparingly in oil painting mediums.
    Most painters would agree that no more than 5 drops of cobalt drier should be used per each 2 1/2 fluid oz of any given medium or
    one drop of the siccative added to a teaspoonful of the paint thinner or painting medium.

    Happy painting!

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