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OIF figures from Warriors - Update

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by bchilstrom, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. bchilstrom New Member

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    Here are a couple of shots of the figure a few hours after the first pic.
  2. Pete_H New Member

    Perfect! Just what I need for my summer project - a "wedgie."
  3. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to purchase all four. I'd like to see a wouded figure (sorry had to say it), to go along with these guys.
  4. Guayo New Member

    Hi Bill, is this going to be part of a set? or they can be bought separated, as you say before, they do not look the same, love the action you are putting in the figure, a nice tribute to this brave marines.

    When you have time please let us know how to make the camo of the new Marine uniform. I do not know how I'm going to do it but I would try my best.

  5. bchilstrom New Member

    Hello Eduardo,

    Yes, these four figures are going to be sold in two 2 figure sets. The desert digital camo is really rather simple to paint. You need a good clear reference photo, We will post one very soon for people to use in the painting of these figures.
  6. Guayo New Member

    Thank you Bill, this would be a nice project, specially for a friend who is a Marine, hope he like it :lol:

  7. Chazman Active Member

    Boy, you're a good sculptor Bill.

    When you have time, I'd like to learn more about your technique, type of putty you use, etc.
  8. bchilstrom New Member

    No Problem Charlie, I'll send you an email with my tools and techniques.
  9. John Long Active Member

    Bill that's excellent. Your best to date I think. The wrinkles on the pants are perfect.
  10. Evan August New Member

    Another great figure Bill. These guys look really cool, can't wait until they're released. Any chance of more US troops following these? I enjoy seeing the in progress pics of the figures. I find it useful as I am considering an attempt at a conversion that will require some sculpting. I have always wondered how the figures get from the sculpted master to the ones in the box, would it be possible to see pics of the casting process?
  11. Guayo New Member

    Hi Bill, I would like to know if can help me, after watching this project, my interest on the Marine+Iraq+Equipment make me look for photos.

    Do you have any special website that you can recommend? or books :)


    PS: Why the marine is using only one knee protection?
    I do not know much about the modern Marine equipment ;)
  12. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Eduardo, he has only one knee pad because this is the knee that would be in contact with the ground should he fire the weapon from a kneeling position. A lot of soldiers/marines do this. As to some pictures for reference, you can try doing a "Google" picture search. Just type in various word combinations (i.e.- Marines in Iraq).

    Hope this helps,
    Jim Patrick
  13. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Bill!

    Great stuff as usual!

    What is this new putty? It don't look like the normal white Apoxie, anything better out there?
  14. Guayo New Member

    Thanks Jim, there are many great photos, sadly I'm not a sculpting guy, :(

  15. bchilstrom New Member

    Hello Anders,

    No new putty here, it is the same stuff we always use.
  16. bchilstrom New Member

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the compliment on the figs. Unfortunately the big figures market is just too small to keep itself alive. The modern part of the big figure market is microscopic. We used to work for Kirin and we did some of their big figures for them, they never sold that well. Kirin produced small numbers of them as a test and the sales were just not there.



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