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Completed Critique Officer 4th Queens Own Light Dragoons

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by megroot, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. megroot A Fixture

    This was the free gift from Maurice Corry at Euro 2011. Hope i did this great figure justice. Repaint the blue 4 times untill i was satisfied. The brodery whas a pain in the a.. It took me along time to have it in my opinion right. Still i'm not satisfied with it, but that's all i can give at the moment.
    huzaar 001.jpg huzaar 002.jpg
    huzaar 003.jpg huzaar 004.jpg

    Any comment will be apreciated.
    I'm always in the learning process.

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  2. Mike S. Well-Known Member

  3. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi Marc, very nice job.:)
    The wood fence is great and the ground work are really nice.
    I dont know wich blue is the correct one but I know yours are great!!!

  4. Edward A Fixture

    Nice painting Marc. The blue does look too light but other than that you've done a good job on the figure. I painted this one recently - it's a lovely sculpt by Maurice.
  5. megroot A Fixture

  6. REVENGE Well-Known Member

    hoy marc

    fijn schilderwerk en leuke figuur

    groeten ronny:)
  7. Edward A Fixture

    I think I painted my figure's uniform too light as well. The British dark blue uniforms of this period really were very dark, almost black. It's hard to paint this colour and keep it looking dark as the highlighting usually lightens it somewhat.
  8. megroot A Fixture

    Dank je Ronnie.

    that's why i was welcoming David's painting of the figure. I think he did a good research and it gives me a free ticket to paint it that way.
    I've had alot of images of the 4th and they seems to look from a prussian blue to a almost black. So i painted prussian blue and highlighted maybe to much.....
    But I like the figure.

  9. Johan Kees Active Member

    Hi Marc

    Nice paintwork all around. Also great blues.

    One remark: you might want to tidy up some areas around the white crossbelt.

  10. megroot A Fixture

    Didn't noticed that, but i surely do.
    Pictures don't lie, but thanks for bringing this to my attention

  11. Edward A Fixture

    I would say the gold cords on the hat need some more work too..
  12. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks edward,
    Gonna paint that again :mad:. For the 6th time i think. The hat is more gold then the cord.

  13. PhilinYuma Member

    First, great job on the figure! Second, rhe correct color for virtually all blue uniforms of the light dragoons, hussars and Royal Horse Artillery was what Y.W. Carman calls "basic blue", identical to the very dark blue in the photo above.
    Here are the references:
    Will Hutchison et al, Crimean Memoriess. No pix of 4th Light Dragoons, but the light dragoon jackets on p.73 and 83 show how dark they are.
    John and Boris Mollo, ill. Bryan Fosten, Into The Valley Of Death. Three wonderful pix of two NCOs and an officer during The Charge, p. 65.
    W.Y. Carman, British Military Uniforms from Contemporary Pictures
    Noteworthy for the famous print of an officer of the 10th Hussars, 1844. pl.73. The artist here painted the figure black, it seems, with no attempt shadow and added dark blue highlights to the right arm and left leg.
    W.Y. Carman, Richard Simkin's Uniforms of the British Army: The Cavalry Regiments. Pls 50-52 and a nice discussion of the regiment's uniform history, pp. 93-100.
    A.H. Bowling, British Hussar Regiments. Full of little dark blue guys including the regiment in question. The two men in the cover photograph appear to be dressed in black (but they're not!).
    Sorry for the unorthodox bib refs, but they'll find you the books on Amazon if you don't happen to have them.
  14. Mike S. Well-Known Member

    Hi Marc,

    I'm not going by the photos alone. I am a long time collector (and former dealer) of militaria, and have a lot of experience with extant 19th century uniforms, paramount British. As Edward and Phillip have correctly reiterated, the period blue in question here was indeed very dark, almost black in most lighting situation.

    I posted the photo only for reference to illustrate this fact.
  15. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks for all the input guys.
    If i find the time i paint it over i will do it. At the moment i leave it as it is.


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