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History October 16, 1998

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Martin Rohmann, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Tug of War For a Butcher!

    On October 16, 1998, the former Chilean dictator, General (and "Senator") Augusto Pinochet-Ugarte was arrested on the basis of a Spanish arrest warrant in a private London clinic in London and was arrested ...:


    He just came back from visiting his old buddy Maggie Thatcher ...:


    A Spanish extradition request has been filed against Pinochet, who is in London for treatment of a back problem, on suspicion of genocide, state terrorism and torture ...


    ... which the Spanish examining magistrate Balthasar Garzón signed after years of investigation.

    When the arrest of Pinochet became known internationally ...


    ... Switzerland immediately submits an extradition request in the same direction that with the "disappearance" of the Swiss journalist Alexi Jaccard ...


    ... is justified.

    Jaccard was arrested by the Chilean secret service in Argentina on behalf of the tyrant Pinochet - and never turned up again.

    The butcher Pinochet had the democratically legitimized government of President Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973 with the active support of the American secret service CIA toppled by a military coup and himself chaired a military junta and dictator ...


    ... and - later - made president ...:

    Allende (with helmet and AK 47) ...


    ... was killed in defense of the presidential palace "La Moneda" against the putschists ...:


    Here they carry away his body ...:


    During the 17 years of Pinochet's rule of tyranny, countless people were systematically persecuted, tortured and murdered ...:


    By the way:

    Apart from Spain, there was only one other country in Europe that willingly accepted a large number of politically persecuted people during the Pinochet dictatorship: that was the GDR!

    A commission set up by the Chilean state recognized 27,255 political prisoners. Other sources suspect some 10,000 more victims. 13% of the detainees were women, 94% were tortured. Torture was carried out in all regions of Chile, mainly in concentration camps, prisons, barracks and on ships.

    The "Desparicidos", the "disappeared", were either buried in mass graves in remote areas or "dropped" on helicopters over the Pacific, some of them still alive!

    The persecution of Chilean opposition activists also led to violent crimes by the Chilean military abroad. For example, in September 1976, the former Chilean ambassador to the USA, Orlando Letelier, was killed by a car bomb in Washington.

    CIA documents released in 2015 show that Pinochet personally ordered the murder and that his intelligence chief Manuel Contreras ...


    ... had commissioned it.

    General Carlos Prats died two years earlier ...


    ... Pinochet's predecessor as army commander, in the same way in Buenos Aires ...:


    The Chilean secret service DINA - trained by the CIA - was responsible for both attacks, and it also has the Swiss journalist Jaccard on its conscience.

    Immediately after Pinochet's arrest in London, a bitter legal tug-of-war begins over the future of the mass murderer ...:


    First of all, incomprehensibly, the British government grants him "house arrest" instead of a prison cell - no one wants to spoil it with either side!

    The Chileans want him back because the government there fears unrest - Pinochet still has many sympathizers in the military and establishment.

    The Spaniards want to see him in court because of several murdered Spanish citizens! Just like the Swiss!

    After two trials before the British High Court, it was established in March 1999:

    The Spanish extradition request from the Londoner outweighs the Swiss, as more Spanish victims are affected.
    But if Spain withdraws its extradition request, the Swiss will have a chance.

    As a Chilean "senator for life", Pinochet has no diplomatic immunity - so it can be extradited.

    Pinochet cannot be prosecuted in Spain for offenses prior to 1988, as Great Britain only joined the UN Convention against Torture in 1988.

    That is what the British Home Secretary Jack Straw decides ...


    ... that the butcher can be extradited to Spain, where one triumphs.

    Too early, as quickly becomes apparent.

    The Chilean government is now becoming active again and is officially asking the British to release Pinochet to Chile "for humanitarian reasons" because of his old age.

    "Humanity"! This medal-hung killer didn't even know that such a word even existed!

    The Holy See in Rome quickly responded to this request. There one seems to remember the ominous tradition of standing up for all kinds of mass murderers of all nationalities if they are only "good Catholics".

    And the phrase of the "good Catholic" Pinochet ...


    ... can also be found promptly in the note from the Curia to the British!

    Now, after the judges, the doctors have the floor - and a medical commission attests to the 84-year-old bloody old man "having difficulty concentrating and memory loss after several minor strokes".

    Thereupon the British Minister Straw changed his vote and ordered the unconditional release of the ex-dictator.

    The "seriously ill" Pinochet leaves his London domicile in a wheelchair on the same day ...


    ... drives to the airport in a hurry ...


    ... and takes a special machine that is already waiting there and sent by the Chilean state.

    On March 2, 2000, he landed in the capital, Santiago de Chile, where his supporters received him enthusiastically.

    During the flight he was evidently closer to God than usual, because a spontaneous miracle healing must have taken place in the air!

    When he falls around his killer companions at the airport, it becomes clear that the man can actually move around on his own two feet without a wheelchair! Hallelujah!


    In Chile, the butcher Pinochet is not thrown a hair - but to be on the safe side, his lawyers have him certified as "permanent inability to stand trial" because of "subcortical, vascular dementia".

    On December 10, 2006, the most cruel dictator in South American history dies ...:


    Hopefully his death was long and as torturous as that of most of his victims!
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Martin

    A aweful time for all concerned , another day in history that's not forgotten by many


  3. grasshopper Well-Known Member

    Well done Martin
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  4. Airkid Active Member

    Interesting and informative Martin - many thanks. As an aside a colleague of mine in the police service was formerly on the Met's diplomatic protection squad. One of his jobs was to look after Pinochet while he was "under house arrest" Same colleague was also assigned to Margaret Thatcher for a period. Chile has never really recovered from Pinochet (and some might say the same for the UK and Thatcher :D!)


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