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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by sd0324, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. mick3272 A Fixture

    Thank god it was jerry shrapnel not horse shrapnel, but just goes to show how close you came to a nice rose garden.
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  2. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    You must have known Ernie and two ton Ted from Teddington, who drove the bakers can.

    Sorry couldn't resist
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  3. peedee A Fixture

    Jerry shrapnel is actually worse Mick.
    razor sharp shards of high velocity Royal Doulton 'commemorative potty' flying up from below the bed?
    Thank goodness for stout british mattresses I say.

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  4. mick3272 A Fixture

    Sound words from one that is always in the S H 1 T. only the depth varying .
  5. peedee A Fixture

    Schhhhhhh...tum ;)

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  6. montythefirst Well-Known Member

    I worked in residential social care as a Care Support Worker primarily with Autistic Adults until I had a very nasty traffic accident nearly 7 years ago as a result of a head injury sustained I had to give up work. Ironically a year after this my son was diagnosed with Autism, so as my wife is a full time Nurse I use my skills to look after him at home. When he is attending school on a regular basis ( not always the case) I focus on running my own small commission painting service.

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  7. Soldaten6 Member

    Twenty six years in the Army - 12 as a tanker and, once I noted the lack of job postings for former tank company and battalion commanders, 14 in logistics. Currently working for a large IT integrator managing a portfolio supporting the Army and recycling my tax dollars.
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  8. Wayneb A Fixture

    Occupation update..(with due respects to all previous posts)...
    In an ever changing world, sometimes we are forced to change occupations;..However...I have chose to stay the course and become the "complete" asshole.
    It can be a very tough and taxing job sometimes because there is so much competition in today's world and it is so very hard to keep up..........
    God bless us all....
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  9. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Been retired so long I don't remember!

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  10. Tommy Atkins Well-Known Member

    Just over 15 years service (feels like 500 sometimes) as a constable with Sussex Police. Started off in my home town Eastbourne, then Lewes, Bexhill and now back at Lewes again. Before that 4 years working for Waterstones and 2 history degrees at Uni. Oh and a bit of TA service in 5 Queens/PWRR and Uni OCT. Regards Pete.
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  11. Jim Active Member

    Owned a retail clothing business for five years which ruined Christmas for me for many, many years. Was involved with brokering real estate for seven years. Became civil servant for twenty-seven years and retired January 2016 - burned-out, stressed-out and disgusted at the direction the department was taking. Had an two atrial fibrillation incidents about six months prior to retirement that solidified the decision to leave. Now? Trying to write the 'Great American Novel' and the 'Great American Thriller', trying to regain my figure painting skills and walking the dog. Life's pretty damn good.
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  12. Chris Ribchester A Fixture

    Left school at 15 started at English Electric aviation and ended up as a timed served aircraft fitter at 21, left at 25
    then joined Lancashire Police , which became , where I was stationed, Greater Manchester Police, retired in 1994
    due to an injury I suffered while working as a motorway patrol officer, way the jobs gone no regrets whatsoever at
    leaving early, not worked since due to ailments caused by the injury. Now I go sea fishing, do my models ,at moment
    am building model train loco's in brass and white metal.
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  13. Squiremon PlanetFigure Supporter


    Currently Owner/Innkeeper with my wife of Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast in the beautiful Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania. Enjoyed a 30 plus year career in the sports and entertainment business operating major venues such as the Los Angeles Coliseum , Dolphins Stadium in Miami and the Louisiana Superdome. Last twelve years in the professional world supervised the operations of more than 90 venues world wide for an international venue management company. Involved in major events such as the 1984 Olympic Games, Papal Mass by Pope John Paul lI, 13 NFL Super Bowl Games; major concerts with the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, U2, Elton John, Madonna among others; business dealings with the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, Oakland Raiders football, Los Angeles Clippers Basketball, Miami Dolphins football, Florida Marlins baseball, International Olympic Committee, FIFA, United States Olympic Committee, USA Figure Skating , Gymnastics, Soccer and Boxing. Career took me to six continents and an absence from the the figure modeling hobby for three decades which I have just resurrected with great inspiration from the Planet Figure community. Thanks to all.

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  14. Len K. Well-Known Member

    I am a retired police officer. I worked for Nashua N.H. ( a city of about 120,000 people) from 1982-2006. Now I work with learning disabled kids in an elementary school and coach a girls high school basketball team.
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  15. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Well i was a bricklayer up until last september when i retired ; but got pissed off with nothing to do until I got a phone call due to a recommendation when a company was letdown and was asked to build a Bio-mass boiler complex .
    When that was finished with the help of David Mitchell they asked me to run the thing , so here I am at the age of 69 with a career change and in charge of RTS 2 producing wood chip for renewable energy such as hospitals and the like .
    So far they have retrained me in Tele handling ,fire marshal , chain saw operation and running a complex bio mass boiler house .
    I am in sole charge of a staff of one "myself " in the old kilpatrick hills a 1000 feet above sea level in densely forrested
    pine woods with Buzzards ,deer , and even a Golden Eagle for company . Haven't seen what is going to come out in the dark yet but the nights are drawing in so will soon find out soon :eek: will post some pics in due course .

    Dances with Wolves
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  16. fogie A Fixture

    Visual artist for forty odd years ( posh-speak for painting pictures for a living) - thirty or so of them as a freelance. Now retired, and thanks
    to the rubbish interest rates, currently spending the children's inheritance on fabulous holidays and disgraceful high living.
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  17. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture



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