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NWMP 1876+

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Ray Welshman, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi There,

    I'm about to start this project for a friend of mine. It will be a Corporal in the Canadian NWMP Circa 1876+. The scale will be 120mm and will be an assortment of kitbash parts and stratchbuilt.

    For the horse I will be using one of the older Dragon plastic kits. I will be using parts from the spares for the lower torso of the rider, boots etc and convert to match. This guys will be in the traditional red with the off white helmet. I will be weathering the figure as if on patrol. Saddles and horse add ons will be made from two part epoxy putty. I cant get my hands on the 1876 Winchester rifle so will have to build that too.

    This will be the first time I will be putting something on the Vbench so any healthy advice would be appreciated. See below for pics of what I'm shooting for.

    nwmp1.jpg nwmp2.jpg nwmp3.jpg
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  2. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you do with this project. I always dig Canadian content on here and let's face it, the Mounties had a beautiful uniform and really are the most recognizable icons of Canadiana.

    Three cheers for Const. Dudley Dooright!!!!

    Will be following closely

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    Also looking forward to this Ray. It will be easier to offer advice and to nag you once we see where you are going with the model but the subject looks great.

    Other colinj
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  4. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    It's true... the Colins are a tough crowd
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  5. Wings5797 A Fixture

    A great project Ray,
    Looking forward to seeing how you progress with this one.
    Best of luck,

    Oh yes,
    Fear not the tough Canadian Colins;
    One only works from the waist up and the other is wobbly at the knee;)
  6. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Ray,
    Very nice looking project, will definitely be following this one. I thought Steve Readdie had a Winchester but it's a 1/9 scale. It might be easier converting one of his 1/16 Martini Henry's as an option! I even have in the spares box a Verlinden head adorning a foreign service helmet in 120mm scale if it's any use? Mind you will need to take off the beard.

    Hey the "TWO TOUGH" Colin's can Keith and I become honorary Canadian's for this project;)
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  7. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Thanks Guys,

    Thanks for the offer Richie, I have a resin head from my spares with a foreign service helmet, It actually has the chin strap hooked to the top of the helmet. As I plan to do this guy on patrol that was generally the way it was worn. As for a beard it would be appropriate to model a NWMP of that era with a full beard. See the pic of Col James MacLeod, Commissioner of the NWMP Police during this time mcleod.jpg

    I will be uploading some pics of the horse which I will be starting first. I have to stratchbuild the saddle as the California saddle was used at that time.

    Thanks for the comments


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  8. tiberius57 A Fixture

    Will follow closely! The subject is of great interest!
  9. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Thanks everybody, Colin what I like about modelling the NWMP at this time is the nice uniform with the red coats, Pillbox hats, Helmets which looks very formal on the practical western horses with western saddles etc. I just uploaded to my gallery a Cpl for right after the march west. He has the original Norfolk Jacket, still carrying the Snider carbine, and the older British Cavalry saddle plus the helmet without the spike. I used the Verlinden US Cavalry Captain of the Plains as my base and its 120mm.


  10. balder PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice to see a Canadian subject. I look forward to seeing how this turns out for you.

  11. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Well I finally got back to this and got some progress this weekend. I put the basics of the saddle together using an even mixture of Games Workshop Green stuff and Tamiya white. The saddle is the California style in which the NWMP adopted as their primary model. There were sub categories of the saddle too, Texas, mexican etc. I went with the long side flaps in my version but looking at some reference photos they may be a bit two long. I have the saddle done in sub assemblies so not a big deal to do other ones. I'm thinking they also may be too square on the bottom. The horse is a 1/16 scale Dragon kit, nothing done to it yet. The rider is just figuring out pose etc.

    This is just the base saddle, attachments are yet to be done rifle holster on the front, pouches that was attached to the saddle horn, blanket rolls etc

    saddle1.jpg saddle2.jpg

    Edit went back and trimmed the side flaps looks better and more accurate now
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  12. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Well done, very crisp work on the saddle... good call shortening the flaps.
    Following with great interest

  13. Ray Welshman Active Member

    I got some more work done on the project. For the most part, the gaps in the horse has been filled and sanded (except for the ears), the mane has been added. I think I will get to primer and first coat of paint this weekend. I plan to airbrush a base coat of dark burnt umber, I'm looking to go with a black/dark brown colour. I've done some preliminary work on the mountie itself. I've sanded down and shaped the torso, added the buttons, and got the first start of the belt. For the head I had to remove most of the detail as it had a puggaree on it. The NWMP didnt have that and the actual lines on the helmet had to be removed and replaced. I think I will start to detail and finish the lower torso as well this weekend.

    mountie3a.jpg mountie3b.jpg
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  14. tiberius57 A Fixture

    This goes very well, Ray! Following closely.
  15. Ray Welshman Active Member

    I managed to get on the bench again tonight. The weekend ran away from me before I knew it. I added some storage to the saddle and done some more work on the Mountie too. I added the bottom part of the tunic and put the first stage of the haversack. I also dry fitted a holster, I plan to make the final version of the holster from putty.

    The saddle bags is the first stage, I still need to add straps, buckles, and the covers yet, thats why they look so plain at this point

    mountie4b.jpg mountie4a.jpg
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  16. Ray Welshman Active Member

    I got some more done on this on the long weekend. The horse is primed with GW Chaos Black and the saddle is pretty well done. I will be hanging other things off of it, items such as a lasso, binos, water canteen etc. I will add the rope that goes around the neck after I finish painting it. The rider is coming along, these pics are dry fitted for pose. I couldnt find a winchester rifle so attempted to make one. Its close but may make another attempt, who knows paint may make it look close lol. I think soon I may take a bit of a break from building and paint the horse, who knows we will see. Great Project having lots of fun with it.

    mountied1.jpg mountied2.jpg mountied3.jpg
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  17. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Really coming along in leaps and bounds. The black primer really brings the detail out in the horse. Can't wait to see some paint on the rider.

    This project is really coming together... Keep on it.


    This is shaping up really nicely Ray. All that work customizing his saddle is the mark of the detail hound. I really like his positioning on his mount as well.

  19. tiberius57 A Fixture

    Nice posture! I little colour and everything changes! Looks great, so far!
    Will follow closely!
  20. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Thanks guys. The look Im going for he is leaning forward slightly leaning on the saddle pommel trying to pick something out in the distance.The rifle is out of the saddle holster in the event he may need it.


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