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Review NVA Female Fighter from Rogans Heroes

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi to all in this great hobby

    Time to pack my bags and head off to Ireland to share with you a release from the new company
    Rogans Logo.png

    I have previously shared a look at something from a world of fantasy ...... you can see my review here:

    This time we are back in our world , a time of many conflicts none so more known than the Vietnam War which according to Wiki was an undeclared war in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975.

    All sides suffered badly both military and civilian with female fighters being used often with deadly effect by the North Vietnamese Army or NVA.

    nva.jpg NVA6.png NVA1.jpg

    That is what the release is a female fighter from the NVA

    nva small pic 1st.jpg Rogans NVA.jpg Rogans NVA trio.jpg

    Some reference pictures for you

    NVA3.jpg NVA5.jpg


    Often wearing civilian clothes , with the conical hats/soft caps or black "pyjama's" as here in the picture by male fighters



    Books are plentiful here are a few , there is of course the www to delve into

    NVA8.jpg NVA9.jpg NVA10.jpg NVA11.jpg 000000000000.jpg 0000000000000.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Now to the unboxing

    Details are here:

    Title: NVA Female

    Reference: RH002

    Scale: 1/16th

    Material: Dark Gray Resin

    No of parts: 9

    Sculpting using 3D techniques

    Sculptor/Casting/Packing/Shipping : Eoin Rogan

    Box Art: N/A

    Eoin has again gone for a robust cardboard packing box , like before the box is 100% recyclable .

    Rogan NVA 001.jpg

    Parts are held well in both resealable bags and a bubble wrap packet , also included is a business card and a sticker to put on your carrying box perhaps

    Rogan Viking 003.jpg

    Parts consist of Torso , 2 arms, one with a weapon , 2 legs, head, conical hat waterbottle and a set of chest pouches , no base this time.

    Rogan NVA 002.jpg


    Again its nice to say I see the same thought that has gone into the casting with very accurate fitment points and the smallest of resin excess pieces to take off , all are well positioned for ease of removal and access as you can see in the picture above and will see in the following ones on the pieces

    Sanding is needed on the fine casting lines on the legs but again all very minimal and easy to deal with

    At the rear on the review piece there is a fine couple of lines cutting into the lower part and across the belt ...a quick bit of filler will sort this

    General comments

    • Resin quality very good indeed with no air bubbles
    • Tiny casting line on left side with flashing in cutouts for the legs and amongst the weapon...all easy to deal with
    • Filler is needed around lower neck when fitting head , also where hat meets the cords
    • Well engineered and thought out by Eoin
    • The resin colour for me at least is pleasing to look at
    • Good work on the folds and definition of the straps
    Looking at the resin now
    The larger of the pieces with the lower chest cut and shaped to take the pouches ...great location points , the work on the straps are very good indeed all pulling into the torso well and as they should be

    Rogan NVA 003.jpg Rogan NVA 006.jpg Rogan NVA 007.jpg Rogan NVA 005.jpg Rogan NVA 004.jpg Rogan NVA 008.jpg
    There is a fine casting line to take away on the left side
    Underneath there are 2 cutouts for the legs and a well shaped one for the neck

    Both fit well into the shoulder areas with no filler needed , the left reaches out to have the weapon into the hand ...all sitting into place very easily
    The right has the weapon in this case a AK47 , loaded with magazine and a carrying strap , the strap is textured with the weapon itself being a good representation of the original , the hand has the trigger finger wrapped round the trigger in anticipation of a "contact" , the overall arm position is one of advancing on patrol wary of the dangers ...a slight uneasiness in what could happen
    Folds are well situated on both with the hands being nicely defined with long fingers
    Rogan NVA 018.jpg Rogan NVA 017.jpg Rogan NVA 019.jpg Rogan NVA 020.jpg
    Again nice folds on theses on both , not overdone the length is halfway up the calves , the feet and toes are a good result , the sandlas she wears has wrap over straps as we have seen in pictures from the period
    Fitting together well with no filler and then into the underside of the torso with ease
    Rogan NVA 014.jpg Rogan NVA 015.jpg Rogan NVA 016.jpg
    This young lady has a thick and deep hair style , pulled into a pony tail at the rear held together by a wrap , definition is a little soft IMO but could easily be detailed when painting , the hair is sculpted to allow the hat to sit naturally
    The face is not bad at all , a quite demure looking but determined look , the eyes are well shaped and access for painting is easy without the hat on
    On the review piece there was a slight abrasion on her left cheek but a tiny wash of putty and careful sanding will deal with this .
    Running under her chin is the cloth strap with fitment points for the hat
    Rogan NVA 013.jpg Rogan NVA 011.jpg Rogan NVA 012.jpg Rogan NVA 010.jpg Rogan NVA 009.jpg
    This is the well known conical hat worn by civilians and soldiers alongside other types , the piece has the weave from the material used to make these , painting will really bring this out .
    On the underside we have the 2 cutouts for the chin strap and the locating part for the head to fit to ...a smidgeon of filler will be needed .
    I would suggest you paint the head before fitting for ease
    Rogan NVA 023.jpg Rogan NVA 024.jpg
    Pouches and Waterbottle
    The pouches are the well known chest rig , a setof 3 here ( more were known to be used ) 2 pouches are empty the central one being filled with what would be magazines as in my reference picture
    The waterbottle is a good shape and representation , this is similar to the NVA one but often US items were in use , this goes also for pouches and weapons
    Both fit easily to the torso , both with minimal bit of filler needed , the waterbottle fits to the right hip on 2 good locating posts
    Rogan NVA 021.jpg Rogan NVA 022.jpg
    Final Thoughts

    This was a interesting piece to look at and is a good subject matter , you get a lot for the very reasonabke price , minimal prep and again alot of fun at the bench and a good model to display , this is my 2nd from Rogans Heroes ...I am hoping it wont be my last

    Again a BIG THANK YOU to Eoin for also supporting Planet Figures FOTM

    For more information please contact by e mail to:


    or go to the website www.rogans--heroes.com

    Or Message by PM here on PF

    There is also these links to look at





    Thanks to Rogans Heroes for the review piece and for you all for looking in

    Happy benchtime to one and all

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  3. DaddyO A Fixture

    Great new release that gets my vote (y)
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  4. grasshopper Guest

    Nice..the quality looks to be improving each issue
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  5. JasonB A Fixture

    Nice looking fig. I think it would have been more accurate to call her "Viet Cong". The NVA (North Vietnamese Army) were regular Army units and as such, wore uniforms. The "black Pajamas" and conical hat were the usual outfit of the Viet Cong.
  6. grasshopper Guest

    I think you are right Jason...it’s different subject, and with passage of time I would hope less polarizing.
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  7. grasshopper Guest

    It’s also interesting to see joints with positive fittings vs butting fits...where clean up may still be needed, at least it’s simple, obvious. I’d be pinning anyway, but in multiparty pieces this may keep alignments vs a small error in one fit being multiplied.
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  8. JasonB A Fixture

    Honestly I have no issue with pretty much any historical subject. Having been in the US military in the late 80's and early 90's, there were still guys that I served with that had been in Vietnam. It was a bit of a sore spot for them, but now, not so much really. Nothing like the acrimony that arose on this forum when someone planned on releasing an IRA female figure (which I would love to see).

    As for the alignment pegs cast into the fig, I have found that on many figures they cause mis alignment as much as they help. Unless they are absolutely cleanly cast, I usually end up carving them down a bit to have some wiggle room for a better fit. Either way works for me, though.
  9. grasshopper Guest

    Thanks Jason....well said..
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  10. Babelfish A Fixture

    Great review Kev as usual. I have this figure in my stash and it's very nice.

    My one point of criticism though would be that the sling of the AK47 disappears into the underside of the figure's right arm as if it's an appendage of it. Viewed from the front or sides you don't notice this, but viewed from the back you do. So if that bugs you (and it bugs me) you'll need to fix it, although that shouldn't be too difficult with a knife and a piece of lead foil.

    As for alignment pegs and holes, I agree with the comments above but in this case they are absolutely spot on (on my example at least).

    - Steve
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  11. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Steve

    A good point ref the weapon strap thanks for pointing it out

    Constructive comments from all ref alignment

    I hope that RH release more and I can share them

    It's always good to support the smaller companies

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  12. JasonB A Fixture

    Regarding the sling
    On an AK 47( probably a Chinese Type 56 in this case), the sling attaches to a sling swivel on the bottom of the rear of the butt stock. That's in the crook of her arm and up against her body. Unless I'm missing something, you wouldn't be able to see that from any angle, so this should be OK.
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  13. Babelfish A Fixture

    I've dry-fitted it Jason and you can see it from behind. The sling vanishes into her arm.

    - Steve
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  14. PanzerIV Member

    Great review, thanks for posting.
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  15. jumpugly Member

    Couldn't help but think of Madame Nhu!

    Attached Files:

  16. TERRYSOMME1916 Well-Known Member

    Looks like a really nice casting and sculpt and all at a fantastic low cost, how does he do it, when other companies are charging 2-3 times more, well done Eoin.
    I was going to address the Female Irish Terrorist figure issue but best not spoil the forum, seems its been done before.
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  17. bucsfan21 Active Member

    Nap, A super review of the figure. Not my period, but wow the attention to detail is awesome!(y) Painters of this period should jump at this release. I could picture the figure in a jungle setting. Thanks for sharing your review! Appreciate it,

    Terry Martin-Member of the Atlanta Military Figure Society of Atlanta, GA
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