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Nungesser Bust Colours Help Needed Please

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by PropBlast, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. PropBlast Active Member

    I recently picked up the super Nungesser bust pictured in the following thread - https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/charles-nungesser-scale-1-9.113615/

    It look like he is has been sculpted to represent the last picture at the bottom on the left. From the photograph it looks like he is wearing a horizon blue uniform compared to the black uniform in the right picture. My problem comes with the the hat he is wearing and I have no colour reference for this item of clothing. It looks to be white in colour yet other pictures I have seen of other French pilots of the the same era are either blue or black or very dark in colour. Could it be a very light horizon blue??
    With horizon blue in mind what is the best way to represent this with Vallejo acrylics using a base layer, shadows, highlights, etc?
  2. akaryu PlanetFigure Supporter

    The bust is indeed representing Nungesser in his "horizon bleu" uniform and képi. To represent the earlier midnight blue uniform you have to change the collar insignia. Nungesser was a husard NCO (adjudant) in the 2eme Régiment de Hussards early in the war and as such would have worn the dark midnight blue uniform with the husard képi in very light blue with a red crown. Later in the war as a lieutenant he wore "bleu horizon" with a képi in the same colour. I am an oil guy, so I can't help you with a Vallejo reference, but surely one of the Planeteers will point you to a good bleu horizon mix. It came in a variety of colours but officers' uniform is of fine quality cloth and might differ from the infantryman's greatcoat coarse overcoat.
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  3. PropBlast Active Member

    Looking around on the net there does appear to be some kepi's that are very light blue in colour but thanks to the additional information provided by yourself Akaryu I think I have found exactly what I need -

    Hussards' Kepi, French cavalry uniform. Made in power blue and red felt with silver and gold braid trim. Black vinyl visor and lined in pink silk. Two gold coloured buttons marked Ecole Speciale Militaire - which refers to Saint Cyr, the Military Academy (Ecole Militaire) of the French Army.







  4. Mirofsoft A Fixture

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  5. PropBlast Active Member

    That's an interesting picture of his uniform which looks to be a dark brown in colour. Was this because his former regiment was the 2nd French Hussards and their tunics were brown? I have also read that after his near fatal crash he acquired a roving commission from the French Air Service and attached himself to the Lafayette American (Lafayette Escadrille) for a short time and he dressed himself in a black uniform.
  6. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    You will find here a reconstituion of an airport bar/cantina during WWI in France

    The uniform : what is sure is that Nungesser was wearing his 2nd Hussar kepi during all the duration of the war
    "....., il portera jusqu'à la fin de la guerre le képi du 2e Hussards (actuellement conservé avec sa vareuse au Musée de l’air et de l’espace du Bourget)....."

    you have also a picture in black and white of him near his plane and a color picture of the plane
    Nungesser was with the Lafayette in summer 1916 for a shortt period
    "....Détaché à l'escadrille américaine N 124 "La Fayette" du 12 juillet au 15 août 1916...."
    here a short film in french with pictures taken during that period
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  7. PropBlast Active Member

    Wow! I bow down to your superior knowledge on subject matters such as this Mirofsoft. Thank you so much. :)
  8. PropBlast Active Member

    So now I have to choice of a dark blue, horizon blue, black, or brown uniform to paint.
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  9. PropBlast Active Member

    Sorry but a few more questions about the following picture as I want it to be as historically accurate as possible. I'm going to go with the horizon blue colour scheme but in the following picture(s) the stitching around the button holes looks to be of a darker material (could it possibly black or dark blue)? Which should I go for? Also would I be right in thinking that the insignia on the collar would be black with gold for the wings and yellow for the rounded parts? Also would the shoulder tabs be horizon blue? s-l1600.jpg 956675330-612x612.jpg nungesser-20150727-1.jpg
  10. Mirofsoft A Fixture


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