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Now available from MASTERBOX, Napoleon's Red Lancer

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Zastrow.cuirassier, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Zastrow.cuirassier PlanetFigure Supporter

  2. Krest063 Active Member

    Very good long-awaited new !
  3. jositomanito Active Member

    Still waiting for WWI British/German soldiers.......:cautious:
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  4. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice to see the new Napoleonic series is starting to appear....thanks for posting Luc,

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  5. yeo_64 Active Member

    Looks Awesome indeed (y)(y)(y)!
    Thanks for posting it, my friend :LOL:.
  6. blaster Well-Known Member

    Excellent looking kit.

    Rgds Victor
  7. swralph A Fixture

    Looks like a nice model
  8. Jaybo Active Member

    I really like the looks of it. Has anyone had any experience with Masterbox figures?
  9. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Master Box ww2 Germans are really good and excellent vignettes in the boxes!

    This looks equally nice!

  10. Jack Lynch Active Member

    I picked up their WWII era female figures a while back and was quite pleased with them. Great poses and anatomy!
  11. Edorta A Fixture

  12. IIICorps Active Member

    Makes a nice vignette.
  13. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    I've just received this little vignette and started to construct. It's more 1/35th scale than 1/32nd[ 54mm], so those extras we all like to add ,well, Historex will be oversize for it, but some early Airfix Napoleonics might do. Characterisation is very good-the young lass gazing adoringly at the trooper is a nice touch,and will reward careful painting. Be careful with the horse when removing from the sprue,as the overall effect is that it's quite delicate in the lower leg area. Some pinning for security methinks:unsure: Everything seems to go together nicely, not too much in the way of gaps,which can be easily fixed with some liquid sprue. Oh, yes, the horse has separate ears which need locating in the appropriate position. And yes, one pinged off into that black hole that such miniscule parts seem to vanish into:mad: A bit of sprue carved in will fix that. It does beg the question why the ears are not moulded onto the nag's head to begin with?. Onward and upward-- I'm looking forward to getting this one done. Eventually;)
  14. ivopreda A Fixture

    It looks like a good figure, I will order it...

    The only point is related to uniform, why acted lancer has to use the saddle of a polish lancer? Isn't a terrible mistake but this figure cannot be painted as red without some not really easy modification.

    In any case can be painted as polish ( dark Blu and crimson) without any change
  15. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    Quite right, Ivo, but I suppose the corners of the saddlecloth could be depicted turned up,as on campaign. Either that, or sand off the eagles. Also, why no lance, furled or otherwise ? All these things can be corrected with a little ingenuity--frustrating,though,and not good for,say,a beginner to the hobby. Still, not an expensive kit, just wishing that the finer details were there.
    Oh, ---I found the missing ear ! Huzzah! Now at least the horse's hat won't fall over his eyes.:LOL:;)
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  16. ivopreda A Fixture

    you are right but I'm a bit disappointed when mistakes are on the art box ... it isn't a really difficult subject to be researched the web is full of pictures of the correct red lancer.
    Is specially for the beginner ...
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  17. TADATSUGU Guest

    Old Taff, what is the problem with the eagles? Every source I have, including Rousselot, Bucquoy, Funcken, Osprey and the Matinet Prints all show the eagle, although the kit does seems to have an oversized one. The more obvious error is that the Imperial letter N on the front of the saddlecloth should not be present.
    This figure is based on a paining by Louis Vallet shown on page 26 of the book Red Lancers by Ronald Pawley (also Pg 33 of Osprey's Red Lancers). The painting also (incorrectly) shows the letter N, and presumably this is where Master Box got it from. Pawley's book also explains that the painting depicts a senoir NCO, who would not carry the lance. Suprisingly, the picture depicts the back of the saddlecloth turned up as Old Taff suggests!
    The kit could also be a second rank trooper who would also not use the lance, but in that case, a musketoon could be expected to be carried. There would be many non combat duties to be carried out by the lancers and the lance would probably not have been carried at all times especially in "friendly" territories - the figure does appear to have a dispatch or map tucked under the saddle harness suggesting a reconnaissance or messenger role. I cannot see much difficulty in sanding or scraping off the letter and adding a scratchbuilt lance if required ( a historex item could be shortened and depicted as furled and sheathed with a little putty - a small, cylindlical "boot" should be added to the right stirrup, to house the lance, if this is done). Overall this is a pretty accurate model of the above mentioned painting and nicely sculpted for a relatively low priced item . I agree with Ivo about the need for accurate research by kit producers but that didn't seem to bother people about the "Hunting Grasshoppers" vignette by First Legion - to labour a point, see my post on that thread.
  18. ivopreda A Fixture

    hi TAdatsugu

    my criticism is only about the saddle, the eagle is ok. As you wrote there are the crowned N that are tipical of the polish lancer and not present for the red lancer.
    the other detail incorrect is that normally for all the rank there are double yellow strip and not a single as shown.

    here I tried to resume the saddle difference


    about lance, musketoon and other stuff no problem because they can be carried or not, depending on the situation.

    good job in any case, regards
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  19. TADATSUGU Guest

    Hi Ivo,
    Those pictures make it really clear - as a new member I'm a bit too green to try posting pictures yet!
    My curiosoity has been however been aroused and I have been doing more research. I am not questionning your comments but many pictures do show the Letter N in use. The problem is, that to para-phrase the Emperor, "History is what most people agree on".
    I looked at the Martinet prints as a contemporary source, but although they show no letter N on the 2nd Lancers, the pictures he produced of the Polish Lancers show no shabraque decorations at all, other than the edging stripe(s). Despite this the Cdt Bucquoy book has an illustration (on page 140) which appears to be copied from the Martinet print but with the Letter N added!
    Both Ronald Pawley and the Lucien Rousselot plates refer to Cpt Dumonceau of the regiment mentioning the letter Ns in his memoirs, but I do not have this resource available to check further. If he is referring to them being used this would therefore be the only primary eye witness resource that I can find.
    Rousselot also mentions that 2440 embroidered eagles were ordered for 2500 new shabraques in 1813, but no mention of embroidered Ns - but maybe the N was used before this? - i.e 1811 -1813 -I don't think we can ever know for sure. Although I agree the Ns were most likely not used en masse, I would not feel qualified to say, with any certainty, that some were not used, particularly considering an officers penchant for privately purchased embellishment.

    For members not so familiar with the period can I also add to my previous post that, after 1813, lance buckets were added to both stirrups - this followed the initial issue of musketoons and lances in 1811 which the troopers found put too much weight on the right side of the saddle. Although it is never shown in illustrations, this suggests to me that the lance could be carried on the left - maybe to balance the weight when the musketoon was carried on long marches? Of course it would always be used in the right hand in combat.

    One final suggestion for the Master Box figure - If you sand off the Shabraque eagles and Ns, the aglet and epaulette, it could then be painted as a Young Guard trooper by following the box art (using a darker blue than they indicate) but with reversed kurtka colours, i.e. Dark blue coat with red lapels,turnbacks and collar. The epaulette and aglet should be replaced with two simple, three point shoulder straps, painted blue with red piped edges. The young guard only used one stripe on the shabraque - so this avoids major re-modelling.
  20. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I like this and will grab one, shouldn't there also be the red lozenge around the harness for the Red Lancer.
    I do like the polish and will probably do as that, great to see MB doing these, I will grab all their napoleonics
    It also appears on the Rousellot plate and this one

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