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Now available from Legends & Lore Resin Figures.

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by tigerdio, Nov 15, 2023.

  1. tigerdio Active Member

    LL-244 Scottish Highlander, Battle of Culloden 1746 (Limited Release)
    1/9th scale (200mm) resin figure
    Master by John Rosengrant.
    $80.00 USD + $10.50 shipping to all of USA. International orders welcomes and shipped at cost via USPS International Mail.
    Paypal is prefered, and we also take all Credit Cards.
    Email for inquiries and orders to customdioramics@gmail.com

    This is an original figure and not a recast, it's produced from original and production masters that we own and purchased from Squadron/MMD back in 2017, photos of which are included.

    LL-244 Scottish Highlander.jpg LL-244_1.jpg LL-244_6.jpg
  2. Warren SMITH A Fixture

    Great to see one available once again..
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  3. Babelfish A Fixture

    Not really my thing (plus the cost of trans-Atlantic shipping has become prohibitive now), but it's always good to see long-OOP classics get a new lease of life.

    A great release. I'm sure this one will be popular and do well for you.

    - Steve
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  4. Nap Moderator

    Nice to see this avail , plenty of painting options as well

    Thanks for sharing

  5. tigerdio Active Member

    Thanks, unfortunately the USPS has killed our EU and Asian business with their ridiculous charges. We used to be able to send a figure to the EU and Asia via boat (2 weeks transit) for between $5-$12 USD. Ever since they took out "sea shipping" and put everything via "air" that price is $29+ just to the UK. It means, someone buying a 120mm figure that we offer at a great price of $30.00 USD the buyer has to pay $30 for shipping so the figure costs $60 besides the VAT. Our EU/Asia business went from 40% of total sales to 1% of total sales. It's even worse for dealers, if we want to have a distributor in the EU or Asia it is cost prohibitive for them due to the cost of shipping. It's not worth it for them to carry our lines.

    Wish we lived in Spain or Italy, we would be able to make a good living selling our products, much better than we do in the USA since there are so many distractions here with sports, etc. The hobby in USA can not compare to the EU or Asia. Our market in the entire country is nothing, even when just compared to the UK market.


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  6. The Riveteer Active Member


    Tell me about it. I also buy a lot of books, many of which are published and only available from U.S.A. publishers. I have not bought a lot of books due to this as the postage has often been quoted even higher than the book price itself. This problem must apply to many other types of business too.
    Can't the guys in charge over there see how it's affecting overseas business???

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  7. tigerdio Active Member

    What guys in charge over here? The politicians on both sides of the isle here could care less about the "little guy" and are chills for the large corporations who put money into their reelection coffers. In a weird way, the only one who has tried to do anything for the small business was none other than Trump when he gave small business owners a tax break on business and equipment investments and lowered their tax rates from 2016-2020. But once Biden took over in 2021 they changed it back to what it was before Trump and no breaks on equipment and business investments.

    Stinks to high heaven.................We small business hobby owners hate our system, but it's what we have. As I stated, wish I had a base to move into in the EU. Spain or Italy would be great for our business, but we do not know anyone there and wife would lose her County retirement if we moved out of state and country.

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  8. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    This is again, another incredible sculpt, but man, it gives me the ebbee jeebees for them kilts,:eek: HA! Justy kiddin. I know how it works now, spot on, good form.;) Awesome figure, to say the least!

    Ruck On, Bby!;)
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