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History November 3, 1869

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Martin Rohmann, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    A controversial general becomes a bad president!

    November 3rd is traditionally the day in the USA on which the citizens elect their new president!

    And so on November 3rd, 1869, the former Civil War General Ulysses Simpson Grant (actually: Hiram Ulysses Grant) is elected 18th President of the (just re-) United States of America ...:


    The next picture shows his inauguration on the Capitol in front of the congress building in January 1870 ...:


    Grant had fought in the US-Mexican war as a young captain ...


    ... but had to leave the army in 1854 because of his alcoholism - otherwise he would have been brought to a court martial!

    In the Civil War, when they urgently needed experienced officers, Grant was brought back and he was quickly promoted to general.

    The capture of Vicksburg Fortress on July 4, 1863 (the national holiday!) by his troops, which split the Confederate territory into two parts (because the Union Army now ruled the Mississippi!) Brought him the nymbus of the victorious and the military among politicians and the military stubborn fighter!


    So he finally became commander in chief of all Union troops ...:


    His officers and soldiers had a completely different name for him: They only called him "the butcher" because all his military actions were characterized by one thing above all else: Horrific losses!

    During the Battle of Cold Harbor, Grant ordered a frontal attack against the Confederate Army defending from trench systems ...:


    This completely hopeless attack, referred to as "sheer murder" by both own and enemy soldiers, was the first "modern battle" and provided a foretaste of the warfare of the First World War.

    Grant broke off the battle only after his commanding generals mutinied and refused to launch new waves of attack.

    40,000 Union soldiers paid "Tenacity" of Grant on a single day with their lives!




    Generals and politicians had repeatedly urged Union President Lincoln to replace Grant - his alcoholism was also repeatedly discussed.
    But Lincoln had always supported Grant: “I can't do without this general. He fights. "

    So now Grant is president himself (the next picture shows him in the "White House") ...


    ... and his term of office will go down as the most scandalous in US history, apart from the term of office of the perhaps a current occupant ...

    In Grant's administration, one corruption scandal followed the next - and even if nothing could be proven, the corruption reached into his immediate surroundings!

    His vice-president, the interior minister, the war minister, the naval minister, the finance minister and the justice minister had to resign because of proven corruption and other crooked deals (illegal stock and gold speculation).

    At the same time, President Grant did nothing against the formation of the notorious and overpowering "trusts", huge corporate complexes that dominated far more than just one industry (and politics) and were ruled like kingdoms of their own by powerful tycoons such as John Pierrepont Morgan or Nelson D. Rockefeller - and whose financial strength and power far exceeded that of some European countries.

    By the end of his first term, Grant had gambled away all credit in his own party, the Republicans. In order to at least remain an agent and to avoid the public humiliation of not being nominated for a second term in office, he voluntarily decided not to run again and withdrew into private life.

    Grant, who drank at least 20 fat cigars a day, died of throat cancer on July 23, 1885 in Wilton, New York.

    He and his wife Julia ...


    ... are buried in "Grant’s Tomb" in New York City, the largest mausoleum in North America ...:

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Martin

    This is interesting my friend , it seems Grant caused much horror on the battlefield , we can only imagine the aftermath of battle but the pictures shows and certainly give us a view into life and death in that time

    I have slghtly edited in line with PF policy

    On this day though not 1869 ...a good looking bust modeller was born .......

    Thanks for sharing

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  3. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Jaaa, mentioned it!:sneaky:

    You've tilled the very realistic pic of my favourite POTUS...:D

  4. grasshopper A Fixture

    Rather simplistic..Grant Chernow. Grant is an excellent recent assessment ..showing he was neother a drunk nor murderer..he spent the last of his life finishing his autobiography ..and was unable to smoke at all the last weeks
  5. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter

    You have been rather unfair and simplistic about Grant. He was not as bad as you paint him, and his officers and soldiers didn't call him 'The Butcher.' Indeed recent research shows that Lee sustained proportionally more losses than Grant. Grant was one of the few generals who understood the true nature of the war, and devised the winning strategy to end it quickly. To pull Cold Harbour out as the way he fought misrepresents him. His Vicksburg campaign was a brilliant example of manoeuvre. Grant knew that the only way to end the war was to destroy the enemy's main armies - The Army of Northern Virginia in the east and the Army of Tennessee in the west. His 1864 Overland Campaign focused on destroying Lee's army, and he succeeded. After three years of fruitless stalemate in the east, he brought the war to an end in 11 months. He is now generally regarded as the best general of war.

    I am somewhat bemused that those arm chair generals who have never experience combat or had the awful responsibility of command in war feel competent to pass judgement on those who have. You may wish to read more widely about Grant to gain abetter understanding of him and the way he fought.

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  6. grasshopper A Fixture

    The simple thing is these are more complicated discussions than can be addressed with a few pictures and lines of text..the Warsaw one was excellent..

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