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Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by arxo, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. arxo Active Member

    Picture this:

    You start on your new mini, all possibilities available, colors dancing in your mind, base ideas, you hit play on your favorite music list/talk show, family asleep, lay down your basic color, your first lights, your first shadows, blend, feel good, time to go to sleep, the clock strikes 3 in the morning, but then again no other time for your hobby. You reach for the shelf to secure your new baby and ...crap! it slips, falls and in an instance all your work flys free falling to meet the floor.

    A 32mm limited cast miniature that is meant to be a gift to a dear friend is now ambutated from the knees down in both legs. Where's the glue, will it hold, glue, glue, glue!!!

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  2. legend69 Well-Known Member

    been there....done that - exactly the same as you describe. Cant remember how many "beeps" were heard.

    Deep breaths...keep calm.....
  3. megroot A Fixture

    Last sunday I had almost finished the 75 mm Lancer of the Imperial Guard.
    Put him aside to let the last strokes paint dry.
    Then I had to switch off the desklight and guess what happens?. Yes, with my elbow I give him a little push and knocked the whole figure off. Lancer of his horse, arm broken off, and that whas the bad thing: I spent the whole sunday to make the reins for the horse, and they all broke.
    Once in a while somebody is been there, or done that.

  4. Gaudin A Fixture

    I spent 2 days sculpting and refining hair on a bust head last week, then my 10 (!) year old son decided to throw some soft toy a me and knocked it out of my hand into the wall and then on the floor and under the chair. Fooked and covered in dog hair.... Start again
  5. arxo Active Member

    I know there is an irony in there somewhere. A cosmic truth about how fragile things are, how in an instance everything can be lost, carpe diem and all that, but fcuk it, I really don't care...I just want the damn thing to glue and the glue to hold so I can finish it...:)

    The irony though is acknowledged. The night before yesterday, when the mini decided to mimic the guy that free falled from space, my 18 month daughter was sitting atop a box of toys, on wheels, near the TV table. Being overcautious and paranoid about not having her hurt I tried gently to push the box far away from the TV table, fearing that she might bang her head, which she did exactly due to my pushing the box. Talk about the quantum nature of life, huh?
  6. DEL A Fixture

    Arxo I think we've all spotted the common denominator ;)
    Every time a white metal figure of mine falls it ALWAYS lands on it face on a hard surface neatly squashing the nose flat :cry:
  7. arxo Active Member

    I wished time travel was invented so that I could go back in time and NOT stop the mini from falling, but rather find that Murphy Law guy and flatten his nose!
  8. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Is this a codicile to the famous Arthur C. Clarke peanut butter rule of physics?

    "All single sided peanut butter sandwiches if thrown up in the air will always fall butter side down."

    "All exquisite perfectly made and painted figures that would have won first prize in any exhibition if accidentally dropped will always break and will always break at the most 'unfixable' part."

    All the best,
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  9. brian A Fixture

    I had a 54mm WW1 German figure blown out of my window by a freak gust of wind and he fell 30 feet onto a pile of rubble which was in my backyard at the time.He was for the bin but i eventually rebuilt him and the hardest part was the chipped paint on one of his dismembered arms,as i don't take notes of my oil mixes.I eventually got him finished and was glad to be awarded a commended at Euro.Bet you didn't know that they had Fallschirmjägers in WW1.
    This was about 15 years ago and i've still got him. and here he is.

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  10. arxo Active Member

    talking about a survivor, huh? well done, and beautiful mini...
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  11. Tarracus A Fixture

    Really nice one..It should have been awarded with a a purple heart!
  12. Gaudin A Fixture

    The probability of sandwich falling with a butter side down is directly proportionate to the value of the carpet:D

    More like he deserves Blue Max for the flying ability, I am sure you could add that, Brian, honour the man ;)
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  13. Babelfish A Fixture

    A common "rite of passage" for most of us at some point I think!

    - Steve
  14. Don Well-Known Member

    Fallschirmjägers in WW1.
    This was about 15 years ago and i've still got him.

    I remember him well Brian, Germany's first Fallschirmjager, we had a few laughs about that.
    My own experience was with a Post Militaire 90mm, slipped him into the oven just to cure some oil pain. Loud bang and half a torso slid off. Phoned PM and they sent me a new body that day, just checked and he is still upright and still in my cabinet.
    Another chap in the Glasgow area melted the bottom of both legs on a 90mm Vlad the Impaler. He was not very impressed when we suggested he surround his remaining legs with water, give him a fishing rod and name the figure "Vlad goes fishing".
    Been there, got the "T" shirt.

  15. brian A Fixture

    I remember you exploding figure well Don.Am i right in saying that the cake you were baking at the same time turned out a treat!!!!
  16. Don Well-Known Member

    Apart from the slight taste of white metal and oil paint it was devine..........As you know I do make exceedingly good cakes

  17. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Don't fart when you paint Brian
  18. DAPPLE New Member

    Hi Gents
    My biggest disaster!
    Before I started trying to paint figures I built ship replicas, whilst scratch building (from timber) a 1300mm long Nelson's Victory I dropped it off my bench.
    It wasn't pretty!!
    After a few "F"s and a couple of tears and many more gin's (and a few days without looking at it) it was back on the bench again. And the challenge to put it right started Oh what fun that was!
    The great thing with timber is you cut out the broken bit and replace it with a new bit just as the matelots did 200 years ago.
    Two pictures of before and after, I wish I had taken pics of the bit in the middle when it was a complete mess.

    Victory (29).jpg
    Victory (30).jpg

    The moral is nothing is ever beyond repair I think!
  19. Joe55 A Fixture

    Yep, me too! When we had our study built I specified a tile floor, figuring if I drop a part it will be easy to find and would not get swallowed up by the carpet monster. I was putting the final touches on the face of Post Militaire's Algerian Tirailleur when he slipped from my grasp and took the plunge. Of course his nose got flattened :eek: . Later while cleaning up and rearranging the members of my gray squad, I grasped the box containing my 17th Lancer by D.F. Grieve, the bottom slid open thus releasing the Lancer to take a nose dive :facepalm: . You know the rest of the story. I feel you all's pain :sorry:!

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