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Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by harrytheheid, Nov 9, 2022.

  1. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Today’s flight of fancy sees bereft and lonely, "Lady Kittan", paying respects at The Ancestors Shrine, which she visits privately every morning while softly humming Nancy Sinatra’s excellent cover version of “Ain’t No Sunshine Now You’re Gone”. I guess her absent husband the famous hero, "Duke Ducati", is off galivanting around taking in the interesting attractions of downtown Kyoto.





    Luckily enough, selected guards are usually allowed to attend in the evenings for the sake of appropriate appearances in front of the serfs. On this particular occasion the Noble Lady is accompanied by blind Chinese martial arts expert, "99.9-Eyes", who’s on a diplomatic mission to The Butterfly Throne of Japan from the Imperial Manchu Court at Xanadu; plus two faithful family retainers...”Moto Guzzi” and “Moto Agusta”.

    A. 24-Sep-2020.JPG

    B. 24-Sep-2020.JPG

    C. 24-Sep-2020.JPG

    D. 24-Sep-2020.JPG

    All is suitably tranquil – but suddenly – NINJA ATTACK.
    (His name is Kawasaki by the way – but that’s a closely guarded secret).
    E. 24-Sep-2020.JPG

    The Moto brothers Guzzi and Agusta swing into action, the Ninja presumably receives his just deserts and harmony is returned to The Ancestor’s Shrine…probably.
    F. 24-Sep-2020.JPG

    The vignette base is a wooden platter normally used for serving food and raided from our kitchen.
    Basic landscape was formed from celluclay as usual.
    The shrine, Japanese well and other accessories, plus all foliage details are from my diorama spares box.
    Snow is from Precision Ice & Snow. An excellent product that I always use for Wintery scenes nowadays.

    Lady Kittan” is a commissioned figurine from Attica Miniatures, the other characters were painted by myself.
    The 75mm Ninja is from Pegaso, while the two 75mm family retainers and the blind Chinese diplomat are from DG-Artwork.
    Oh, and before I forget...
  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi H

    Just love the story , very clever ...great names for the characters ...and the painting looks good as well

    Impressive groundwork .....surprised there's not blossom falling gently down !

    Like the musical choice

    Always good to see what your doing

    Happy benchtime

    Oda and harrytheheid like this.
  3. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Well, if you insist...:woot:...:D

    And here's my "Tears of Heaven" slideshow on YT, featuring various images of the sublime Lady Kittan.
    Best watched while wearing headphones.
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  4. Bundook Active Member

    Of course, that guy in black is not the real ninja. He's just a decoy. The real ninja is disguised as that cherry blossom tree! :smug:
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  5. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Yeah, but Cherry Blossom Tree Ninja doesn't have quite the same je ne sais quoi as The Kawasaki Ninja...:cool:
    I used to have one back in the mid-1980's, the 750cc model. Wish I still had it...:love:
  6. Bundook Active Member

    All part of the ninja art of deception. Who would be afraid of Cherry Blossom Tree Ninja? Oh, wait... in Japanese that's something like "Sakura no shinobi". Now that sounds badass. :wideyed:
    I meant to say, you seem to be a bit of a ninja as regards realistic groundwork and settings.
    harrytheheid likes this.
  7. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Well, umm, all my groundwork and settings are "real". No photoshop here -- but to be honest, that's only cos it's awffy complikated and I cannae afford it onywey.
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  8. Warren SMITH Well-Known Member

    Excellent all round..
    harrytheheid likes this.
  9. blaster Well-Known Member

    Hi Harry,

    Me thinks that the incessant lockdowns have messed with yr mind.. Such an imaginary world can only exist in yr prototype meta universe.

    Keep them coming. Rgds Victor.
    harrytheheid likes this.
  10. swralph A Fixture

    Looks great Harry.
    harrytheheid likes this.
  11. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Thanks Ralph...:)
    swralph likes this.

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