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Nigel Green as Colour Sgt 24th Foot 1879

Discussion in 'Brutal Honesty - Critique Center' started by Mjølner, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Mjølner PlanetFigure Supporter

    Dear Hobbyfriends

    I have just finished my version of MMM's bust of Nigel Green playing Colour Sergeant Frank Bourne in the movie Zulu from 1964.
    I went with the way the uniform looked like for the period as there as been others choosing the movie version.
    It is painted in acrylics. The blue in the ribbons on the medals looks too bright on the pictures, but that is probably the magnification that shows of the real colour, it looks darker in natural.
    The medals are “South Africa Medal” and “Distinguished Conduct Medal” and I hope the choice of medals goes with the period.
    I have added a chin strap to the helmet and could not make myself remove the regiment batch from the helmet, as it is very beautiful sculpted.
    It was fun to paint the bust of a great actor, from a great movie telling the story of the heroic defence of Rorke’s Drift.
    I hope you like it, but feel free to comment anyway.

    Nigel Green - Franke Bourne - Zulu 1964 (1).jpg Nigel Green - Franke Bourne - Zulu 1964 (2).jpg Nigel Green - Franke Bourne - Zulu 1964 (3).jpg Nigel Green - Franke Bourne - Zulu 1964 (4).jpg Nigel Green - Franke Bourne - Zulu 1964 (8).jpg Nigel Green - Franke Bourne - Zulu 1964 (6).jpg Nigel Green - Franke Bourne - Zulu 1964 (7).jpg
  2. Osebor PlanetFigure Supporter

    Excelent work. And I agree with you about the figure.
    Mjølner likes this.
  3. megroot PlanetFigure Supporter

    beautifull work.

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  4. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nicely done Brian!

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  5. mick3272 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Brian.
    As one who painted it as per the movie with some extras.
    I like what you have done.
    Great work well done.
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  6. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Brian

    Liking the finish on this , I have this but think I will add the 24 to epaulettes as well

    Painting has really brought this to life , like the way the Sash looks

    Thanks for sharing

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  7. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Lovely work Nap, I have done it as per the film, I do believe there should be 24 on the shoulder tabs as you say.

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  8. Matt McGrath Member

    A fine job of my favorite character in the movie. Got me humming "Men of Harlech". I can see why you left the badge on the helmet
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  9. Mjølner PlanetFigure Supporter

    NAP -
    Geoff -
    Satans også, fanden tage mig, sådan noget pis - that is some swearing in Danish for forgetting the "24" on the shoulder tabs.
    I think I forgot because I had some difficulties in finding the right medals for him.

    Thank you all for the nice words, I will do the 24 on the shoulder tabs.
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  10. MCPWilk A Fixture

    First rate job.

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  11. santi fernandez Active Member

    I have the same bust in my gray army and thanks to your work it can be a motivation to give you color .... good job partner.
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  12. Mjølner PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thank you very much Santi :)
    I know that feeling, I to gets inspired to paint a figure after seeing someone else who did it. Hope you get to do it and will look forward to see it
    santi fernandez and Osebor like this.

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