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Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Lancio, Nov 10, 2015.


    Claude - I refer you to my earlier comment
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  2. steve j Active Member

    i'm quite upset by this why post a thread on a website as large as this one so sell something in such a limited edition knowing no more are going to be produced and demand is far going to out weigh supply i too would have bought it to paint but i'm never going to get the chance
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  3. peedee A Fixture

    Yep.....big time.


    Given the demand, one of the big boy manufacturers should step up and produce something similar.
  5. Lancio Active Member

    Hey guys.. you can be upset or whatever.. but as I said, we are not a professional producer.. so, simply we don't have the number to follow this business..
    we've just thought to do something nice for this little world that we love, putting all our resources to give the best that we can.
    I feel sorry to not to be able to help everyone but the things are in this way.
    Crf ... you're right, maybe some big company can step up and produce something similar.. why not... :) should be great for sure.

    Lancio - it was generous of you to offer them here even if it did create disappointment for some. I understand why you would do a limited edition based on limited local capacity.

    I have a bigger issue with established manufacturers producing unnecessary limited editions to pump up the price and create artificial demand. An edition is only really limited if the master and molds are destroyed....and how often does that happen? I have seen lots of reissues of so called limited editions in various fields.....models, video, music, art prints. limited edition just means that there are a limited number on the market.....for now. Its similar to labelling something a "collectors' item." Nothing is more assuredly unworthy of collecting.
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  7. stu A Fixture

    I think the guys should be applauded for sticking to their guns and keeping it limited. Wouldnt it have been so easy for them to break this.

    I think this may become more common as sales fall generally within the hobby. The manfacturers know where they stand..what they need and how many. It makes things simple.

    Great concept and looks a quality kit. Welldone to all involved.

  8. Claude Portsmouth Active Member

    I'm not sure I agree Stuart...It's the difference between running a business to make money or just having fun..............they could have made money from this (chose not to), the figure of 20 was not mentioned until they were sold out, they could easily have produced more. Recasts of the minuteman are still selling on Ebay, but at least the club made 250 and guaranteed themselves a commercial success.

    Putting this on a world wide forum has caused some angst but it does show what the potential is for a well put together piece of work. Diminishing sales are probably caused by too many manufacturers turning out the same old subjects over and over, playing it safe if you like.

    The problem with limited editions.... you never really know what the potential sales will be in my opinion they are detrimental to the manufacturer.

    PS. These are general comments not aimed at anyone in particular-just my 5 pence worth.

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  9. Union brigade New Member

    For me it seems only 20 copies are ridiculous. it's ok to keep it limited, but with so few copies it left many more people unhappy than it did excited. Is this was a webpage like this should be used for. One can discuss whether you should have brought announcement here or restricted the sale of local sales fairs. I for one am very unhappy about not having been able to buy a set.
    Of course it is your choice, but I believe you should sell the molds to another manufacturer or make use of those who have offered to cast more samples.
    Next please ask in advance how many of us migth be interested in a product, not to destroy the night sleep for so many of us.
    Just my opion
  10. Blind Pew A Fixture

    It does seem a little contradictory. Make so very few numbers, then announce it on the World-Wide Web.
    They must easily have had 20 takers for this without any need to advertise.

    Shame, as it is brilliant - we're just jealous as we all want one!
    As said previously, I really don't like the idea of most of them never seeing the light of day, never touched by a brush, which is a travesty.

    Maybe a compromise, where only the fallen soldier on the ground is the limited one.

    A message for those that made it - don't stop! You're too good.(y)
  11. brian A Fixture

    Only 20 made.Should have never been put on this popular site.Should have been sold to close friends, by word of mouth,or left it as a one off.Selling 20 would cover the cost of producing this gem, hence the reason for sharing the joy IMO.
    Stop lowering yourselves lads by pleading with them,as they've achieved their goal.If it wasn't meant for commercial reasons ,why didn't they just give them away?
    Napoleonics is not my thing,so i wouldn't be interested in the first place ,but the principal of the whole management of producing only 20,doesn't seem right to me.By "sharing" for money is commercialism.
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  12. JOSESU Member

    Notice: if any of those who have obtained a copy of this wonderful cartoon , I want to sell I bought it at a good price !!!! Pay well !!!
    I would like a copy .
  13. Waterman Active Member

    I do believe someone not a million miles from PF has been working on something like this for a while now. If it continues all be it slowly, it will be worth the wait, and everyone that wants one will be able to buy it.
  14. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter


    Can't wait for the outcome on this one then. :nailbiting:
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  15. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    Intriguing !:cautious:
  16. Babelfish A Fixture

    Yes it does sound interesting but let's be honest, short of cloning ourselves or discovering the elixir of eternal life, most of us have already got more in our stashes and "grey armies" than we'll ever paint, and more & more superb new releases keep appearing on such a regular basis that it's hard to keep up. So if we miss the occasional "limited edition" - why worry? It won't be long before the next "must-have" is making demands on our wallets.

    As far as the "limited edition vs. normal production run" is concerned, I can see both sides of the argument. But as I said before, it would be nice to see these painted up, it's far too nice a set to remain hidden away and buried in stashes.

    - Steve
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  17. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    I must admit, I have a very small grey army. What with the cutbacks, and trying to reduce the army from 102,000 to 82,000, mine is very small indeed (about 10):happy:
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  18. peedee A Fixture

    Bob I think at below 100,000 It's no longer actually enough men to be called an Army.
    It should now be called a defence force.

    Welcome to progress. We now have more horses than Tanks again.

    I know one or two here who would agree that's the right ratio though.

  19. tomifune A Fixture

    Generally, if you're unhappy with a manufacturer, you shouldn't buy from them.......oops, I guess that already happened. o_O

  20. Lancio Active Member

    Hi Buddies!..
    maybe I can help some of you, the VCO club has picked up the request and now is able to sell via Paypal two figures of this scene.
    VCO club is the team that organized the "World Model Expo 2014 - Stresa", they called me giving all detail to acquire the figures.
    you have to write to modelclubvco1@gmail.com putting the subject/s wanted and then through paypal make the transition.
    Notice that the wall, the French and the illustration are not available via VCO, actually, neither the infantry-man.

    Here the figures available

    VCO01.jpg VCO02.jpg

    For any request, please, ask to them.. because I don't really know :D
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