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News Romeo Models

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Pedro Molina, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Pedro Molina A Fixture

    Titulo: Murat King of Naple 1808-15
    Escala: 200 mm
    Modelado y pintura: Valerio Di Iorio

    Titulol: Touareg Warrior – Second half XIX Century
    Escala: 75 mm
    Modelado: Victor Konnov
    Pintura: Danilo Cartacci

    Título: Brother Knight of the Hospitaler Order – Early XIII C.
    Escala: 54 mm
    Modelado: Gianni La Rocca
    Pintura: Francesco Sapienza

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  2. Michael Tse Active Member

    The horse is nothing short of spectacular.
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  3. tonydawe A Fixture

    The Murat bust is very nice.
  4. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    These are just about OK, nothing grabs my attention really, the best of the three is the Touareg Warrior, Murat bust is the worst of the three, OK its a good subject, but its so, so deadpan, 1000mile away stare, As for the knight on the horse, I agree the horse is superb, its also absolutely huge compared to the figure,if it was going to be a big horse, would it not have been a large working horse, also if he really was riding that horse and he had the shield in his left hand and holding the reins, plus carrying the pennant in his right, he would have been on his back, on the floor. A little too stylised for me .....

    This is just my opinion, I also could be wrong in some of the things I have said, but its just an impression I have from the limited images we have been shown of the three pieces. My opinion is not deride the quality of the engineering or the overall subject matter, but its just my opinion, being a consumer I am allowed to have an opinion, as its is the consumer that buys these.

  5. Graywolf Active Member

    FYI - These products will be December releases of Romeo Models and the owner informed me that they will be available after December 1st. The bust is 400 mm not 200.. and there will be another 75 mm figure of Sapper. For full news ; you may see link
    best regards
  6. megroot A Fixture

    I really like the mounted knight. Lot of action, maybe fansy, but they could handle a horse very well.
    It was there only way for fast transportation so they really know how to manage a horse. The Native Americans could also ride there horses without a saddle and reins.
    And as i stand nearby a horse, they all look very large....as i'm just 1.68m.

  7. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    I might tend to agree with Dave on the horse the knight is riding, at least based on this photo. I have to say though, I really like the Touareg Warrior! Interesting subject, and very cool sculpt!

    Jay H.
  8. housecarl A Fixture

    The Touareg Warrior has a great sense of movement, not over keen on the others though.
  9. tefaet Active Member

    I really like the Touareg Warrior,the movement is fantastic ,really is a superb piece.
    I see all pieces wit the Sapeur sculpted by Maurizio Bruno a MSS and I tinck is the best issue of Romeo Models.

    Regards Jose Luis
  10. RFL Active Member

    Almost There

    I think I like the Murat. Could be closer to the actual period portrait, certainly needs some re-sculpting of the hair around the forehead and that sharp angle of the right cheek needs to go. The nose & mouth look good. eemmm must think on this.

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  11. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Is that a Knight riding the horse or a monkey.............really don't like that face!
    Shame as I am a great fan of Romeo and bought several recent releases from the Napoleonic era.............at least I'll save some money this month.

  12. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    The poor horse is fixing to get skewered on a sharp pole :) Then our knight wont have to worry about controling his steed with an arm with a sheild on it :p
  13. Blind Pew A Fixture

    It's a shame about the bust, great subject, and I don't doubt the quality involved at all - but it has no spark. It's lifeless.

    The knight has a dubious face, but I'm sure is great in the flesh.
    Yes, it's very theatrical and to some tastes overdone - but I like it.

    The touareg is excellent though. It has poise, verve and it is in that respect the opposite of the bust...
  14. petermh Active Member

    While I respect the right of everyone to have an opinion I can't understand the criticism of the mounted knight.
    A knight's warhorse or destrier was believed to be built more like a modern hunter than a draught horse,opinion seems to be divided on their size some sources quoting 16 hands as an average height whereas others quote 24 hands a truly massive animal.
    One thing is for sure they were well trained to bite and kick in battle and to respond to commands by leg pressure rather than reins thus leaving the knight to concentrate on wielding his shield and lance,or in this case a standard, the pose doesn't look lke fantesy to me but as Dave says everone is entitled to their opinion
  15. Wlas Member

    The Murat just doesn't cut it....
  16. gilippo New Member

    I love the figure of Murat... also because it's the only one as King of Naples!!!!!!
  17. tonyhp Active Member

    Great work of Romeo models. I like all and in particular the hospitalier.
  18. wappengenosse Member

    Hello!!!Bust Murat King of Naples is made resin or metal?

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