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News October 2022: Chronos Miniatures CHM-54292 & 54292(M)

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by CHRONOS, Oct 17, 2022.

  1. CHRONOS A Fixture

    Private of the Life-Guard Dreagoon regiment, Russia 1812-14
    CHM-54292 - Resin kit
    CHM-54292(M) - White metal kit
    Limited edition !
    Sculpted by: N.Gordeev & Chronos 3D Crew.
    Size 54 mm (1/30).
    Number of parts: 19.
    Date release: October, 2022.
    Made in Russia.

    You can again pay for orders via PayPal.
    But there are 2 conditions:
    1. I will send you a payment link, the order will need to be paid in rubles.
    2. The internal exchange rate on the website is 1 USD = 70 rubles.

    54292-01.jpg 54292-02.jpg 54292-03.jpg 54292-04.jpg
    54292-05.jpg 54292-06.jpg 54292-07.jpg 54292-08.jpg
    54292-09.jpg 54292-10.jpg 54292-11.jpg
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  2. Oda A Fixture

    One more exceptional release by Chronos.

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  3. CHRONOS A Fixture

    Color pictures on the topic




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  4. Nap A Fixture

    Very detailed model , not just rider but also his mount

    Will certainly paint up well

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    Some additional pics:

    Uniform private...:


    Uniform officer (belongs to Tsar Aleksandr I.)...


    Helmet for troopers:




    Regimential flag...:


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  6. Steve Edwards Active Member

    Many thanks to both Martin and CHRONOS for posting the pictures. :)

    I've just received this excellent Dragoon figure in the post and I'll find your pictures very useful when I get round to painting it. There's plenty of information on the internet about Russian Napoleonic period uniforms but I always find it difficult to find precise information for specific regiments.
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  7. svt Well-Known Member

    Martin, please don't mislead people.

    These two uniforms of the Life Guards Dragoon Regiment that you showed here are not two different uniforms, a private and an officer, as you write, but they are the same officer's uniform, and this uniform does not particularly fit the figurine, because he is not 1812-1814, but the uniform of since 1817, with general epaulettes, and in the first photo the same uniform without an epaulette.

    This is an officer's helmet. This is evidenced by an applied silver star with blue vitreous enamel in the ring and the same image of the Russian eagle with the St. Andrew's cross. But for soldiers of the guard regiments of heavy cavalry, on the front, brass plate of the helmet, the star was made by stamping technology.

    Here are the helmets of the lower ranks of the guards heavy cavalry. Moreover, pay attention that the star in front is the same for all lower ranks: be it privates, non-commissioned officers and musicians.
    каска нижних чинов гвардейской тяжелой кавалерии (музей военной формы) 02.jpg каска 09.jpg каска 1808 г трубача гвардии.png

    Yes, this is the flag of the Life Guards Dragoon Regiment, of that period, but this is not a regimental flag, but a squadron one (there were 4 of them, according to the number of squadrons). The regimental flag had a white cloth with green ovals at the corners (there was only one such flag per regiment).
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