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News from EVD

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by pmfs, May 29, 2014.

  1. Alex A Fixture

    I think besides the controversy about posting these kind of pictures on this website, we as a group should concentrate on evaluating these new figures from EVD.. Aint this section of the forum meant for that ?
    If EVD wants to do porn figures, why not ? But I have some concerns about the anatomy of their female figures. Most of the time, they too cartoonish for my taste.. Nothing like the famous 200mm pegaso girl... Dont remember name of the set ..
    So what I would like to see more from EVD is better quality models.. Better anatomy.

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  2. EVD miniatures New Member

    Good morning to all of you at this splendid forum.
    First of all, thank you Pedro, for your kindness, always sharing here our little creations, of all the EVD Series, not only the ASR (Adam's Salacious Rib) ones.
    And thank you too to the Site Moderators, so you allowed us to be shown here with many many other new miniature releases.Last but not least, thanks to those of you who always reply in a constructive way.

    About our ASR figures, we would like to explain a bit:
    ASR are high X rated figures from the start, since 1995. It's not that we are trying a new project or EVD is going to produce just this kind of figures from now on.
    They exist because there are people interested in them.
    And this collection is just one of the almost twenty different Series we keep and increase.
    Well, we have just two modelling hands, so it's difficult to launch twenty different news each month...

    We never expect to be liked by everybody, and we don't want to have any argument about eroticism, porno or the likes. That's not what raised the voices here, we think...
    In fact, to avoid minors curiosity we recently launched our new two web sites. The ASR one is prepared to block minors from the start with alarms of parental control. As said above, ASR are highly X rated figures, not just erotic pin ups.
    One thing we always applauded is that red warning in the threads we find each time Pedro shared here some of our female little miniatures new releases.
    There are various Series of sensual figures in EVD. There are nudes, there are humorous nudes too. Maybe that ones are closer to what you'd have no problem watching here. We leave the sharing decisions to those who rule this forum, of course.
    Also, we offer our apologies for any problem or trouble we caused to the forum or to the people who writes and reads here. Never thought minors would be watching without an adult close to them. But of course, that's something we can not judge or expect.

    We won't share ASR figures again here, there will be enough miniatures to share from other Series.
    If anyone is interested in them, they can see them at our official ASR webpage, just for adults.

    Ramón & Su
    EVD miniatures
  3. Blind Pew A Fixture

    One thing is for certain. It was rank out of order to put that stuff on here in the first place. This can be bourne out by the vocal opposition to it. OK, an error of judgement - albeit a really big one, would have been forgiven.

    But the way pmfs has responded certainly hasn't won him any friends. I don't know your relationship with EVD, but it reflects poorly on them. If it was my firm, I wouldn't have thanked you for that posting.

    Their reply above is magnamimous and does them credit.
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  4. fabrizio1969 A Fixture

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    I think this is becoming a bit unproductive as most views have been aired and trenches have been dug. I suggest that everyone take a moment and review Pavel's post this morning on Community Posting Guidelines before continuing the discussion.

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  6. Wheels PlanetFigure Supporter


    In the interest of balance and lowered blood pressure,
    I give you puppies......

  7. Wheels PlanetFigure Supporter

    and for others....kittens in a cup.....

  8. jositomanito Active Member

    Beautiful puppies !!!!
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  9. housecarl A Fixture

    Nice, but I prefer beaver.;)
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  10. Wheels PlanetFigure Supporter

    Now THAT'S funny
  11. DEL A Fixture

    All equally delicious Chris although the recent reintroduction of Beavers to Scotland means that the are still relatively rare and attract a premium price per kilo.
    Bertorelli Products definitely see a market opportunity for rare and interesting foodstuffs. Bertorelli Beaver, eat it wear it paint with it(y)
  12. pmfs A Fixture


    Always knew how to choose and see who is my friend, here is no exception. Few but good! ;)
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  13. tomifune A Fixture

    New Romeo Knight - 847 views, Porn posting - 2151 views. Porn wins!:LOL::censored:

  14. Gaudin A Fixture

    Not the porn, but all calamity that ensued - that's what got the views.

    Aside of what has been said, I think the auntie has been upped for more than a year now. Starting with erotism, soon evolved into "hmmm... original " and now into pure "WTF???"

    The only way to deal with it is to have solid forum rules, but expect accusations of totalitarianism for sure...

    EVD's response is actually quite mature, I think it may be a turning point in defining that this site isnt a best target group for this specific product.
  15. Hecky_uk Active Member

    Carl , Can you be more specific please , with specific respect ..
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  16. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    bad boy:sneaky:
  17. carl reid A Fixture

    Nice beaver.....! Yeah.... and its stuffed too....! Lol
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  18. pmfs A Fixture

    I AM A MEMBER OF THE PLANET FIGURE SINCE APRIL 2008 ALWAYS PRESENT and have always admired this forum because their freedom of expression. Lately, new members joined and others who were here already appearing... trying to shut me up and trying to subvert certain issues that are quite personal to me...and changing in other cases the genesis of this forum...you will never get what you want...
    I think the forum should continue as it is in this moment, maybe my mind is ahead to certain members (innocuous members) that hang here like mushrooms in the forest with small brains to judge my decisions and my acts.
    This thread is tagged with NFSW according the site rules and if you let your children surf in web alone you are a irresponsible parents... but as I know this is an excuse to somehow restrain this forum and thus get some credit.

  19. fabrizio1969 A Fixture

    hahaha mad man! you not want understand? you are member of 2008?ok good for you !freedom? ok right,but freedom isnt offend the other person and freedom isnt public PORN FIGURE!you want get credit and excuse me i suggest you the site you porn for your post!
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  20. fabrizio1969 A Fixture

    and please administrator close this topic,is absolutley out of figurines world
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