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News February 2020 : Chronos Miniatures CHM-90001

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by CHRONOS, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. CHRONOS A Fixture

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  2. Tom W. Active Member

  3. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Uniforms of regiments of Russian infantry in 1799:


    1) Non-commissioned officer of the musketeer regiment of Kamensky-second (Arkhangelogorodsky);
    2) Grenadier of the Musketeer Regiment of Miloradovich (Absheron);
    3) Grenadier Regiment of the General-from-Infantry Rebinder (Moscow Grenadier);

    Musketeer Shelves:
    4) Major General Rebinder (Azov);
    5) Walecki (Butyrsky);
    6) Baranovsky-second (Nizovsky);
    7) Fertcha (Novgorod);
    8) Mansurova (Oryol);
    9) Povalo-Shvejkovsky (Smolensky);
    10) Ferster (Tambovsky);
    11) Tyrtova (Tula);

    Jaeger regiments:
    12) Bagration (7th);
    13) Miller (8th);
    14) Kashkina (13th)

    Oh yes, such perforated Grenadier Mitras were actually worn ...:


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  4. svt Active Member

    Martin, in the photo you have the cap of the Pavlovsky Grenadier Regiment not of the 18th century, but even after the war of 1812, this is evidenced by both the name embossed on the brass forehead, the presence of scales on the chin strap, and grenades on the band. The original shot holes in the brass forehead after the Battle of Friedland did not last long in the regiment, because The Pavlovsky regiment wore these hats for a very long time, then the hats quickly deteriorated, and instead of the old ones new ones appeared, the holes to the brass of which were already made intentionally, not by bullets. )))
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  5. Oda A Fixture

    Remarkable new release by Chronos.The face is absolutely fantastic.As usual Martin's and SVT's comments are very informative and thus valuable.

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  6. CHRONOS A Fixture

    Color images on the subject

    225.jpg 226.jpg 228.jpg 232.jpg 234.jpg 235.jpg 236.jpg 237.jpg 238.jpg 239.jpg 240.jpg 241.jpg 242.jpg 243.jpg
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  7. Tonton Well-Known Member

    Great figure. Love the look of, what? determination? on the old bloke’s face and the clenched fist. Masterful.

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  8. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    In know, I only wanted to show the bullet holes...

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  9. svt Active Member

    I understand, but it is on this mitre that they are most likely made on purpose. It was such an extraordinary reward for the regiment, which was ordered to wear hats in the form in which they left the battle. )
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