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Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Pedro Molina, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. gordy Well-Known Member

    Elias's painting is really impressive (y)

    Thanks for posting Pedro!
  2. Harry New Member

    I don't think it's supposed to be "historically correct". It's obviously a companion piece to go with the model of the Kevin McKidd "centurion" character from "HBO Rome" that they released a few months ago. I'm sure fans of the series will lap these up.
  3. Barke02 Active Member

    The Wittmann figure is excellent.

    I'm assuming the sculptor based the figure on the well known sequence of photos (one of which Carl has already posted) taken by Kriegsberichter Schenk in the Beauvais sector in May 1944. The finished article appeared in the June 2nd edition of 'Wacht am Kanal' intended for troops awaiting the invasion on the western front. The photos show Wittmann and the tank commanders of 2 kompanie (all wearing pea dot) on and around a Tiger tank. It's a shame it's 90mm as there are no (to my knowledge) 1/20th scale Tiger tanks avaliable, which is how I would prefer to display it. Perhaps someone will produce a 1/20th wedgie?[IMG]

    The 1/72nd Villers Bocage diorama is a fantasy piece, which is probably how it is intended. It is very similar to the style of illustrations seen in propoganda magazines (such as 'Signal'), where everything is amplified and over the top. The town of Villers Bocage was almost completely undamaged by the time Wittmann abandoned his Tiger on the morning of the 13th June, as the extensive photographs taken on the 14th show. But then an accurate version of Wittmann's tiger rolling down the N175 wouldn't make a very dynamic model for most people would it? (Would for me!)

    As for the number '222', this has been discussed on the armour forums over and over and the Tiger wittmann was riding in that day will probably never be known. Current thinking (based on some serious picking over many photos over many years) leans towards either '231' or '212', although '222' cannot be absolutely ruled out.

    So I think it's a great and dynamic diorama, unlikely to appeal to serious WWII modellers, but captures the comic book action and illustrations of the period well.

    Incidently, Henri-Marie's excellent, and until recently very rare and expensive (£150!) book on Villers has just been reprinted in soft cover for very reasonable £16. It makes a great companion to Dan Taylor's 'Villers Bocage Through the Lense'.


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  4. Barke02 Active Member

    The Sgt. Connor figure is very very interesting. I know very little about the techniques, but would very much like to learn. It makes absolute sense that a figure with so much symmetry would be designed using a computer. I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions:

    Pedro, do you know what software was used? Is it Zbrush?

    What material was used for the 3d print, was it wax? Did it need much clean up of the layers?

    Is the head a 3d print also, or was it a putty sculpt?

  5. Ong Active Member

    The Sgt. Conner looks great! This has got to be one of the most futuristic armored-suit figures on market!

    I am surprised that this figure doesn't come with a helmet though so that the figure would be fully-armored.

    Yes, I would really like to see different versions of Sgt. Conner (missile, machine gunner, heavy support), maybe even in larger size.

    Great job!
  6. ryall Active Member

    Re: Sgt. Connor, serpentian heavy infantry

    Sgt. Connor looks great

    Now he needs a squad and would also be great in 120mm.
    Two heads would be nice, one with a helmet on the next figure they do in the range.

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