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New Younf

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Mac1966, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Blue Thunder A Fixture


    You see, Graham, unfortunately not always. Some manufacturers still offer standard Stapple boxes with a printed shot that anyone can clone too or even plastic bags even simpler to clone. :X3: If that happens, not even the original manufacturer will be able to distinguish his products, since slow setting resin is merely a commodity - anyone can use it.

    Luckily Young Miniature boxes are some of the finest in our collectors corner.

    And allow now to update myself - But I do not have good news - Young Miniatures just confirmed me: That thing I spotted is an illegitimate product and not made by Young!!!

    Furthermore, they gently exampled Historex Agents as a legitimate seller ... but this miniature will only be available next week! I just simply can't understand how on Earth it is possible to have the market flooded by a counterfeit on sale sooner than the original!!!

    I'll wait a week - Young is unquestionably stepping away from the SYF syndrome (that I also complained in the past) and releasing in these days some astonishing creations! If there's a brand that placed busts several steps higher that's unquestionably Young! (y)
  2. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Nuno,
    They clearly state that in the auction 'no box' and when you see this it will almost certainly be a recast, no question.

    Even with my low tech cardboard boxes that are easily copied, I still include a quality photograph and instruction sheet, they do not even bother to duplicate this. As a small manufacturer my priority is about what is INSIDE the box.
    NO manufacturers or legitimate retailer will advertise a product for sale stating no box, that is fairly obvious.

    Personally I wouldn't be buying from EBay unless I knew the dealer, any savings are false commodities all round.

    These guys aren't trying too fool anyone into thinking it is real, they are just wanting quick cheap sales and don't care who knows. Unfortunately the naive will fall for it each time.

    I will be putting my hand in my pockets and buying this bust from a legitimate retailer as I do think it is SUPERB.
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  3. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Ups Graham! This is what the internet is all about: One thinks something, the other interprets differently :) I was not referring to CGS boxes. (y)

    Nevertheless, I agree with you, but please don't feel inferior if you think you use low tech cardboxes. I don't think so: As a matter of fact your white boxes are already some steps ahead some competitors you have (y). But if you feel you have margin to improve, please go ahead! (y) But Graham, please - without citing names (and I repeat, I was not referring to you) - there are brands selling their goodies in plastic bags and in ugly cheap brown cardboard boxes with hand written text about what's inside them.

    Please just allow to disagree with you in another matter: I think anyone can feel himself free of buying whatever he wants from whatever the eBay seller. And that goes just to any product of any industry I can remember. The problem here is eBay alone: that instead of banning fraudulent people, let them profit at the expense of legitimate producers and sellers.

    Trust me Graham - it was the very first seller I spotted offering this miniature - if the price didn't alert me I would bought it, because I really want this piece to come to my collection. So I wonder how many guys are being fooled because eBay is offering conditions for this to happen! And the same goes to your products - some frigging clown is profiting while you are loosing sales :sorry: , and guys (like me) are loosing value of their grays :sorry:
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  4. waterloo1815 Active Member

    I sent this seller an email asking him if it was an original piece or a cheap pirated copy - as of yet NO response!! I may not be able to stop these pirates but, I sure will be a pain in their arse!! Dave
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  5. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    No hard feelings Nuno :), I wish I had the finances to produce lovely boxes though as I agree it shows a quality product.
    I also agree with you that it is a free market, we rely on the modellers conscience and educating the damage these people do
    Best wishes
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  6. Funky50 Guest

    Hello Nuno...I suppose at the end of the day it's how we feel as buyers of models that matters in the end ?...I myself feel that the guys who legitimately lay out there cash,time,passion and resources and deserve far more reward than they get deserve some loyalty from us painter/collectors ,the other lot of thieving B******s in my view do not in short it's about doing the right thing sorry if that sounds a bit precious but there you have it,it is at the end of the day down to us buyers I wouldn't want a ripoff in my cabinet as I view some of the producers I have met as friends I want to support and if that cost a bit more money then to me that's Fine .....Thanks for bringing this particular scammer to light we now know to avoid him.....I too will be buying this bust only it will be from a legit source...all the best....Kevin
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  7. Funky50 Guest

    Not sure if it will do any good but just reported the guy to e bays counterfeit and replicas section on 11 of his sales will try and report the others as well.... it might force ebay to do something......I know it's not much but it is something....By the way checking his feedback he has about 60 sales so must be quite new might be able to nip this particular piece of work In the bud....Kevin
  8. elgreco Well-Known Member

    We have also reported each and every bust to Ebay as counterfeits - if everyone who knows who this scoundrel is, reports the items as counterfeit to Ebay, maybe they will take him offline....
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