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New WWI French Army From BLITZ

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Zastrow.cuirassier, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Still new at BLITZ
    1/35 ° Resine
    Sculptor: the talented Jean-Marie DANEL
    Navy Gunner 14-18 N ° 1
    Navy Gunner N°2 14-18
    Gunner 14-18
    Régiment de canonniers marins - Unité marine terrestre
    Marine Gunnery Regiment - Terrestrial Marine Unit
    In August 1914, the Navy proposed to the War Ministry to give him the availability of artillery and personnel to take part in the land war. It creates a "Marine Gunnery Regiment" consisting of 2000 men from the ports of Brest and Lorient with their 14 cm artillery pieces. The defense of the north and east sectors of the capital is entrusted to this regiment because Paris is threatened by the advance of the German forces.

    At the end of September, after the victory of the Battle of the Marne, as soon as the threat was dismissed, the regiment was ordered to join the strongholds of Toul and Verdun. It comprises nine organic batteries, forming four groups. The 1st group is positioned in forts of Verdun. The 2nd group is positioned in the forts of Toul. The 3rd group is positioned in the forts of Nancy. The 4th group includes two 19 cm cannon batteries and a 27 cm cannon battery, which trains trains to form heavy artillery on track (ALVF).

    At the beginning of 1915, two barges were modified to receive a 16cm gun each. One is positioned in Champagne near Reims, on the channel of Aisne to the Marne. She takes part in the French offensive of the month of September. The second barge is positioned in May 1915 on the canals of Belgium, to counter the enemy artillery piece of 380 mm, positioned at Clercken, near Diksmuide, which fires at Dunkirk.

    In September 1915, the regiment received twelve gunboats equipped with a 14 cm gun, formed in 3 groups. The groups operate on the canals in Belgium, on the Somme, on the Oise, on the Aisne and in Champagne. The gunboats fired more than 40,500 rounds.

    In February 1916, the "Marine Gunnery Regiment" was attached to the General Commander "Heavy Power Artillery" (ALGP). He takes part in the battle of Verdun, and in the offensive of the Somme. The pieces of artillery of 14 cm of marine are replaced by pieces of 16 cm, mounted on movable stands. They are intended to execute fire on communication routes, enemy assembly points and to counterbathe enemy batteries located beyond the range of heavy artillery.

    In January 1917, the "heavy artillery with high power", included in the "General Reserve of heavy artillery" (RGAL) passes under the command of Rear-Admiral Jehenne, commander the "Marine cannoneers". The groups of batteries then participate in all the operations carried out in 1917 and 1918, including the battle of La Malmaison in the Aisne in October 1917.

    At the end of the hostilities, the "Regiment of Marine Gunners" totaled eleven collective citations. He fired more than 220,000 shells. He deplored the loss of 20 officers and 324 petty and marine officers.

    Dissolved after the First World War, the "Regiment of Marine Gunners" was reconstituted in September 1943. He was engaged in the "Free French Forces" in the fighting in North Africa, Italy, and during the liberation campaign of the La France. The regiment is again quoted to the order of the army. It is dissolved in 1945.

    In February 1918, the flag of the sea gunners was handed over by the President of the Republic to Rear Admiral Jehenne, commander of the 3rd Division of the "General Heavy Artillery Reserve", that is to say the "Marine Cannoneers". This flag carries in the center of the four corner crowns, the initials CM. On the tie are fixed: the Military Medal, the Croix de Guerre 1914 - 1918, and the Croix de Guerre 1939 - 1945. On its folds are written the names of the 5 great battles in which the regiment took part: Champagne 1915, Verdun 1916 , Somme 1916, Malmaison 1917, Battle of France 1918. The flag is currently entrusted to the custody of the "Naval Training Center" of Saint-Mandrier (Var).

    And to finish the big novelty
    Filloux 370mm mortar
    1/35° resin, master by François SIMENEL
    This material was studied by Commander Filloux from 1908 to 1912, well before the start of the 1st GM. With the deficit found in heavy artillery, since the fighting of 1914, this mortar is ordered in 10 copies, in November 1914, and its construction is under the control of its designer. The materials will be delivered between May 1915 and the beginning of the year 1916.
    Tube weight: 9,275kg
    Length in calibres: 8
    Weight with its platform: 28,600 kg
    Its transport is done in three burdens, on way of 0,60m or on road. Its battery on prepared position (excavation) lasts 2 hours. Its rate of fire is 1 shot every 3 minutes.

    For any information and purchases:

    A small note from me, the kits are of good quality, the scupture of the figures is very pretty, but as for the molding, to what I could see on the first of this series premium that I bought I am dubious. Really the quality of this molding is not up to the sculpture. Worth a note based on my criteria between 2 and 3/5 !
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  2. Oda A Fixture

    Just the name Jean Marie Danel (as in JMD) is enough!A master (back)at work!!!!!

  3. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Just the name Jean Marie Danel (as in JMD) is enough!A master (back)at work!!!!!


    The only problem is the poor quality of the casting. Looks like what was made in the 90's !
    And the photo embellishes the real figurine
    Blitz Set Tankiste français 1940 (5).JPG
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  4. elanlane13 A Fixture

    What's wrong with the quality of the casting? There seems to be lots of detail there.
  5. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    The photo, for once, do not really reflect the quality, on the contrary it embellished the figure.
    Sincerely, the molding really looks like those made by DES KIT for his figures in the 80s / 90s.
    Nothing to do with Nemrod, or JSM, etc ...
    The resin is granular and in fact the details do not stand out as well.
    Finally, I'm not the only one to say, this being the kits they have a great molding.
  6. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    I forgot to report on my criteria on the molding, that I know the resin for over 30 years, having had the chance to rub people from NEMROD, CMK, REPLICA, AZIMUT and many others.
    For metal, the reference is simple, METAL MODELES!
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  7. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys

    Coming from the hands of Jean .......the subject matter is certainly a good one to release

    For me the casting looks okay with nice details being there perhaps the granular resin isn't helping

    I can see these being used in diorama's

    Thanks for sharing

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  8. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    I quickly took a photo of two bodies, left BLITZ (B) and right NEMROD (N)
    I can see my genius for the poor quality of my photos (I asked courses for Christmas) the difference.
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  9. lbfactory Well-Known Member

    What 's wrong with DES kit quality casting , he's got the best quality casting :):)


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  10. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    In the 80s ;), just at the beginning of the figurine line !
    Not now !
  11. lbfactory Well-Known Member

    lol yes it was long time ago ;):wacky:
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